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baby boomers learning the thing from
their parents where theyre like "can you imagine kids these days in is so funny because every joke you can imagine (nervous breakdowns, refusing orders they dont like, demanding someone else do it for them) actually happened in vietnam
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clearly not a "generational toughness"
thing given how it progressed during the war, but it is odd seeing all these older people fantasize about bringing back the draft to straighten out this generation of sissies when theyre literally the generation that made them end it
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probably not out of civilian opposition either, by the end of the war you had internal military reports warning that every branch except the (all-volunteer) marines was on the brink of total collapse. kind of badass if they would just take credit
Vietnam: The collapse of the armed forces -
Marine Colonel Rohert DD. Heinl -Ir
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by the last years of the american presence you not only had draftees just refusing to fight, their officers were literally locking away their rifles so they wouldnt shoot them. if you wanna know why the pentagon never asks congress to bring back the draft theres your answer
"They have set up separate companies," writes an American soldier from Cu
Chi, quoted in the New York Times, "for men who refuse to go into the field. Is no big thing to refuse to go. If a man is ordered to go to such and such a place he no longer goes through the hassle of refusing; he just packs his shirt and goes to visit some buddies at another base camp. Operations have become incredibly ragtag. Many guys don't even put on their uniforms any more... The
American garrison on the larger bases are virtually disarmed. The lifers have taken our weapons from us and put them under lock and key... There have also been quite a few frag incidents in the battalion."
Can all this really be typical or even truthful?
Unfortunately the answer is yes.
All the foregoing facts and mean more dire indicators of the worse kind of military trouble point to widespread conditions among American forces in
Vietnam that have only been exceeded in this century by the French Army's
Nivelle mutinies of 1917 and the collapse of the Tsarist armies in 1916 and
frank furtschool (zoomer)
not nearly as dramatic but the report also includes a negative appraisal of the "let soldiers anonymously prank- call their commanding officer to boost morale" idea
If officers have lost their voices, their ears have in many commands been opened if not burnt in an unprecedented fashion via direct "hot lines" or
"action lines" whereby any enlisted man can ring up his CO and voice a gripe or an obscenity, or just tell him what he thinks about something or, for that matter, someone.
Starting last year at naval Air Station, Miramar, Cal., sailors have been able to dial "C-A-P-T" and get their captain on the line. The system so impressed
Admiral Zumwalt that he ordered all other shore stations to follow suit, even permitting anonymous calls.
At Ft. Lewis, Wash., soldiers dial "B-O-S-S-" for the privilege of giving the general an earful.
At the Air Force Academy, cadets receive early indoctrination in the new order of things: here, too, a cadet (anonymously, if he wishes) can phone the
Superintendent, record his message and, also by recording receive the general's personal thanks for having called.
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