• Employer: Says here you got all C’s in high school Me: I identify as an A student Employer: That's not how this works

    • _that_one_loner
      Are you assuming my grade point average?
    • Callmedaddytrump
      Like if you still believe there are only 2 genders.
    • FirsthandBodie_OW
      This is how stupid "changing your gender" sounds
    • oldmancreepyjackson
      It doesn’t work like that bc employers not even McDonald’s would give a shit about high school grades. If your providing high school grades to employers you should probably save yourself the embarrassment
    • Propane_Bot
      No employer will ever look at high school grades
      Propane_Bot a month
    • newindian
      Stop discrimination against d students
      newindian a month
    • corvette_1776
      Oh come on now don't start giving the feminists any more ideas, they'll start identifying themselves as something useful like a doctor or a man
      corvette_1776 a month
    • jkromes
      That’s not how gender works either
      jkromes 25d
    • Memes_Without_Bone
      News Article: Breaking news, company discriminated against trans-intellect person. The public is now outraged and demanding he be compensated for his safe space being violated
    • Mellodramatic
      Cs get degrees
      Mellodramatic a month
      Neither does gender but here we are
      TITANVANCE a month
    • jazzhanz
      Nobody gives a shit about high school grades except colleges
      jazzhanz a month
    • curtisk
      No employer ever asks about high school
      curtisk a month
    • Ghrast
      Then the employer is taken to court and fucking loses.
      Ghrast a month
    • Vovasenko
      Nobody gives a fuck about high school GPA. Just as long as you graduated..
      Vovasenko a month
    • AustinRunge
      No employer has ever looked at someone's grades before.
      AustinRunge a month
    • SweetxCreature
      Employers don’t look at that shit.
    • pixelite
      employers literally could not care less about your high school grades
      pixelite a month
    • potatopotato47
      Sue him for discrimination, because that’s apparently how it works now
    • P3RVYSAG3
      Your grades in high school only matter when applying to colleges, otherwise a GED is just as good. And a college degree is a college degree, if you're full of shit and not fit for the job, an employer won't care if you're from Harvard.
      P3RVYSAG3 a month
    • OfficialKommentor
      Never has anyone mentioned my grade point average in high school in an interview.
    • Mydknight
      I haven't seen an employer yet that gives a flying fuck about how well I did in high school.
      Mydknight a month
    • Maxville
      *employer: *under breath* fuck he's good
      Maxville a month
    • okay_then_bro
      Stop it you’re raping me
      okay_then_bro a month
    • SmallWorld35
      Lol if you think employers care about your gpa. Get the degree and some internships for experience.
      SmallWorld35 a month
    • temporaryretry
      But this is 2018. Of course that’s how it’s works
    • __greg
      Why would an employer have your high school transcripts? lol
      __greg a month
    • Arodiin
      All this "identify as" shit can go commit neck rope
      Arodiin a month
    • itsreality
      Employers don’t care about your grades 😂 unless you were in the top 2-5 percent and you actually include that in your resume. Then you’re special but past that employers don’t give a single fuck they they don’t even really ask if you graduated or not. Just mark that you did on the application.
    • MuscledStar0205
      *gets company shut down for oppressing me*
    • Boobie
      Where do people get the notion that most jobs take into account your grades in school? That's what the piece of paper you get at the end is for.
      Boobie a month
    • DailyDoseOfAss
      I give it 2 years until this becomes a thing. Mark my words.
    • ThatAncientAlienGuy
      Just so you all know. No employer gives a fuck what grades you made in high school.
    • dat_chloe
      I was once 89 but now i identify as 40. If people can change their gender, i can change my age.
      dat_chloe a month
    • Not_even_just_a_letter
      Give it another 5 years and that’s how it’ll work. Fuckin country of pussies. The United States is gonna be the New France in 50 years. *war starts *instant surrender
    • Mr_Bang
      Uhm... That is how it works sweaty. I'll take that job now... if you're done being a transphobic trash heap that is
      Mr_Bang a month
    • yodadude
      This is probably the same girl who wanted French fries at Taco Bell cause she thought it was Burger King
      yodadude a month
    • ScorpionKid991
      My guy since when does a job interview include your HS transcript
    • DYLSTER501
      What employer use HS grades?
      DYLSTER501 a month
    • SonicRose
      Give it about a year or something in California and it will be how it works
      SonicRose a month
    • Packers_Astros_Spurs
      Doesn't work with the 2 genders either
    • jesse_the_pinkman
      C’s get degrees
    • zac1264
      Grades do not prove intelligence. It’s only proves effort but people can change after high school. I know people who didn’t do good in high school but did super good in college. A lot of people didn’t like high school but they liked college.
      zac1264 a month
    • iNotThatFunny24
      Facts don’t care about your feelings
    • Meme_Proliferator
      It’s not how gender works either.
    • JayJayAG
      If people can change genders, you can change your grades.
