• following the naming convention of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, I hope the third one is Spider-Man: Home Alone and it’s just Peter on his own trying to protect the Avengers compound from the Sinister Six with complex, web-based traps. (9st 7:19 AM-Jan15,2019 0
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    • King_Of_Random
      I'd watch that
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    • Dasammehboy
      Would be a good short
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      Why do people say good things that will never happen
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    • jakejohnson217
      Please tell me he gets lost in New York and John mulaney gives him shit for it
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    • Johnny_Shit_Knuckles_
      That would actually be a great fucking movie
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    • dutch_van_der_linde
      All it needs is Tobey Maguire and Macaulay Culkin
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    • NotClarkKent
      No seriously, i want this movie now
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    • romanticromance
      i wish new spiderman didnt have to use a device to shoot webs. i love the spiderman from these new movies and Meters from the spiderverse but i wish they could just shoot webs straight up. yall get me?
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    • 2019isgonnabefun
      *doc ock falling out of window while on fire* Peter: calamari is always better warm
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    • psebat
      Home Alone
      psebat 24d
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    • WeMeetAgain
      I want this but at the same time wouldn’t tony stark already have all that in place especially considering he invented all those complex web based traps
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    • Desu
      Desu 24d
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    • alevin
      I’d sell my left nut for an hour and a half of Spider-Man hilariously pranking the sinister six so hard they give up
      alevin 24d
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    • fatalbertsweirdwhitebro
      That’d actually be a good movie tho that’s the thing
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    • Velociraptor29
      I would cut my scrotum off and eat it if it meant that could become a reality
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    • PatheticCheesy7
      Spider Man: homeless
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    • FishCharley
      That is actually an incredible concept. I can't think of a single superhero movie that has done anything close. Im thinking of a Spidey version of home alone meets die hard and its amazing
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    • AlbinoDragon
      I would pay absurd amounts of money to watch this
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    • Deanna124
      I would pay so much money to see that
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    • KrazyKirk
      Yes please and a Kevin McAllister cameo included
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    • ilostmyoldaccountsomimdoi
      I'd pay to watch this
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    • KillerKoala93
      I'd pay double to see that!!
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    • themartian32
      I want that to be a thing
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    • mmmmestus
      Oh, when I thought if a teenage boy and the words "home alone" I thought we were going a different way with this
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    • PlatinumBallzOG
      Stark takes everything back from Peter, forcing him and aunt May to live in a trailer. Spider-Man: Mobile Home
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    • Ray_Gillette
      As long as Kevin McCallister makes a cameo
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    • huggernaut_
      Start a go fund me right now.... I got 10k waiting with your name on it friend
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    • Patrick_Star_the_Starfish
      That actually sounds like a bomb movie
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    • SamAcarious
      Aunt May: Alone at home
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    • BlkBon
      Starring none other than Macaulay Culkin
      BlkBon 23d
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    • lightspeedblueblur
      Or he’s just jacking off to black widow porn
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    • LemonTally
      I like to think of myself as a web-based trap
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    • camlo
      Home alone: Spiderman
      camlo 23d
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    • DeeLeezard
      I hope it is just Aunt May showering and doing naked yoga for an hour and a half.
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    • MegaDrive64
      SpiderMan: Homeless
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    • kingofthebloodychallengbr
      Marvel would like to know your location
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    • Ozak
      That'd honestly be a great movie
      Ozak 24d
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    • PowerMelon4
      Thats not bad idea tho
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    • TheSugarKeeper
      That actually sounds like it’d be a good movie
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    • durtyoldman
      Wong shows up and says “Spider-Man No Home” “Oh”.
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    • Trollzor
      Great now I'm gonna be disappointed if its anything besides this. Fuk!
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    • The_Final_No_PFP_Boss
      Sounds like a movie. Disney has claimed intellectual property rights, started writing a script, and is now suing you for copyright infringement. They'll see you in court.
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    • T3kMast3r
      "Y'know that really old movie?"
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    • MinotaurusRex16
      Peter: “Good thing I watched all those really old movies”
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    • Kew_Knight
      Make this legit, 1,000 have signed, let’s get to 1,000,000
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    • Harem_Hunter
      Home alone but Spider-Man
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    • Nova_Maelstrom
      That...would be pretty lit tbh
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    • INFAMOUShero99
      The Avengers go off to Latveria to fight Doom, but forget Peter and instead of taking a Quinjet to meet them, he duck around for a while and then the sinister six break in.
