• Fun fact : Salads killed More people this momh than ar1 Ss .

    • WTX_Lamkin
      Guns don't kill people, people kill people with guns
    • The_Highest_Noon
      Salad is green and so is poison so I mean..
    • spellmasterz
      Oh dang o.o lots of likes.. Thanks!
    • Dubbers64
      Real quick, if you advocate for gun control. Fuck you.
    • McNaziBitches
      Facts: e-coli is God's way of getting rid of vegans
    • Do_crack_respect_women
      Imagine living your whole life just to die to a salad
    • Buster_41
      Ban the fully automatic assault salads
    • Theodore_Roosevelt_Jr
      AR-15s aren't even the weapon of choice in most shootings, even mass shootings.
    • BLewy56
      I hate that people say guns should be banned because they are used to kill people. Cars are used to kill people, you wanna ban cars?
      BLewy56 12d
    • theREALLYrealist
      Assault lettuce. With a bump stalk
    • IKnewIWasHere
      Salads don’t kill people people with salads kill people
    • DrTexas
      This wheein is going to kill you with flavor.
      DrTexas 12d
    • PercussiveMaintainer_VOI
      People kill guns with people.
    • MrSwerve
      Rifles account for less than 400 deaths annually. You're more likely to be killed by a vending machine.
    • Fox_and_Hound
      Ban biological assault foods
    • soccertaylor
      We have to ban all lettuce and greens. A nationwide ban on salad! I am outraged👿🤬👿🤬👿
    • Boss34352
      Its funny bc most feminists hate both
    • TheOratingOrangutan
      I mean most salads are good for you, but we need to restrict access to fully automatic assault salads.
    • babababana20123
      Guns don't kill people but they sure do make it easier to kill people
    • pyrof1re
      Lets ban assult salads
    • LeNOPE
      Banning guns won’t solve a problem. Once Britain did that, people just used knives. Also, guns don’t kill, people USE them to kill.
      LeNOPE 12d
    • KittyKuraMetal
      More fun fact: AR does not stand for assault rifle. It stands for ArmaLite, the company that created the original design for and AR-15.
    • undeniablememe
      Guns are living things with feelings, you know. We should advocate for gun lives matter.
    • Clibby440
      I’m conservative and all for gun rights. But mfs don’t need 100 rd drums and slide fires
    • Hosannattak
      And That's why I eat salad. 😁
    • Classic50s
      Also a fact: 500,000 to 3 million crimes are prevented each year by guns.
    • animeprospector
      The salad used an MP5K when it shot up the mall.
    • TheUltimateKhajiit
      Romaine lettuce has a higher fatality rate than cannabis
    • Illidari_Slayer
      Lol thats a dumb comparison. Cars have killed more people than atomic bombs so lets legalize those
    • Proffessor_right
      “This month” good job America, you were like every other country for a month congrats
    • tiimtimm
      God that face pisses me off, the feminism just reeks off it..
    • InstaFuckBoi
      To stop people from killing themself with romaine they restricted the buying of it in stores. Hmmm what a strange idea
    • Zonkey
      Lol I’d hate to be this lady. She’ll forever be know as the triggered snowflake liberal. It would be hard to point her out though because they all look like this
      Zonkey 11d
    • Otaku_lairdac
      #ban assault salads
    • Little_Donkey_Toes
      I like salads and my ar15
    • youbearight
      Well no shit.. salads can’t kill an AR15...
    • Hot4Raven
      Take that you fucking vegans
    • alanbuddy
      Ban all salads
    • AmandaThePissedOffBitch
      Instead of shooting up a school I'll just create a mustard gas with my pee and bleach
    • FurriesAndFirearms
      Reminder that you can kill just as many people with a pump shotgun as with an AR-15, maybe even more. AR-15s are not special or deadlier, just more "military" looking.
    • PapaBohns
      Ban fully automatic assault salads
    • ArrowStrike117
      So the tables have turned on anti gun people AND vegans. Let us bring forth... SALAD CONTROL LAWS!
    • EpicFlatulence
      I agree. They should be banned....and replaced with AR-10s. They are much better from a ballistic standpoint.
    • BradleyMiller123
    • WaluigiThicc
      Take that liberals
    • NiccGee
      Rifles account for about 200 murders per year in the US according to the fbi. People are murdered more by hands and feet than rifles and shotguns combined
      NiccGee 12d
    • Taboo13908
      Yeah, and when that happened, the govt stopped the sale of lettuce
    • Krieg_HotT
      Fun fact: AR-15s haven't killed anyone since 1977 (well at least ones made since then). This comes from the fact that the patent for AR-15, which was owned by Colt, expired in 1977. All rifles designed in the same fashion by other manufactures are technically "AR-15's." (Look up Colt AR-15 for more)
    • newyorker
      Shhh the vegan liberals will hear!
