• trollpoker
      To make it fair, the military was the ones surrendering in both occasions.
      trollpoker a month
    • The_MI6
      It’s not the French people who are cowards, it’s the French government
      The_MI6 a month
    • mossy_cobblestone
      France did a lot in ww1 and they deployed twice as many soldiers as the US and most of them saw front line action so they lost more than any allied nation. It was ww2 where they collapses in a couple months.
    • kissfag
      tfw france surrenders to the most powerful military in the world in ww2 and gets shit on for eternity, but the U.S. loses a war to a bunch of fucking Vietnamese farmers and everyone ignores it
      kissfag a month
    • TheTerranEngineer
      Does everyone always forget World War 1 where France lost 1.3 million men and still won the war, carrying a large part of the weight on the Western front
    • Kingicehunter
      The best tactic if your French is to have the enemy conquer you then revolt against the new government.
      Kingicehunter a month
    • helpfulTSAagent
      The French actually have one of the best win loss records in military history. They just did superbly bad after 1815.
    • TGIVAN1
      So weak the only one they can beat is themselves
      TGIVAN1 a month
    • VoiceofInsanity
      France is the only country the French feel confident fighting.
    • aidofett356
      Oh STFU, I'm fucking tired of this, yes they may have surrendered from ww2, what about ww1, they stood their God damn ground in verdun and fucking won, they fought that war out, and was was your precious Russia doing? Surrendering to to pRoTeStS
      aidofett356 a month
    • happyclone1899
      But the french was a dominant power only rivaled by the british till the 1900s where a war took place on their soil for majority of the war and was left bankrupt at the end of it only to be suprised attacked by the prepared german reich while the french didnt have a army to defend its borders
    • EyeholeCereal
      Everyone ripping on France's military strength are just people still salty about Napoleon fucking them over
      EyeholeCereal a month
    • RepostStation
      I mean Napoleon did great, nearly invincible, and it took nearly all of Europe coming together, and Russian winter to stop him
      RepostStation a month
    • idontwantaname
      The french government is weak but the people are vicious
    • The_Psychonaut
      Is everyone forgetting that France was a military powerhouse, and their surrendering is actually testament to how fucked WW1 and WW2 were?
    • U_Bad_Gob_Gob
      Remember when the French helped us become a nation? I do.
      U_Bad_Gob_Gob a month
      French people are bad ass rebellious niggas, ther government is their literal bitch
    • jakefrmstatefrm
      Nah, they’re good at the revolutions because the only people they’re bigger pussies than them is their government.
    • Deutsches_Kaiserreich
      Yah let’s ignore ww1 and the Napoleonic wars
    • p00n_tang
      In ww1 the French where pretty bad ass
      p00n_tang a month
    • theanalpoetry
      To be fair the French saved our asses in our revolution from the Brits and saved our asses again in WW1. And Napoleon was a badass too.
      theanalpoetry a month
    • VaginaFace
      French niggas out here sharpening guillotines
      VaginaFace a month
    • NewJerseyBall
      France historically has one of the best militaries tho
      NewJerseyBall a month
    • vvvvvvvvvvvvw
      France had possibly the best knights in Europe. The issue was, the government couldn’t afford to hire them for wars. And if the knights didn’t think the battle was worthy of their skills, they wouldn’t participate. So the French had to surrender quite a bit.
    • jesushatesweebs
      France has won the vast majority of its military conflicts and kicked the collective ass of Europe that one time.
    • Jhandz93
      Because the citizens are stronger than their government
      Jhandz93 a month
    • OlDutchyBoi
      Napoleon sure won a few wars *cough* *cough*. And they helped us win the revolutionary war, plus they gave us the Statue of Liberty. 🤷🏻‍♂️
      OlDutchyBoi a month
      France has been our ally and we’ve been theirs yet we shit on them for no reason
      DIEU_HUGO a month
      Why do people forget they were the last to surrender to the Germans
      SHRILLINGZ a month
    • keiome
      How many soldiers does it take to successfully defend Paris? We don't know, it's never been done before. :p kek
      keiome a month
    • ErikdaRed
      If by “a war” you mean the Second World War and really only that war, then yes
      ErikdaRed a month
    • tarnett13
      They kicked ass in ww1 but by the time wwII started France was still weak from the previous war so it had to surrender to save civilian lives
      tarnett13 a month
    • TheoldFeature
      campaign vs multiplayer
      TheoldFeature a month
    • CosmicCosmos
      Frenchs' people are fucking savages but their government is a quivering asshole of an underage child talking to their priest
      CosmicCosmos a month
    • 3am_Comics
      Often Vikings would invaded Paris just so the French would pay them to leave, this happened multiple times
      3am_Comics a month
    • ddm1300
      Napoleon kicked ass though
      ddm1300 a month
    • cappiam
      The French have a terrible army. Their civilians, however....
      cappiam a month
    • Mini_Putin
      That’s because they know in a revolution the only people they have to fight are other French people
      Mini_Putin a month
    • Colbasaur
      haha get it, REVOLUTION? Because he is on a WHEEL?
