• Glad to see Germany getting a redemption arc.
      smile 10K 194
    • Yea fuck freedom of expression
      smile 9.6K 4.5K
    • smile 3.6K 130
    • Remember the last time the Germans banned a group of people
      nyggur 18d
      smile 1.9K 162
    • Wait till it’s punishable by gas chambers
      smile 15 3
    • smile 13 1
    • Ay you know that whole holocost thing kinda sucked but this should make up for it
      smile 13
    • America, take notes.
      smile 12
    • I feel like people hate furries just because it popular. I don’t care if someone wants to dress like an animal. Doesn’t affect my like at all
      MvK_7 16d
      smile 11 6
    • Did Nazi that coming..
      smile 11 1
    • Idk guys, last time Germany banned a group of people it didn’t go so well
      smile 11 5
    • This makes up for the holocast im moving to Germany now
      smile 11
    • this makes up for the holocaust
      smile 10
    • Actually fursuits were banned due to the fact the wearer’s identity was fully masked head to toe, and they often did stupid shit in public and couldn’t be prosecuted for it.
      RyderLX 18d
      smile 11
    • Now if only America could make the Kardashians illegal then America would be restored.
      smile 10 1
    • Finally we can respect the germans for something
      smile 9
    • alt_f4_ 15d
      smile 10
    • Not true and ironically Germany has one of the highest furry population
      JDroo20 18d
      smile 9 1
    • Redeeming themselves for world war 1/2
      smile 10
    • Being a furry is a freedom of expression, and shouldn't be illegal. BUT, attraction to animals and sexual or oral intercourse with animals is wrong on many levels and should be illegal EVERYWHERE. I speak for the furries that think the same.
      smile 9 4
    • Theyre still making up for the holocaust
      smile 9
    • We should make a camp for em
      Talker 19d
      smile 9 3
    • I'm not saying i support furries but last time germany outlawed/targeted a specific group of people world war 2 happend so yeah
      smile 8 1
    • They didn't ban furries, they just made beastiality illegal. I read up on it, and beastiality hasn't been illegal until now.
      Snibba 16d
      smile 8 1
    • Germany actually had the densest & highest population of furries
      Raxe 18d
      smile 8 2
    • Why? It's a suit. Like a mascot suit, it is their hobby. It may be cringy but it's not our business.
      smile 9 6
    • FUCK YA, THIS MAKES UP FOR THE MASS GENOCIDE, im not joking, i came across a furrie that sexualizes little kids with diapers on shittint themselfs
      smile 8 2
    • I mean it makes sense. Because you think you’re spiritually a fucking wolf you think you should be able to walk anywhere with your halloween costume. Know how many weapons and shit you can hide in a costume? Enough.
      smile 9 2
    • Yet they still let immigrants go around molesting and raping children.
      smile 8
    • I may not agree with it, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to do it. That’s the difference between those who believe in freedom for themselves and freedom for everybody.
      smile 8 1
    • Just because they're furries doesnt make them bad people
      shyshia 14d
      smile 8 19
    • The Germans are finally using their skills for good
      smile 7
    • I don’t care much for furries, but that sounds like government trampling the freedom of the citizens
      smile 9 4
    • About time someone did something about furries
      smile 7 4
    • Game over furries we have God and Nazis on our side
      smile 7
    • I know they're cringy and annoying.... but they really arent hurting anyone
      smile 9 12
    • Remember when they made Jews illegal
      smile 7 2
    • So they’ll arrest furries but not the Syrian rape gangs, glad to see they have their priorities in place
      smile 8 7
    • Tbh, furries must make hella bank to afford their fur suits.
      smile 8
    • Any war crimes committed by Germany have been absolved and forgiven.
      smile 8
    • Controversial opinion: people should be allowed to do whatever they want and we should be allowed to mock them for it.
      smile 8
    • Almost makes up for both world wars
      smile 7
    • What’s next? No Jews? ....oh
      smile 7
    • So furries wanna be animals right? So we can hunt them right? Shoot them legally?
      tshupe 19d
      smile 10 2
    • I find furries weird and uncomfortable myself but it’s stupid how they are banning them. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else who cares?
      smile 8 3
    • WW2 instantly forgiven
      Belfry 19d
      smile 7
    • Do conservatives want freedom or not ? As cringey as some furries can be, arresting people for how they dress is some facist bullshit
      smile 7
    • There isnt a problem as long as they don’t actually fuck an animal otherwise leave em alone
      smile 8 1
    • Look I hate furries just as much as the next guy. Every time I see one of their disgusting post I throw up a bit in my mouth and seeing them out in public in their suit is cringy as fuck. However restricting freedom of speech or religion or assembly or petition or expression is undemocratic
      Ghool 19d
      smile 7 6
    • Can’t tell if this is real or fake but it’s kinda dumb either way.
      smile 6 9
    • Literally the only country worth living in anymore
      smile 7 2
    • I hate these people as much as anyone else but it shouldn't be illegal, it is their freedom of expression.
      smile 7 2
    • This almost makes up for killing the jews
      smile 6
    • I'm moving to Germany bye
      smile 7
    • I no longer regret learning German. I'm moving to Berlin, aufwiedersehen schweinhund 🇧🇪
      smile 7 2
    • That makes up for the holocaust...
      smile 6
    • This isn’t actually true, Germany has a law where people can’t cover their faces while in public
      smile 6 4
    • Printer 17d
      smile 6
      smile 6 2
    • We should start another holocaust with furries instead
      smile 9 1
    • Germany has payed back their sins from WWII
      smile 7
    • Germany is great, first they kill the retards and now banning furries. It's almost like they don't care about people's feelings and do whats best for the people🤔
      smile 7 1
    • The year is 2019, the new german Reich has abandoned its old ways and has joined the allies to defeat the upcoming furry revolution, moral is high and hopes are up, happy hunting comrades
      _Susie_ 18d
      smile 8
    • Furry Holocaust dont sound that bad
      smile 7
    • Who remembers the Holocaust
      smile 6
    • Finally a meme that’s not a video. My internet speed thanks you
      smile 6
    • y’all really are retarded man. furries are fucking weird but hating them irrationally is even fucking weirder imo.
      smile 6 4
    • Y’all love to cry and whine about freedom until a group of people you dont like is the one in question. What if instead of furries it was anime dweebs (i know most of the fuckers on this app are), or even goddamn gun enthusiasts. You cant take away the rights of people with a hobby lmao.
      smile 6 9
    • I forgive Germany for everything
      JotaroJ 19d
      smile 6
    • Next thing you know they start to put a bunch of furries into concentration camps
      Snaggle 19d
      smile 6
    • They still have a refugee problem that they probably won’t do anything about.
      smile 6 1
    • Its not freedom of expression its people with a mental disorder
      smile 6
    • I don't know if I trust Germany to deal with a mass population problem.
      smile 6 3
    • Instead of gassing the Jews Germany should’ve gassed the furries.
      smile 6 1
    • Antess 19d
      smile 6
    • Am I the only one that thinks that’s bullshit? If you want to fuck other people wearing animal costumes that’s fine, I just don’t like having pictures of naked anime animals shoved down my throat
      smile 7 1
    • All the Americans saying this is a positive thing are retarted. Our country was built on allowing every person the right to Life, Liberty and the PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS. If being a furry is what makes you happy then so be it.
      smile 9 9
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