    • Fudgepops
      Salad doesn’t kill people, the E. Coli on the salad kills people.
    • PrimeDestroyers
      Ban tactical assault salad
    • WayOfTheRat
      "This month"
    • Gordas
      And guess what happened to the salad? They CONTROLLED it. Not suggest we put out more.
      Gordas 12d
    • Salty_Ape_Snacks
      Her face makes me want to castrate myself
    • ChrisPeefeArt
      I'm in favor of reforming our gun laws to create a safer school environment for our kids, but the people fighting for it are complete idiots. Guns don't kill people; people do. Banning certain of guns and accessories does nothing for the cause. We need increased responsibility and accountability.
    • CraigDestroyerOfWorlds
      Ban assault lettuce
    • Matt_Man
      People don’t realize that the amount of lives taken in the Vegas shooting equal the amount of people killed in Chicago in one month alone. But most of those lives are taken by minorities in gangs but the democrats wouldn’t want to have that on mainstream media...
    • Some_Clever_Name
      Theres a vid of this outrage chick getting dp'd
    • Felcher
      In other words, we made it 7 days without a mass shooting, great job everyone, I think if we try really hard we can even make it to 8
      Felcher 11d
    • Kleincroses
      Feminist be like "Reeeeeeeeee!!!"
    • That__Guy
      I wonder if that girl has killed herself after becoming a hilarious meme
    • NogShot
      And romain is "illegal" now until further notice. Next.
      NogShot 11d
    • AlphaMushroom
      Salad- 5 Weed- still 0
    • alyssa3579
      i miss when ifunny wasnt so political damnnn
    • ChilIOut
      If a driver, let’s say drunk, crashes into another car and kills people, is it the cars fault or the man? Why shouldn’t we apply this to guns - stop blaming the gun and blame the damn person
    • FSMisouronetruegod
      You can thank trump slashing epa regulations that help ensure safe produce.
    • Yaaaaaas
      Actually, ecloi from romaine lettuce has not caused any deaths during the most recent recall, as of november 26
    • AstronomyPupper
      Let’s just recognize a few things about this whole post. The post specifically talks about the month because of ecoli, and it also only references one assault rifle. Gun killings in general have killed more this month. Nice fucking try
    • TheRealHobo
      Ban fully automatic assault salads
    • mumbojum
      Bitches who eat salad dont even know what ranch dressing is. If you want it to be delicious put ranch on that shit, works all the time
    • Koalaby007
      Jesus christ how retarded can people get yeah my AR-15 that I left outside didn’t kill the annoying neighbor so I’m returning it for defectiveness. Yeah thats how it is. If lawfully gun owning conservatives with all their violent guns were the problem you would be the first to know.
    • Righteous_Xenophobe
      Cars kill more innocent people than guns but you don't see the government banning toyotas
    • getthetroll
      See fun fact about salad is.. Well you need to hear about our Lord and savior PewDiePie if you haven't already subscribed please take the time out of your day to subscribe to PewDiePie
    • TheConeKing
      Is cranberry sprite any good?
    • Connor_Sent_By_CyberLife
      Fun Fact: This isnt a fact
    • PoopD0G
      To everyone harping on liberals: the reason for the lettuce issue is Trump relaxing regulation on food inspection. That’s right: only republicans could make lettuce dangerous.
      PoopD0G 12d
    • 12yo6thgrader
      People don’t kill guns, guns with kill people guns people
    • ButteredLancelot
      Salads don’t kill people, people with salads kill people
    • j_herrera013
    • da_worst
      We read it. It must be true
    • LarrySeaLegs
      Ban assault lettuce
    • Dura_Cell
      Natural Selection killing vegans.
    • WiII_Ferrell
      Yeah but we have governmental regulations by the FDA to minimize the amount of cases in which this occurs from salad
    • ShatteredHeaven
      Fun fact, a gun has never killed a single person, a person with a gun did. Papercuts have killed more than guns have
    • DwightKurtSchrutethe3rd
      I'm just gonna play devils advocate here but people eat salads more than guns
    • sasquatch129
      Guns don't kill people, chuck Norris kills people
    • DylanLondrigan
      Except for I looked it up. Statistically, AR-15s killed more people last month than Salads; this includes death from choking on salads. That’s enough to disprove this and while without even going into the fact that the E. Coli outbreak that you’re referring to... has killed no one!
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