      JayJayAG a month
    • Masito
      Employers don’t look at high school grades
      Masito a month
    • Chewbacca_w1th_good_hair
      I mean if you can change your gender why can’t you change other things
      Libtard logic
      MOLDISGROSS a month
    • Mothwaifus
      Ha employers checking gpa HA!
      Mothwaifus a month
    • dailyeconquestion
      what employers look at high school grades?
    • hvideon1
      They don’t care about high school unless your fresh out of it and not in college
      hvideon1 a month
    • LamontTreva
      Yes, because the scoring metric for how well a person can regurgetate information on paper completely accurately reflects on their ability to apply practical skills in the workplace.
      LamontTreva a month
    • This_Is_The_End
      Don't underestimate libtards...they could start doing something like this one day and say that not only is it absolutely normal but it's a huge injustice that students are not already allowed to do shit like this
    • MtPrestonJr
      You laugh now, but some guy is going to become an engineer, because he identifies as one
      MtPrestonJr a month
    • kourtney
      My mom was at work and a guy tried to buy some cigarettes or something and she asked to see his ID and his birthday was in 1990 and she was like, "awwee such a baby." And then he was like, "That's ageist." And she thought he was joking and she just looked at him and he was being serious.
      kourtney a month
      The libtards have gone too far now
      BOBNHIMER a month
    • idiot
      idiot a month
    • AmbrusBlue
      Are you being gradist?
      AmbrusBlue a month
    • that_boy_johnny
      Yes. Yes it is. Also i identify as someone above minimum wage and your answer offends me
    • KingWizard26
      It will soon. With all the crazy shit that's accepted now
      KingWizard26 a month
    • MrJoeMama
      I like how the comment about 2 genders was deleted. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
      MrJoeMama a month
    • HJH09
      Sperm and Egg, hence two genders
      HJH09 a month
    • pffffffff
      Got my first B this semester can I get an F
    • mmcs7122
      I hate the type of people that identify themselves as other genders
    • Ruff_Games
      Me: Says here you had a single bad relationship with a guy. Hardcore Feminist: All men are misogynistic pigs. Me: That’s not how this works.
    • FrannieDavies
      They literally do not give a shit
      FrannieDavies a month
    • Airheadbunny
      Like getting a c or a matters when you work at a dollar store
      Airheadbunny a month
    • Great001
      Great001 a month
    • Captain_Mctardo
      People seem to forget all the time that C is average, I’m not shaming overachievers but they’re making us look bad.
    • aahhrrgg
      In reality employers don't give a shit about grades. Experience is king.
      aahhrrgg a month
    • K_BOSS
      It's scary because these snowflakes will make this a common reality smh
      K_BOSS a month
    • Chainer98712
      Neither does gender yet here we are
      Chainer98712 a month
    • PopeOfnarutoism
      Well then you're a fucking racist homophobic pig.
    • District4alltheway
      Fuckin will one day on the path we're on rn
    • DrugsAreBad4You
      That’s gradephobic
    • Greetings233
      You seriously just made a new meme format and it is the most annoying one too
      Greetings233 a month
    • Psychotic_Follower
      Did you just assume my grade?
      Wonder which employer looks at your high school grades?
      YUNGTRAGEDY a month
    • huggableHentai
      no job gives a fuck about your grades in high school. change my mind
    • Zannder
      Employers do not care about Highschool
      Zannder a month
    • F0AB
      Having a great gpa does not get you a job.
      F0AB a month
    • FinnThyHuman
      No but really, if you were a little behind in school and your grades sucked because of it, it’s the schools fault for not recognizing that every student is different and learns at a different pace.
      FinnThyHuman a month
    • CannaLand420
      I once told a guy at Fat Jimmy's "I sexually identify as a 10 year old" in an effort to get cheaper pizza
      CannaLand420 a month
    • William_M_Buttlicker
      Then I'm offended
    • TheyCallMeHero
      A = Asians B = Blacks C = caucasians D = Dalai Lama F = French
    • JayWithAG
      Wow that employer is attacking him for his mental ability. Its not his fault he got Cs because he skipped classes or didn't study for class. She should be fired
      JayWithAG a month
    • Texans_are_the_best
      Not how gender works either but here we are
    • iamtheam
      I think therefore I am
      iamtheam a month
    • PrettyFuckinStupidM8
      stop it, you're raping him
    • SapphireFox13
      Honestly how are all these people who identify as weird genders gonna get a professional job? I know theres policies against discrimination, but honestly if that comes up in an interview, what employer is gonna say yes?
      SapphireFox13 a month
    • sarahtheferret
      My mom's favorite joke is, "I'm such a nerd, even my blood type is A+"
    • Voltz_the_pikachu
      That's not how genders work either.
    • That1DudeYouknow
      In today’s society there’d be a lawsuit
    • DarkStar2012
      Grades should be like genders. Only 2. Pass or fail.
      DarkStar2012 a month
    • _laurenamberledesma
      Thats not how anything works.
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