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    • Tootsie7655
      One of them finally gets in and he has a bazooka pointed at them “hello”
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    • FueledByRock
      Then the 4th movie could be named "Homesick" because the rights for spiderman goes back to sony
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    • PI77A
      I am so fucking down for this
      PI77A 23d
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    • BigMoistSmurf
      Spiderman: Ashes to ashes.
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    • ShankYouVeryMuch
      Spider-Man: Homeless
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    • Testsubject276
      Peter: Hey, computer suit lady, can you make me sound like Mr. Stark for a second? Ahem... SENTRY MODE. *Every single suit of armor within earshot goes into ass kicking mode*
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    • kidflashq3
      Do it
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    • WeaponsGradeAutism
      That would be awesome as a spin off film
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    • alanbuddy
      Some of these avenger fan posts are cringe but this sounds like it would be a good premise for a Christmas special.
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    • fastfire
      That would be really good actually with the movie references he makes as well he could do some home alone traps straight from the movie lmao
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    • KineticSkyDrive
      Be a dope mini movie, like a Pixar flim
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    • Miguelsmithl
      Have to be a Christmas movie
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    • Neighborhood_Weeb_Slayer
      content not available more
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    • Glass_Of_Juice___
      Spider man: home alone with aunt may
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    • Bean3737
      I’d buy there entire stock!!!
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    • spongeVRo
      Marvel hire this guy
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    • Gentryman8
      This needs to be real
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    • DankMemesBrokendreams15
      Rhino runs down a hallway charging after Spider-Man, trips over some webs, falls into Thor's room and a few hundred tons of weights land on him, pinning him.
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    • SumWeeb
      The movie taking place in one building would be awesome
      SumWeeb 24d
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    • Max_Rockatansky
      Unpopular opinion, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies are overrated.
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    • Iewdicrous
      I'd pay money to see that.
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    • HermanMudgett
      Fucking genius
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    • RexRocks124
      I would watch the crap outta that movie. The dude who played Kevin in Home Alone should cameo as a pizza guy.
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    • DuckpillowsPakoob
      The internet makes gay spiderman stuff but this wouldn't be half bad
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    • Jonthankinyarn
      Send this shit to marvel
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    • MightBeSpiderman
      That would be hilarious
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    • WowHetalia
      Let this fucking man direct spider man 3
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    • Kura_Will
      In “the death of Spider-Man” he stays in his home/neighborhood the entire time fighting the sinister six. As you can tell by the name it didn’t end well
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    • bovine78
      No he is trying to keep Deadpool out bc mr stark told him too
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    • jayman3224
      The Avengers are flying off to some random ass planet, Black Panther is like, “No, Dr. Strange, we didn’t forget anything” and Dr. Strange out of nowhere screams, “PETER!”
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    • noahrullo
      I'd pay SO MUCH for that.
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    • taminaq
      They should change the second one to : winter dance and make the third one : Prom
      taminaq 24d
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    • Clunt
      Spiderman: has no home. Peter tackles life as his aunt dies and he loses the apartment
      Clunt 24d
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    • LulzOrNaw
      Can we cool it with the annoying Marvel fanbase Features?
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    • TheCollective_Collector
      He's a teen. Home Alone. Setting up traps isn't something he has on his mind
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    • dadmark
      content not available more
      dadmark 24d
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    • trainfan4014
      If they actually do that “home alone” thing they better do it right or they are just spitting on Stans grave
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    • Carswell54
      "Yeah, but the kid's seen more movies."
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    • Ci7adel
      The villains should be marv and harry though
      Ci7adel 22d
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    • zpopowski
      Spiderman couldn't do that, not the Tom Holland version. Bring back Toby Maguire and then we'll talk
      smile 6 reply 3
    • sumo2700
      I would love that
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    • slyspyguy
      EFFING GENIUS !!! pay that man!!!! Instead of Stan Lee cameos, Macaulay Culkin (Kevin McCallister in the movie ) can drop by with tips!!
      smile 2
    • Jeynas
      Would pay to see
      Jeynas 23d
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    • Kevin_Connor
      Down. Down to so many clowns.
      smile 2
    • RubyTurtle
      My friends and I actually discussed that possibility and just made up a bunch of crap that would happen from the “home alone”s
      smile 2
    • DungeonsAndDoctors
      I'd kill for this movie
      smile 2
    • Sodomite
      Only if Joe Pesci makes an appearance as one of the sinister six!
      smile 2
    • astra263
      Someone get the Russos
      smile 2
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