• Garlic is an anticoagulant. Eating garlic to ward off vampires is actually propaganda by vampires to make humans bleed more efficiently.
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    • VoS_Siege
      Garlic doesn’t exist
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    • DankasaurasRax
      Peepee man
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    • 420blazerino
      It actually started because garlic makes your blood unpalatable. Repels mosquitos, fleas, and ticks.
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    • WeenyRaindrop
      "ITALIAN VAMPIRES" lol ayy bada bing bada boom lemme suck your blood ya mook
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    • Wishmyheartaway
      I’m Italian, it’d be an honor to be along side pasta
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    • TalosWasJustAMan
      It's actually Gaelic that vampires are susceptible to. An unfortunate spelling error led to the belief we have today, and the Scottish unaware of their own blissful immunity.
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    • FoodOverPeople
      Foodporn here
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    • iNib
      Fun fact: If you rub garlic on your nipples every night before bed, your wife will probably leave you
      iNib 7d
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    • Stormbreaker
      Jokes on them I eat a whole pound of silver everyday
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    • KatRS
      KatRS 6d
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    • _Mr_Game_and_Watch_
      I would not mind lying naked in a bathtub full of pasta
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    • TomBombadilMoFo
      Garlic hurts gastrointestinal parasites, so that's why it hurts vampires. They're glorified tapeworms.
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    • superpilotdude
      Both garlic and silver are antimicrobial. That’s why the hurt vampires 🧛‍♂️.
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    • Vaultman896
      It’s because vampires have much stronger senses so the overwhelming scent of garlic is supposed to be way stronger to them
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    • LewdGirlie
      Hey can I get tc to support waddlegolfer69 on YouTube? Thanks!
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    • TheNomadOfSomewhere
      Garlic wasnt aupposed to be eaten, its supposed to be strung up
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    • TNTNuke
      But humans don't eat the garlic to keep vampires away, they just wear it around their neck
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    • GloriousNix
      Today is my birthday ... please freaking wish me hbd.
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    • Saxton__Hale
      In elder scrolls lore one of the first vampires were allergic to garlic and that spread a myth that all vampires are weakened by garlic
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    • FrankensteinPumpkin
      You dont eat garlic you just keep garlic around
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    • captaincrowe
      my grandfather can’t be in the sun because he has skin cancer, and he hates garlic. I used to think he was a vampire when I was about 5-6.
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    • MyHeroAcademia
      Poopoo man
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    • jrygame
      The myth of garlic warding off vampires comes from the fact that eating garlic will ward off mosquitoes
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    • soulking
      I dont want to be served without pasta
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    • Preposition
      What kinda shower post is this like you're in the shower and be like "huh I just realized that garlic is an anticoagulant"
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    • ZombieKillerPizzaMan
      Never seen Where We Hide In The Shadows? You're basically beef. Pork. Your tiddies are chicken tiddies to them. And they want virgins because I quote,"Would you eat a ham sandwich knowing someone fucked your ham?"
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    • tlprice3
      Imagine being such a psychopath that you use a light theme instead of a dark one
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    • unholycrusader
      Me eats an ungodly amount sugar to give them diabetes
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    • goldennoahbeast
      In the original version of Dracula, it wasn't garlic cloves, it was garlic flowers and you never ate them, you just put wreath around your neck then loads by the window and door.
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    • ClogThatHog
      I would be honored to be served with pasta. I love pasta
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    • Robbit
      You're supposed to hang garlic above your doors and windows
      Robbit 7d
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    • albinobitch
      Eat no seasoning for British vampires
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    • Clark_
      One time my dad tested to see if garlic would prevent mosquitos from biting you by putting garlic in every meal for 2 months. During those two months I never got bit by a mosquito (in the summer in Florida) and I accidentally stepped in a fire ant hill and didn’t get bit but was scared shitless.
      Clark_ 7d
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    • DeathMetalAndChill
      Honestly if someone eats me and doesn’t serve me with pasta I’m coming back from the grave and strangling them with some angel hair
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    • Plague_knight
      The superstition comes from how it is more difficult for blood sucking insects to find us. However this doesn't apply to leeches.
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    • Mesothelioma03
      Didn't use dark mode
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    • ArturoDenham
      I'll take the red sauce
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    • The_Gender_Bender_69
      Garlic is not an anticoagulant
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    • ObviousPlant
      I vant to make a da meataball!
