• George Reeves, the actor who played Superman in the 1 9505 was wary about his young fans after a boy pulled a pistol on him to test Superman's invulnerability. Reeves convinced the boy to give him the gun by telling him that someone else could be hurt when the bullets bounced off.
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    • scumfucc
      >”how’d he get a gun” It’s the 50s, you got your guns, next to the bullets, which is next to the bread and milk, and it all cost $0.86 too
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    • KyleMaster
      Why the fuck did a kid have a gun
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    • Littelballofevilsatan
      Imagine getting gunned down by a dumb ass child because of a part you played.
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    • Repost_The_Reposter
      Godly man
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    • LumberDiesel
      The 50s. When kids carried guns and the world was a safer place.
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    • michael23344
      That was a scene from unbreakable
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    • abbaugus
      It was the 50s. Kids had guns all the time, especially around my parts. Granddad made a good amount of money around that time (he was 10-ish) hunting frogs with his .22, and selling them back to the local diner for 20 cents a pair.
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    • ravenoast
      Then he shot the kid
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    • quarrelingowls
      You guys are asking how the kid got the gun but not how the kid could recognize superman when he was dressed as a civilian
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    • stix11NBA
      Isn't this the plot of unbreakable
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    • EarthenWood
      Ironically, he shot himself in the head
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    • MemeyBoi
      As you can see, kids are not getting more stupid every year. They have always been stupid
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    • Shaggo
      Shaggo 15d
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    • liljacob69
      What’s with dudes with the last name reeve(s) playin superman
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      Unbreakable anyone
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    • TheBertiestBertoftheBerts
      Imagine getting a gun pulled on you just because you played a role
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    • Salami_Washington
      Exactly like the movie unbreakable
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    • Weeelums
      r/kidsarefuckingstupid and how did he get a gun anyway
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    • PizzaTimes
      The Bruce Willis solution: Yeah you can shoot me and I'll be fine, but then I'm leaving you and your mom and I'm never coming back.
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    • Foundation
      This story actually inspired the scene in Unbreakable where Bruce Willis' son tries to shoot him
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    • SirWulfe
      This is one thing i like about old TV shows. The actors were always.portraying their character. Reeves here. He didn't go "Kid. Its fantasy. Ill get hurt!" No. He kept his cool and told the kid a little white lie. No one is hurt, and the kid never lost his hero.
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    • Vanilla1069
      His name was Christopher... fact check
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    • MisterNeet
      Kids with guns. Kids with guns. Takin' over. But it won't be long. They mesmerized. Skeletons. Kids with guns. Kids with guns.
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    • LightTrain
      Unbreakable irl
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    • Peepee_Poopoo_Man
      Either this is fake and just stole a plot point from Unbreakable or Unbreakable stole a plot point from real life
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    • NinjaBug
      Kids like this are the reason Looney Tunes stopped dropping Wile E. Coyote off of cliffs and shooting Daffy’s duck bill off. Kids are stupid.
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    • HeresMadhouse
      Problem: The original actor for Superman was named CHRISTOPHER Reeves, not George.
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    • An_Unhappy_Ending
      Unbreakable 2000
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    • killaninja17
      Then he died and a different Reeves was superman.. then he died
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    • ItsAConspiracy
      Okay but his name is Chris reeves and that isn’t his picture
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    • kingpoato77
      This sounds like that scene from unbreakable
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    • Megamodpod
      It’s like that scene in unbreakable when the kid almost shoots his dad
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    • nmerc74
      Christopher, George, what's the difference?
      nmerc74 16d
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    • thereverent
      Back then you could spend x amount of money and a 1927 typewriter full auto kit showed up at your door no questions asked.
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    • TheDailyLewds
      Littteraly just saw Unbreakable
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    • waffleboye
      His name was keanu actually
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    • StereotypicalFuckboy
      Guys, M. Night Shyamalan got the idea for the scene in Unbreakable from this. Y'all can stop thinking its some coincidence and assuming you're making some crazy random connection
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    • fdncdfhsjbzvbcs
      content not available more
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    • USPresident2036
      This is a whole scene in the movie unbreakable
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      George Reeves also committed suicide by shooting himself so there's that
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    • Fanuni
      Bruh this is literally the scene from Unbreakable what the fuck
      Fanuni 18d
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    • Yeetinen
      Kid didn’t want to hurt anyone he just wanted to believe. Hits you right in the feels
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    • CassandraCain
      This is some Unbreakable shit
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    • RedSquarepants
      Anyone remember the movie unbreakable where something like this happened?