      Colbasaur a month
    • MOMO136
      In france’s defense if they had not surrendered they would have been obliterated by the germans so it’s fight and die or surrender and wait for allies to help and in the mean time make a resistance which they did
      MOMO136 a month
    • EK69
      Americans should be grateful. Without France the US wouldn’t be a country.
      EK69 a month
    • krat1
      One thing you can give credit to the French for at least is they honored their treaty with Poland unlike the pussy English
      krat1 a month
    • Dezerkerx2
      I will never understand this view therenwas a clear reason as to why France surrendered and it was for the better this is just one war mind you France has won more wars then they have lost
      Dezerkerx2 a month
    • Abigail_mtf
      Anyone remember that France has been regarded as one of the best militaries in Europe for the longest time prior to being forced to surrender in WW2? Wasn’t really their fault... they were pushed back. They could have fought for another month, but why? Everyone would have died
      Abigail_mtf a month
    • ToucanSonofSam
      The French are cheese eating surrender monkeys
    • Roma_Puella
      Napoleon would like a word with you. As would the French Army circa 1915 and the French Resistance
      Roma_Puella a month
    • SoccerFan007
      Everyone kicks France’s ass. Even the French
      SoccerFan007 a month
    • WanaBK8
      They're good at fighting themselves
      WanaBK8 a month
    • OwneyMemes
      Actually if you even look in the slightest of the history of France you'd know France has won most wars and kicked ass in the past and still do. They're massively underrated in history.
    • OwneyMemes
      But Revolutions are wars
    • Sizzlecorndog
      Right let’s just completely underpin the achievements of the French military durning the Second World War and the wild shit that happened because they wouldn’t surrender
    • danidanfm
      The french are only "brave" fighting weaker enemies, like other french
    • nakedthanos
      Why does everyone one forget about France in ww1
      nakedthanos a month
    • ElseniorBac0n
      They literally were faced with surrender, or we destroy you all.
      ElseniorBac0n a month
    • PlentyOfPlates
      France has a pretty good record with winning battles and wars. The whole "The french are cowards" meme came from WW2 when France was forced to surrender or face a similar fate as Poland
    • GoogleReveiwed
      I mean without the French navy we probably never would've defeated the British in the revolutionary war
    • element53
      Even in ww2 the french were still fighting
      element53 a month
    • youngscrub
      The French created a large resistance that fought valiantly against the the German occupation
      youngscrub a month
    • The_Known_Universe
      France was actually a world power until the whole world war 2 thing, they just weren’t economically or supportively ready for war. Not to mention Germany entered France right next to their capital.
    • PyroStorm
      Napoleon declared war on all of Europe at once after coming to power and nearly brought the continent to his knee. He also was almost one of the only foreign countries to successfully occupy fucking MOSCOW, something only Poland had done. And even during the Ancien regime, France was always powerful
      PyroStorm a month
    • SubwayHentai
      content not available more
      SubwayHentai a month
    • vincentvangoghfuckurself
      France has one of the best military records of any nation in history
    • Regirock
      A French civilian will fucking murder your whole family with a bauget and a cigar their military will deem you to strong and wave a white flag
      Regirock a month
    • Graystar_Reborn
      In history the french were actually pretty aggressive
    • SteamedPunk
      There’s something that separates most fighting forces in the world from that of America’s. Every other country fights wars for honor or because they are told to. It is those soldiers’ jobs. Certainly, many will give their lives in the name of their country, but what distinguishes America is our
      SteamedPunk a month
    • FashyGoy
      The only war the french can win is a civil war
      FashyGoy a month
    • CharlesDankins
      Have people forgotten they conquered an empire the size of the Roman’s?
    • AlbinoAlchemist
      The French were the goat in ww1
    • njorp
      Thats because even france finds it easy to kick frances ass
      njorp a month
    • freedyfastbeer
    • PapaRook46
      PapaRook46 a month
    • SovietGengar
      I could talk for 30 minutes about how France had solid planning in WW2 but got fuckin cucked by Leopold III of Belgium.
      SovietGengar a month
    • EmperorCharlemagne
      Napoleon disagrees
    • an_elusive_hobo
      Of course? They're fighting France why should they be scared.
    • ReceivedBeans007
      Not to ruin the joke but France actually has about a 50% win/lose ratio
    • Deus__Ex__Machina
      That because during a revolution they are fighting other French people. Who could possibly be afraid of that?
    • redster2280
      Is the one to the left from American dad, Family guy or the Cleveland show
      redster2280 a month
    • Slow2Spool
      Chris;That's a way better gift than that buff hamster you bought me for my birthday! All its done is run on that wheel for the past 3 weeks. Can i pick it up? Peter; I wouldn't.
      Slow2Spool a month
    • Neighborhood_Weeb_Slayer
      The French government is still a joke that goes against it’s peoples wishes
    • spicybeef
      I posted this this morning
      spicybeef a month
    • secret2assassin
      The desire to fight is a powerful thing.
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