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    • Kaiiak
      Garlic makes the blood taste less sweet
      Kaiiak 2d
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    • FordJM
      FordJM 3d
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    • plebmanjones
      What if this was used by the vampires to leave people unprotected though
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    • whirr1987
      Silly kids, garlic was venerated by ancient civilizations for being believed to never die. It is directly the opposite of what vampires are believed to be, (i.e. undead). Vampires can never "live", being dead for eternity etc, so something that can never die (garlic) would be an obvious threat.
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    • therealjospehstalin
      You are the pasta
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    • Lady_Of_Opal
      Not gonna lie chief cant resist garlic bread
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    • maverik90174
      Nah we would bleed more effectively but then their blood would thin out and no longer congeal as well causing them to bloat
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    • Stonercast
      I would be honored to be served with pasta
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    • Jaydizzel
      Makes sense because garlic is know to help with blood circulation
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    • Seedrockk
      I don’t want to be a pie!
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    • NoMamesGuey
      Vore is my fetish
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    • Poker454
      Shit cook with me some garlic and a little white wine sauce id be banging
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    • GaemyrMan69
      Or maybe this is false propaganda to get us to drop our guard!
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    • DuskGod
      I’m fine with being served with pasta just don’t over cook that shit. Don’t disgrace me like that
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    • Scribbins
      I've never seen people eat tons of garlic in old vampire movies and shows. They usually just keep some around or wear necklaces of it
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    • a_swarm_of_unknown
      Actually if you dumbasses would actually read Dracula you would know it’s the fragrance of the FLOWERS not eating the bulb of garlic that stops vampires
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    • VincentVon
      Thanks for my 2nd feature guys!!!
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    • i_require_sustinance
      “Italian vampires”Ayyyy Draculo
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    • Fishbone
      Fish can be picky with their food, so fish food is often made with garlic because they love it and it's also healthy for them!
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    • PierreBourne
      Italians don’t eat garlic
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    • ETank117
      There are a number of things wrong with this, first off, you don’t eat the garlic just have it, second off PUMPKINS ward off vampires better and have so for years, hence the Halloween decoration
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    • Dr_Austria
      No one says eat it, they say wave it at them, the fear of a vampire losing its own blood is what drives it away
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    • ItsStillPasta
      Tf is wrong with pasta?
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    • Funsi
      I do
      Funsi 7d
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    • Kelseydun
      Fuck that shit, grind me up and slurp me down! If ima die then pasta is where I want to go!
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    • SR33666
      Gimme the marinara
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    • silverwolf1816
      As a vampire I can confirm that garlic doesn't do anything to vampires.
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    • Monarch
      Or is this a vampire conspiracy so we stop using garlic....
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    • YouGotTheStuff
      Ain’t nobody got time to read
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    • goombafucker
      Wario must have fucking thin blood
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    • Shfin
      Why are vampires all European? Because the rains were blessed down in Africa.
      Shfin 7d
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    • Cynic4ever
      Garlic is just spicy onions...
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    • WarhammerBro
      I can imagine the bottom one being said by an old lady "running away" or dragging her feet and pushing he walker.
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    • FinntheKing
      You cant be a vampire if you're Italian. Too man crosses and sunlight and have you ever met an italian who doesn't look at himself in the mirror
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    • Centrismo
      I thought it was because they mistook mosquito bites as vampire bites and when they used garlic the bites would stop because mosquitos hate garlic
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    • artistwithouttalent
      But garlic is super tasty...
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    • ThatOneHeretic9
      Actually, the garlic thing comes from a disease that is thought to be the source of the vampire myth. The disease makes one pale, sensitive to sunlight, and allergic to garlic, among other things iirc
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    • Naughty
      Gravy 🚂
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    • KrispyCrab
      Pizza time
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    • kdudz14
      Vampires are Transylvanian so..?
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    • jordy_shorty12
      Yo am I the only Italian that knows how to cook? You never put garlic in your food as an Italian. And if you do it’s only the clover which you then remove later
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    • Master_Of_Punishment
      LOL you're not being served with pasta you're being served over pasta
    • ItsNutt
      An anti-coagulant? So, like a blood thinner?
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      Did yall not even watch hotel transelvania 3 it just gives them a tummy ache
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    • wendigo_12
      Or vampires get garlic poisoning and bleed to death.
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    • TheAntiMemer
      Hentai is better than porn
    • LuLx
      Pasta and My-balls
      LuLx 3d
    • JustForgetIt
      Oh i do
    • TheSupremeMemeMan
      garlics fuckin disgusting
    • No___Shit___Sherlock
      I don’t want to be a pie!
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