• Imagine the taxes in dubai tho...
      4.9K 449
    • You was at the club💃 ⬆️Bottoms up when I first met you🤤 🙅‍♂️Couldn't get enough🤯 😳Had to get you straight to my bedroom😍 😆Drank still in my cup💦 🤭Crib is large so you can bring your friends too🏰 💁‍♀️Girl, you're full of makeup
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    • Ok um that's not a fuken bike
    • They should accept way more refugees.
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    • U right. Dubai been straight flexin for decades
    • Oh no the cops get oppressor mk 2s
    • Is it just me or is this the 68th time this has been featured?
    • They’re flexing now but it’ll be a whole different story once they’re debts catch up with them
    • Dubai is the RiceGum of the world.
    • Why do you think America loves oil so much?
    • Shit, oppressor mark 2.
    • Not a single person: Dubai: let’s get our cops on hover bikes!
    • Only thing worth flexing over there is the fact they still got slaves
      duub 8d
    • Ironic. Every other city in India is a shithole literally
      1 3
    • Just WAIT until non-renewable resources become obsolete
    • They have so many billionaires there
    • They have fucking Lamborghini and Ferrari police cars. What more could the police possibly NEED
    • As the criminal- *throws rock* police guy in motor bike- *crashes*
    • Citizen...what is your name?
    • Dubai got a fuvktun a money cuz of there oil
    • Dubai cop cars are luxury lamborghinis
    • Star wars
    • They're pretty much Wakanda
      1 2
    • Imagine Dubai in a actual war, I’m guessing they would have some good tech and shit but they would be basically useless with it
    • CNN gay
    • Dubai is wakanda
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    • That thing is so stupid. You take a sharp turn to quick, fall off and boom you’ve been decapitated and eviscerated by your own transportation😂
    • Dubai still isn’t as wealthy as London or New York City, have any of you heard of Abu Dhabi?
    • Dubai will be the start of Deus Ex augments
    • Dubai is wakanda of our world
    • Nutty arabs...
    • Dubai, really the whole UAE, has so much money that they don’t know what to do with it.
    • I keep seeing these bike concepts like whoops fell off gess ill go through the saw blades
    • Sound like some star wars stufff
    • You think this shits real?
    • is it just me or have I seen this post 20 times before?
    • Imagine getting chopped to shreds on those blades because they got too close.
    • Not efficient
    • They have had those for a good while now this old asf
    • Imagine being back in high school smoking in the woods and a fucking police drone drops out of the sky with a full size cop
      1 2
    • Not sure if it's an actual upgrade to a country that had lamborghinis, Ferraris, and maclaren as cop cars.
      2 1
    • Wait til the oil runs out lmao
    • Dubai is the size of a dinner plate compared to northern america. It is not hard to pay for flying motorcycles when you only need 5 to cover everything.
    • That looks like it would chop the shit outta someone
    • Speak proper English, you fucking right
    • Dubai is fuckin wild
    • USA needs to step their shit up
    • I don't give a fuck if they have hoverbikes, I can't drink so I'm not going.
    • For what? Cutting down the population?
    • Hey, my engineering project looked a bit like this. Damn I need miney to build it.
    • First sesto elemento lambo cop cars , and now this shit
    • gunna run out of dat oil money
      hman911 10d
    • Pure capitalism will do that. There are oil owners and peasants.
    • Dubai is like the real world Wakanda
      1 3
    • Dubai got more money than sense
      cseth 10d
    • You can buy gold out of vending machines so yes they have been flexing on us for years and probably will never stop
    • Yeah but the place is still somewhat of a shitshow
    • I saw this exact feature in 2018
    • The Incredibles movie
    • No fucking blade guards
      1 1
    • No shit they have it’s like one of the richest places in the world dumbass
    • Oppressor Mk ll
    • Dubai is like if Eagleton from Parks and Rec was a country.
    • Well guess I'm moving to dubai
    • uses hovercraft to arrest a woman for not wearing her burka
      snorty 10d
    • Went to dubai... very disappointed, saw like 2 super cars and one was at the mall, the entire city is built to look bigger then it really is, you can go from one side of the city to the other in like 15-20 minutes, and there are thousands of imigrants getting paid shit to uphold this illusion of it
    • Dubai is the new Wakanda
    • 100 years ago they were goat farmers. 100 years from now they will be goat farmers
    • Dubai is reliant on their oil. Once that shit runs out and the worlds powers stop giving money for fuel they will collapse unless they get another export.
    • They have fuckin Lamborghinis Ferraris Bugattis already on the force.
    • Dubai still practices slavery
      Unwound 10d
    • GTA v
    • When we stop using oil they’ll be riding camels again
    • It’s all that oil money
    • Anyone remember those bad guys on the hoversaw thingys from the incredibles
    • What if ur leg slipped
    • Except they have slaves in Dubai, outrageous taxes, no freedoms and beats gay people
      3 8
    • Dubai also has no taxes, free health care, and free education
    • dubai aint shit fuck yall talking about
    • Dubai is the modern version of ancient Egypt
    • Dubai is like wakanda except it’s not in a shit movie
    • Imagine stealing a fucking loaf if bread just to be chased by a cop on a motorbike
    • They use slave labor to build their buildings
      rimdog 10d
    • Guy flips offf from random air turbulence gets sawed in half by propeller 11/10
    • Speed limit enforced by aircraft
    • Dubai is built on slaves
    • They're the richest city of course they're going to flex
    • This is how you get judge dredd
    • All that o i l
    • US should go to war with them
    • Dubai is nothing imagine if a country focused all of its wealth in one city that’s pretty much Dubai
      BR0z18 10d
    • Dubai, more like wakanda
      Apothis 10d
    • The way my friend put it, "Dubai is a city where the people have more money than god and less collective intelligence than the average sea turtle."
    • Dubai is secretly Wakanda!!!
    • They’re rich they can do whatever they want
    • I went to Dubai and it was liiiitttttt
    • Dubai is Wakanda
    • Here we are living in 2019 and these guys are living in total recall
    • This is like 8 year old
      Yosh2i 11d
    • Till the mf falls off and gets turned into fuckin hamburger
    • Dubai is Wakanda. Change my mind.
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