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    • HellsFuryGUTS
      Then reeves had a shitty career after the part of superman became and alcoholic and killed himself
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    • boibomz
      "Throw down the cardboard, let's breakdance if you think you're hardcore"
      boibomz 15d
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    • Irepubcoolshitnibba
      That kid got the biggest ass beating of his life after that
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    • Xxxtentacian
      Little boy causally pulls out pistols. It’s 1950’s bitch!!!!!!!!!
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    • _CheesePuff_
      It’s literally right after the war. How retarded do you have to be to think that most families didn’t own a gun.
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    • TMNTF
      TMNTF 17d
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    • JonChristopher
      Haha very funny my grandpa's still pissed that he got tricked by him!
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    • batdog
      Is he at all related to Christopher Reeves?
      batdog 17d
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    • denut5701
      This is fake this is acacly what happened in unbreakable when his son pulled a gun on him because he thought that he was unbreakable and his dad said the same thing
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    • Scrooge92
      Dodged that bullet... Ok I'll see myself out
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    • ServitiumChristi
      Y'all just made this up after watching unbreakable
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    • TheOriginalChickenLord
      like in unbreakable
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    • lilmad4mad
      And yet he was killed by gunshot anyway at the age of 45
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    • crug
      Kids are just fucking retarded
      crug 18d
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    • ZanderInferno1
      This reminds me of that one scene in unbreakable
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    • Suif
      Suif 18d
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    • Ponkus
      That's a scene from Unbreakable.
      Ponkus 18d
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    • Dinomite72
      Unbreakable (2000 something)
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    • fdncdfhsjbzvbcs
      content not available more
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    • Superdupertail
      “Gimme the gun kid”
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    • GeorgeLucas
      Everybody laughin till the baby pull out the gat
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    • Beauisawesome
      This is literally a scene from Unbreakable.
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    • Tady
      This just proves that people have always been stupid.
      Tady 15d
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    • MrFadedglory100
      Little boy hands George the gun. Then quickly pulls out knife and stabs the shit out of him
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    • PurpleSpaceBoi
      Wow. People really have always been this stupid
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    • megagingerpimp
      He later committed suicide
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    • tballs0427
      You know another Superman was paralyzed from horse riding accident. Wtf would Superman ride a horse? He can fly and faster than a speeding bullet?
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    • Apollos7
      Back then there weren’t as many regulations on online shopping so that’s how he bought the gun
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    • ThomasGriffin
      That was also done in “unbreakable”
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    • oldschoolreality
      Okay this is irritating me. GEORGE REEVES played Superman in the 1950s. CHRISTOPHER REEVES played Superman in the 1970s/80s. NO! They're not related.
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    • JonathanAroz
      I remember my Grandmother telling me this before and she never mentioned it was a kid.
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    • Rootinist_of_Putins
      Guess you could say he "dodged a bullet"
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    • teamal98
      Basically unbreakable
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    • Kroff
      Would have been funnier if supes got shot by some random kid. It also would be a story that could be in the news today...
      Kroff 17d
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    • Didgeridoo_Union
      Now we know where Shyamalan got that scene idea from in Unbreakable
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    • Chakiato
      And these old people thought they were so much fucking smarter as kids
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    • manhuntop
      My grandfather brother once told me that in the 38 he was walking by a homeless man and he asked if he wanted his gun cause my grandfathers brother was a dollar short at the time so he traded his jacket for the gun....he was 10 at the time
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    • ImBoutToTellMyMommy
      Oh I get it cause they only have sex twice a year
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    • CommanderInKief
      He was Superman in the 70-80s this was the guy from the 50s
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    • _Skull_Kidd_
      I thought it was Christopher reeves?
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    • AlexanderTheBest
      Smart thinking Batman
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    • Henry_Lovecraft
      Nigga that's what Bruce Willis kid did in unbreakable
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    • Mayterdoo
      Okay but who’s Christopher Reeves then?
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    • Six_Rings
      The bare minimum for gun control should be that if you don’t know that Superman isn’t real, you shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun.
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    • warioateallthegarlic
      This is like that scene in unbreakable
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    • Khajiit
      Okay if you can’t be responsible enough to make sure your young kids don’t get their hands on the gun, you should not own a gun
      Khajiit 18d
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    • StarScreamYo
      Didnt this happen in unbreakable
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    • Recon1212
      So there was a George Reeves and Christopher Reeves
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    • Hitlary_clinton
      Is he Christopher Reeves father? Like did him and his son both play Superman?
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    • felixjaquez
      Christopher Reeves couldn't convince the horse that he wasn't superman
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    • sonofasnitch
      Isnt that the scene from unbreakable?
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    • fritocastro13
      George Reeves... Christopher Reeves played Superman in the 80s... wait....
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