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You are being offered the opportunity to move to a parallel dimension, largely reminiscent of the American
Frontier, which is looking for people to settle it. On arrival, you will be offered a plot of land that will be yours to keep forever. You can do whatever you want with it- building your own house, growing crops, raising animals, and creating a self-reliant and truly free life for yourself!
You may take any close friends, lovers, or family members, as long as you would all be comfortable.
You You arrive are onthe of clothes, March atthe tart bela lantern, of Spring. two tents, You ae large pven enough mney to feed construction yourself projects, forthe and rest ofthe yea. hempen rope.
You ae aso given clothes, bel a lantern, two tents, a large toolbox or your construction projects, and 50 ft of hempen rope.
You will be able to settle in one of four locations, each one in a different environment and with different challenges. A map of the general area is provided below these options in order to help you get a better idea of where all of these places are relative to each other.
You must choose just one of the following.
Ragged Rock
Stark Lake +
Clearfield may well be the easiest Making your home in the forest will Though it's a little bit off the beaten This
lace to make your home. It's be a lot of extra work initially, as path, it's very close to Crossroad Town I as anyone would sanely dare to
located on green and fertile much of your land will require you to The soil is not as good as on the east I) homestead. It's isolated enough that plain, and pretty close to the busy plain, and pretty close to the busy clean it up before you can use it side of the river, but you'll still be able you will basically be able to just take
of II properly, cutting down trees and to make it work for growing whatever II as much land as you want. Growing
moving logs. Eventually, it shoul_) you want. The mountain range nearby I) crops here will be harder than
plain, and pretty close to the busy town of River Roost. It will be a
short trip to the river if you want jecome very comfortable, with a is gorgeous, and there are lots of anywhere else. There are a few mining to go fishing. You'll have a few beautiful view of Stark Lake. There precious rocks waiting to be mined. 'outposts further along the road, but in
neighboring homesteads, and will are opportunities for foraging, lots of Other people rarely come out here, __general you should be wary of
probably have to say hi to them fish, and plenty of animals, and that's though it doesn't take long to reach _strangers as it's the sort of area where
every now and then. what most visitors to the surrounding. bandits can go to become invisible to area will be there for. the eyes of the law.
You'll probably want to get to know the two towns in the area a little bit too. You may end up visiting them pretty often as it's the most convenient way to buy and sell goods, or just to
Stark socialize.
Ragged Rock
River Roost
A fairly large and busy town right next to the river. People here live comfortably, and are generally friendly. Festivals are held here often, which offer good opportunities for meeting new people, as well as for witnessing amazing new technologies such as the camera!
Crossroad Town
The economy of this
town is based almost entirely on the nearby mine. The locals can be a little stony and cold at first, but buying them a few drinks in the tavern will get them to open up! Crops sell for slightly more here than they do in
River Roost, because it's more out of the way for most farmers and traders.
The very first thing you'll need is a place to rest your head and plan your next move! Below are a couple of prefabricated homes that can be set up for you in advance. Of course, you can change anything about them later on, creating extensions or new buildings entirely, this is just to get you started.
You must choose just one of the following.
Option A Option B Build It Yourself!
A well-insulated log cabin made of high house made of wooden slats, rested quality and easily repurposable wood. 'on some stable rock foundations. It can You ill be left with an amount of wood
It's two storeys and has a very cosy feel get cold in the winter, but you could and nails roughly equivalent to what the
to it inside. always light a fire. prefabs would have used, and can do what
you want with that.
Three 'versions' of this dimension exist, each with different threat levels, and you get to choose which you prefer. You might want a comfy adventure where you can just farm and practice your hobbies, or you might want a world with exciting shootouts and many opportunities to be a hero.
You must choose just one of the following.
No Danger Mild Danger Moderate Danger
nture full of regula
Though dangerous a and they are rare, and never seem to trouble you unless dangerous thrills, pick this. Bandit and animal you're actively trying to get in their way. Your new be attacks against st towns and homesteads will be life will be cozy and relatively peaceful. Any kind _strike against the unprepared. Any kind of viole common, and you will need to know how to fight.
of violent death is extremely unlikely. death is largely unlikely. There will be blood.
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