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Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter
So six years ago, we started a lite side project called Achievement Hunter (which thank God, we
picked instead of Achieve Men). Itwas going to be a forumtext based site to help people get
achievements, with the odd video guide thrown in here and there. Our first video was done by none
other than Mr. Jack Patillo, and can be viewed here. Itwas an Achievement guide in Burnout
Paradise, and every year on our anniversary, I ove to watch it, then immediately watch our latest
video (in this case its LP Minecraf 113
Its ridiculous how far we've come since those early days of Jack and I making guides in our spare
time. In six years we've produced more than 7,000 videos, created more than 20 weekly shows, have
12 full-time employees (with a 13th on the way soon), and our content is spread across three
'Youtube channels and this very site
Had you told me ANY of these things were on the way six years ago, I would have assumed you
were hired by Gus to prank me, and there was a hidden camera somewhere. Hell, I stil have trouble
believing it now.
Anyway, I really just wanted to say thanks. Thanks to Matt and Burnie for believing in and supporting
'our dumb idea. Thanks to (in no particular order) Jack, Gavin, Michael, Ryan, Ray, Lindsay, Caleb,
Kain, Matt, Jeremy, Dirk and Sarah for the tremendous amount of work you do every single week. I
had never even met most of you six years ago, and now youte the best friends and co-workers a guy
could ask for, and I cant imagine my life without you. Thanks to every single person past and present
at Rooster Teeth for putting up with us. I know we'e pretty obnoxious. Thanks to every single one of
you who has supported us, whether it be by sending in a community video, buying a shirt with some
'dumb Ryan phrase on it, or watching the silly videos we make.
"Thanks for allowing us to have this career. We owe you one.
PS. have no idea where this train is headed, but I do know it doesn't have any brakes, so God help
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    • @AH_Dash, I think geoff counts himself
      AdrianK_2017 6 aug 2014
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    • the fuck train has no brakes
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    • When geoff get serious it's a good feeling
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    • Best fucking way to end it
      _shinigami__2012 29 jul 2014
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    • @JustDashinAround, Edgar
      Behoilet 28 jul 2014
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    • Who is the 13?
      AH_Dash 28 jul 2014
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