• Found a job opening that requires 8+ years of Swift experience. Swift is a programming language that came out 3 years ago. 8/18/17, 2:05 PM
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    • DwightKurtSchrutethe3rd
      Tell them you've been using Swift since the day it came out
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    • Tf2GMod
      “Entry level position. Must have two years experience, masters degree, 700+ credit score, speak 4 languages, and have mythic jaina on farm
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    • DarkTheFuckingPipefox
      If this don't explain the modern workforce
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    • CLRobinso
      Laughs in c++, c, python, php, html, and cobalt
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    • _Teh_One_And_Only_
      You look real stupid right now...
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    • BasicChigga
      Maybe Swift identified as straight five years prior🤔
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    • Littelballofevilsatan
      Imagine being the creator of Swift and you still don’t qualify for the job.
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    • KennyBryslan
      Swift is also a trucking company. That's honestly what came to mind before reading the second half
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    • privatefolder
      Pro tip: all those “ten years of experience required” jobs know FULL WELL you don’t have that experience. They’re actually looking for people able to sack up and apply even though they don’t meet the requirements.
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    • sodapoppop
      Taylor swift has been around for some time bro wyta
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    • Jwiz7
      Swift is also a trucking company
      Jwiz7 8d
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    • Sea_Of_Darkness
      You should "swiftly" pass on that job because it already seems like bullshit
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    • Juggernaut29
      Swift is a trucking company
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    • Summanis
      This used to be a big thing. Companies would post logically impossible job openings, then whine to the govt that overseas work was taxed. That's why they removed the additional taxes on offshore labor.
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    • _SpicyMeme_
      Tell them that, I feel like they know it’s only been out 3 years and that if people show up to interview like “ya I’ve been working with it for 8 years” they’ll know they’re lying.
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    • ISubToDumbasses
      No guy has 8 years of Swift experience. She can’t hold down a relationship for more than 2.
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    • Conservative_Pilot
      Probably intentional. The right candidate would point that out
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    • Lightningbolt
      Swift is also a very shitty commercial transportation company (trucking)
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    • MinerSquared
      Entry level job: 5-10 years experience. “Why don’t we get job applications?” Company hurts itself in confusion
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    • markCubanCigars
      It's so people don't lie and say they have like 8+ years of experience
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    • Jamison_Fawkes
      Not possible. You get like 2 years of Swift and a song about you. That’s it
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    • iisfunnyguy
      I thought it said 8+ years of Taylor Swift experience
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    • FinnTheHumon
      Maybe it’s a trick question to see who knows their shit
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    • AetherCake
      Let’s hope you’re a swift learner
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    • OhLookItsDeadpool
      The job opening is a bait basically. They wanna see who is lying.
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    • Sora_No_Game_No_Life
      It probably says 8 years of swift or of another transferable language, which i agree is worded badly but makes more sense
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    • aSouLess
      Seems about right when in this world an entry level job requires 10+ years experience
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    • CrocodiIeDundee
      I was think swift trucking lol
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    • OssO
      They also want you skilled in graphic design, SEO, 5 years customer service experience, able to dead lift 5000lb, and work with Karen.
      OssO 8d
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    • PaleVampire
      I thought this was a Taylor Swift meme
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    • estherk507
      I thought swift experience was a bunch of bad break ups with boyfriends
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    • Boxboss
      I thought it meant Taylor swift experience at first
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    • Twiiizliiir
      Swift is also a trucking company... You moron.
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    • Zenith12
      Everyone wants to hire an 18 year old with 15 years of Engineering experience.
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    • Kainpwnsu
      Thanks, HR department.
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    • RandomHero
      I've seen jobs in my feild labeled as "entry level" that I don't qualify for. (I have 4 years of schooling and 8 years of in the field work experience)
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    • RustyAndroid
      I hate "entry level" positions that require 5+ years experience. Like, do you want fresh graduates or not?
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    • Fahkeet
      "Welcome to the saltys splatoon. How tough are ya?" "I learned how to program" "ya, so?" "LUA" "right this way sir"
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    • _SK_Gens_
      No swift is a trucking company that hires toddlers to drive for them ○_○
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    • OneForAll
      Swift is also a trucking company
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    • ArtistOfCons
      And yes it has been three years since Taylor Swift has stopped being relevant. It is good day.
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    • spellmasterz
      Python Bois where you at
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    • uncleNieman
      Swift is a truck driving company
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    • Warpriest_
      Swift is also a trucking company that has more trucks everywhere but on the road
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    • leadfarmermfer
      I wouldve thought the meant swift the trucking company with the worst drivers on earth
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    • RickySanchezz
      Damn... you gotta use time machines to go back in time to get a job these days...
