• Once me and a friend were playing Minecraft, watched an enferman keep walking into a river, getting hurt, teleporting out, and then kept doing that. It was effectively enferman suicide.
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    • It’s all fun and games until you try and sleep in the nether
      670 19
    • Wwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhh
    • Yesterday I was playing Minecraft with my friend and we were in the Nether. There were endermen there for some reason and I accidentally looked at one so when I was jumping a gap over a huge lava lake, the enderman pushed into it. I was so scared but the totem of undying saved me and I was shook.
    • *rains*
      Luxeon 12d
    • Watching endermen in the rain
    • It took me three years to figure out that enderman hated water 😂😂😂😂
    • I like popping them in minecarts and pushing it into the water
    • Water hurts endermen? Damn I would not have known this, I always live away from water when I’m playing. Still, I’ve been playing the game for 7 years and only just now finding this out.
      Jimbo04 12d
    • Endermen hard af until you whip out that water bucket
    • Minecraft wants to know your location...
      UpToYou 12d
    • Wtf on the last ad?
    • It shouldve been " I'm bout to Ender this mans whole career"
    • Tall hydrophobic black people
    • My main biom was an ocean with a few islands and a mainland way off in the distance made my house on one of the islands and would take trips to the miabland for resources, anyways at night all id see is enderman screaming in pain everytime the tried teleporting off the islands
    • I once flooded the End on my 360.
      Cobot_ 12d
    • When it rains and the endermen just freak the fuck out
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    • I will never forget my first night in Minecraft. Sitting in my little dirt hut in the rain, then suddenly some 3 block tall shadow starts zipping around, flashing red and realising low-pitch moans and screams before disappearing. Fuckin shat myself.
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    • One time I'm creative, I made a biiiiiiiig flat hole with ONE block in the center. I then spawned an Enderman on said block and watched him freak out for not being able to teleport.
    • The very first time I turned off peaceful mode, and enderman spawned in the rain, and the sudden enderman scream and the flashing red object scared me really bad
      Flamezy 12d
    • I haven't played minecraft in years and am taking it back up again boys. Can I get a like for appreciation
    • Teleportation tho
    • When it rains. Endermen:
    • Endermen are the only blacks in Minecraft, they’re big, they steal everything, they can’t swim, and they wanna fight if you just look at them
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    • John Marston has joined the chat
      skmg95 12d
    • I love it when it rains and endermen just spam teleport
    • .
      riceBoi 12d
    • “This game is still relevant god damn it”
    • Me making decorations for my mineshaft rollercoaster:
    • Okay so Enderman always run or teleport next to you and you can hit from 3 blocks away mobs can only hit from 1 unless they shoot things like Ghast and Skeleton so to kill an Enderman just sit in water and lure them to shore and they will walk in teleport away and walk back in
      1 1
    • Redstone: *exists* Water:
    • I have 500+ features to scroll through am I near the beginning? I don’t even know anymore my life is spinning in circles all I did was take like a 2 hour nap wtf
      Jinxzy 12d
    • 3 1
    • Please google Sneyersul for the best creative plots server if you still play
    • Tall ever just go into creative, cheat to The End, kill the dragon and just dump water absolutely everywhere in there?
    • We need an animal made entirely of water that’s tameable cause I’m tired of EM
    • Just gonna say it. Minecraft is a trash game.
      Kroff 12d
    • Endermen: Tall, black, can’t swim, steals shit, and gets angry when you look at him
      7 1
    • Hahha
    • I'm literally playing minecraft right now as I see rhis
      2 1
    • Enderman are easy. You just need a bucket of water. If your don't, make sure you have an eye on it at all times, if that means using F5
    • I get it. He's black.
    • Is an enderman weak against water... or does water just beat the shit out of endermen????
    • Endermen and rain
    • Enderman don’t teleport
      IG88 12d
    • NSFW Discord my profile
      Apevia 12d
    • Rain: *starts pouring* Endermen: *suffering noises*
    • Then it teleports into your fucking house
    • Me: *Falls in lava*
    • Bullshit. Enderman teleports.
    • And his life
    • Black people cant swim
      MyBad 12d
    • I watched a fucking enderman walk I to the same puddle of water like 10 times
    • *teleports behind you*
    • Boom bap... Badabam boop POW
    • Teleport
    • So, is it possible for an Enderman to teleport into the Nether? I was walking around this Nether Fortress and out of nowhere this Enderman just starts attacking me, scaring the crap out of me in the process. Have no idea where it came from, or what pissed it off, but it was at like half health
      1 1
    • Supa hot fire
    • Looks like blue bedrock
      Putkim 12d
    • I’m ganna play Minecraft tonight on Xbox who wants in I need help gathering material and other stuff for a mine and a farm
    • I just realized that water is blue Stone and now I'm pissed.
    • Endermen in the rain are like epileptic people near a flashbang
      EMMR05 12d
    • They just teleport though.
    • Like if you have big pp
    • *Ten year old screaming*.mp4
    • Bout to endermans whole career
      4 1
    • End this man like water do to an enderman
    • Endermen when it’s raining: (confused screaming)
    • Once i was in the nether and saw 3 endermen so i tried hunting them, but they fucked outta there. 2 mins later they came back and fucking gave me a heart attack
      1 2
    • Its worse for them in the rain
    • I’m gonna end-er-man’s whole career!
      Valoogi 12d
    • Enderman: *falls in lava, then continues to teleport randomly throughout the world as if that’ll stop him from burning*
    • When it rains
    • They go sicko mode when the rain starts
      yonc 12d
    • does minecraft on xbox have the one game where your on a floating island?
    • You should see Endermen when it rains then.
      _ECE_ 12d
    • But I’m not a creeper
      BlkBon 12d
    • Gotta love the rain man
    • Have you seen endermen when is fucking raining?they start to spaz
      omegame 12d
    • Line 12d
    • I love how this old meme has come back from no where and everyone is not bitching about it :)
    • Yeah and why the hell is water dangerous to them? They are made of void, how does water burn them?
    • Make a small pool, attack a emderman then jump in the small pool so the endermen will just stand at the edge of the pool and you get free hits
    • content not available more
    • and life
    • I’ve found that when my tall black friend gets wet he normally makes the enderman noise. Coincidence, I think not.
    • You ever just try to sleep but there are monsters near by
    • /weather set rain
    • F
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