• Flip Book
Asa kid, I loved making flip books. They were all I did in art class, whenever I had It, I
worked really hard on one
particular flip book. It was around 50 pages long, I guess. It
had a simple stick figure walking into the page, waving at me, and then walking off. I
would look al it at least a dozen times the day that I made it. Then it got boring. You
know how kids are, not entertained by one thing for very long. I tossed it under my bed
and never gave it a
second thought,
A fow months later, I was cleaning up my room and swept the stack of paper out from
undor my bod. I couldn't quite remember what it was. I flipped through it once and got
swoot taste of nostalgia, I flipped through it once moro and noticed the pagos hadn't
agod or galnad dirty at all, IMipped through third time, The litte stick man walkod
onto the pago, waved atime, but didn't walk off,
Instond, a sacond stick man joined him. It waltzed up, having either an tom in its hand
or a
soveroly disfigured arm; its not like anyone could tell the difference. The second
stick man walked next to the first stick figure, stood there for a moment, then whacked
the poor fellow upside the head. The stick figure fell, and the second stick man swung
his stick at the other man. Again, And again. And again.
What I assume was its blood ran from the stick figure's rather jagged body, It looked lik
nothing more than smeared pencil stains. The killer stick man pracecded to bend dows
and tear apart the first stick man's body, limb by thin limb. Once he was
done, he bent
cach one into characters and letters, He set them upon the page to form a single word.
He grabbed the base of his own round head and tore it off. Then he tore off his legs, an
then one
of his arms.
His zig-zagged body parts formed themselves into a second
What I read made me burn the flip book.
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