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    • marbezy11
      It's because HR does the hiring and they don't know HTML from C++ from a hole in the ground
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    • Dattebayo
      I've been listening to Taylor Swift longer than that. Sign me up!
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    • 17jessopj
      Honestly why do companies be like that. Just give me a fucking job m8
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    • matt31
      The first thing that came to my mind when I read this was “damn, they’re looking for someone to fuck some shit up”. Swift is also a trucking company and their drivers are notorious for crashing in stupid ways 😂 there are whole video compilations of their crashes.
      matt31 8d
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    • DragonC2k
      Thought they were talking about Swift trucking.. 8 years of experience there and you’re still a shitty driver
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    • linus674
      Honestly was thinking of the trucking company that hires the worst drivers around
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    • EarthenWood
      So...apply, and point that out diplomatically in the interview
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    • shawdybadclapas
      They probably meant 8+ years of iOS programming but whoever made the job listing is dumb af....as annoying as swift can be, I’m glad the objective - c days are over....for the most part
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    • Munchie78
      My dumb ass though Taylor swift
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    • ReactionMemeVault
      Python nibbas where u at?
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    • Houseinacondo
      Corporate middle-management HR people in a nutshell
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    • RetroAmerica
      Applications shouldn’t depend on time of experience, but rather quality of experience
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    • oreocrusade
      I'm happy a programming meme got featured!!
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    • T3K_Memes
      "Girls expectations"
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    • pornostache
      I must not be apart of this generation I thought of swift trucking company
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    • CrashJay
      I thought they were talking about the trucking company
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    • aBeekeeper
      Well you best get started
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    • Lars_Of_The_Starz
      Well if that ain't the world in a nutshell idk what is
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    • Skinzree
      Imagine using Java when you could use scratch
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    • NeopoliTorch
      People use Taylor all the time
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    • LordDND
      This boy duuuuuumb. There’s a semi company called swift that has its own training that you have to certify for.
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    • GloryToTheSovietOnion
      I thought he meant phil swift
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    • The_Mastur_b8tor
      So it doesn’t Taylor to your needs?
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    • AmbroseAsylum
      Swift is also a trucking company
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    • KalepConway
      I think they mean the move swift from pokemon
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    • Nnom
      I thought they were talking about Taylor Swift no joke
      Nnom 5d
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    • GoldenFalcon3
      I’ve been listening to Taylor for a long time
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    • classyfatso
      I guess he gained experience.... swiftly.
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      Python gang where you at
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    • SpicyFeathers
      Do you mean the trucking company? There's a trucking company called Swift
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    • dontmesswithkrabbo
      Like a Black Knight once Sayed "I'll bite you legs off"
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    • fnwalt
      That’s the government looking for bootleg time traveling machines.
      fnwalt 8d
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    • extraguy9
      Jump in the hyperbolic time chamber for 8 days
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    • TheCalebGuy
      Good thing to bring up during the interview. Call them out on their shit, and most like get hired
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    • PrettyFuckinStupidM8
      came out three years ago, just like this feature
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    • AssMode
      Jobs are retarded
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    • Eeevaaa
      When entry level jobs require 6 years of experience
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    • ProphetOfTruth
      When the legal age to start working over here is 15 but they want 15 year olds to have 6 years+ of work
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    • nmerc74
      What if you've been listening to Taylor Swift for 8 years? Would that count?
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    • WomblesAFwaggot
      That’s actually a great way to filter out faked resumes
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    • The_Neko_Goddess
      This is a trick companies use to weed out people who lie on resumes. They are well aware its impossible to have 8 years so anyone that says they do are turned away whereas people who tell the truth about having something like 2-3 years are actually considered
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    • Ryan_Spell
      Are you sure they aren't talking about the truck drivers
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    • MustTryIdeas
      Sounds about right. This is just another day in Murcia.
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    • death_metal_beagle
      That’s our fucking job market
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    • jvandercharge
      Easy way to know the manager is dumb and you are too good for the job.
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    • EatTheRichBeABitch
      Who tf use Swift? Python gang rise up
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    • jigglygiggly
      Swift is also a shitty trucking company.
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    • texas663
      IT jobs just put scary wording in their descriptions to weed out idiots I haven’t got an IT job yet that I met all the requirements for.
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    • SyrusPhantom
      Just be like "I discovered swift 8 years before anyone else... im over qualified."
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    • ShaneTheDank
      Tell them you used to drive for the trucking company Swift
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    • PinkElephants99
      First I was like “Taylor Swift experience?” 😂
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