• But what if we peed on thanos so his hands were too slippery to snap
      2.5K 137
    • Tc is a good person
      708 41
    • The CIA was directly involved in importing crack cocaine from Nicaraguan drug cartels and intentionally targeted Black Americans to destroy their family structure and to get money. Gary Webb was a journalist who exposed this and was later found dead from “suicide” where he shot himself in the head.
      12 15
    • Prohibition doesn’t work
      9 1
    • The war on drugs is literally the biggest fucking joke ever ahaha
    • “We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalising both heavily, we could disrupt those communities.
      7 4
    • Well the war on the drugs wasn’t even about drugs it was about criminalizing black people because the sentences for drugs prominent in black neighborhoods were way worse then cocaine and whatnot
      7 4
    • Friendly reminder that if you’re a US citizen your government is spying on you
      7 4
    • Don’t let this distract you from the fact trump has yet to denuclearize North Korea.
      8 16
    • Its the biggest political scandal cliche of all time, just like being a weapons dealer to both sides of a war
    • The war on drugs is the worst waste of a trillion dollars ever.
    • The war on drugs is fucking stupid
    • Pewdiepie: *exists* Nine year old me: oh hell yeah Pewdiepie: *still exists* Eighteen year old me: oh heck yeah
    • *introduces it to the black community keeping them reliant on welfare.*
      6 14
    • So we can all agree the war on drugs is an utter failure.
      4 1
    • Someone take me out of the US
      4 3
    • The war on drugs was a war found on racism and political power. It was used to gain power for republicans and to destroy black neighborhoods. The war on drugs has done nothing positive and made the drug problem worse. The only solution is legalization of all drugs.
      6 19
    • The only way to stop illegal immigrants is to legalize all hardcore drugs. Survival of the fittest will then be in effect, revealing whose truly weak minded, and easily dependent on drugs.
      6 10
    • The war on drugs has been a failure, change my mind.
      4 3
    • You can accept this but still think black people are scary bad people. No the government used the black community to cover up the fact that they did that. Oppression that also became prejudiced. It’s what started how black people are viewed today.
      4 3
    • Democrats be like: the government is fully corrupt, full of evil rich racist bastards!! Also, let's give them more power and money while disarming ourselves!!
    • If the U.S was serious on the war on drugs they'd decriminalize drugs, like Portugal. If all of the illegal drugs are legalized it'll destroy the market for the product. With the possession of drugs being legalized fewer people will be tempted to try it, meaning less addiction and overdoses.
      Jon171 23d
      5 3
      _Mango 23d
      5 1
    • War on drugs was really a war on black people.
      Daffu 23d
      4 10
    • War on drugs only made things worse
    • Thanks, CIA.
    • Don't trust the CIA
    • Facts.
    • Thats like betting evenly on both red and black on the roulette table. You may feel like you are winning but you are actually in the exact same place you started.
      BD101 23d
      3 2
    • It’s only a matter of time before IFunny features something twice in a row. The thing is I might never know because this app features literally everything now
    • I love that It’s Always Sunny is still relevant
      Andra 23d
      3 1
    • cog1510 23d
    • It’s fucked up because we know our government is terrible but all we do is joke about it instead of take action
    • Importing cocaine and heroine was a great way to make money, and the drug war was just America being racist. SHOUT OUT TO RONALD REGAN
    • What’s even crazier is that more blacks were locked up even though cocaine was used predominantly by whites 🤦🏾‍♂️
      3 6
    • This is an actual strategy for gaining power, it's called Controlled Opposition
      Sage5 23d
      3 3
    • The war on drugs has been a waste of time, money, and resources. Its don’t more harm than good
    • The Emperor/Palpatine during the Clone Wars: "I'm playing both sides, so that I'll always come out on top"
    • As long as there’s demand, the drug war will not go away.
      3 2
    • Anyone have some backstory about the coke/heroin import stuff?
      2 8
    • Then ruined Gary Webb and said he committed suicide with two shots to the head
    • That’s what the Government does okay, you continue to be a moron
      Thomasn 23d
      2 2
    • What are you doing here, go to sleep like the last post told you too
      2 2
    • Ethanol is the only drug known to man that can become so addictive, that it becomes as neccacsary to your body as food and water. Yet, it's also the widest accepted drug around the globe. Huh, odd...
      2 25
    • Look like white Kanye West
    • Remember the civil war on drugs?
      2 1
    • stars playing push it to limit
      justRLB 23d
    • Did... Did you just title your meme
    • Today has been the worst day of my entire life
      2 5
    • This is what I think of people who say they’re bisexual lmao
      3 5
    • Us govt doesnt need to ban drugs, cuz no matter what they will always be there cuz people are shitty. I think some European nations have low drug use cuz the govt distributes it in clinics and people can get help instead of relying on drugs.
      2 2
    • This is just Australian propaganda, they’re trying to make us forget that they lost a war against emus. WAKE UP PEOPLE!
      2 1
    • #fuckpoliticians
      rossco 23d
    • Do anyone have a guess on when will weed be legalized in georgia?
      3 14
    • This isn’t the first time they’ve been on both sides
    • Decriminalize drugs, adults should be able to put whatever the fuck they want in their bodies, plus it's been really hard to find Molly recently
      4 54
    • Please don't
    • Party rocking in the
      2 4
    • It's the Australian Emu War all over again except everyone is high out of their fucking kinds
    • That’s how mafia works
    • They declared a War on Drugs, like a War on Terror, but really all it did was let police terrorize whoever.
    • It’s all bullshit I’m buying an island for a small loan of one million dollars who’s coming with me it’s gonna be a sustainable farm with a cat sanctuary
      cc6174 23d
      2 5
    • 4 11
    • *several Republicans are typing*
    • We live in a society
    • Our government is trash... change my mind
      gss2128 23d
    • Kulo 23d
    • Didn't we do the same thing with the War of Terror?
      1 1
    • When the only war America loses is one on themselves 🇺🇸
      2 2
    • I am the Senate
    • When America declares war on two inanimate objects (terrorism,drugs)
      1 1
    • *also manufactures alcohol and tobacco and caffeine products constantly*
      1 12
    • Line 23d
    • The U.S. government isn't one entity
    • When you hook up another controller in Mortal Kombat
    • *game of thrones theme intensifies*
    • Hey yeah and y’all dumbasses out here praising a man even more corrupt than nixon
    • How do you think we "win" so many wars
      1 1
    • You sly son of a bitch
    • Idk if the pic is talking about the government or the drugs
    • I dare you to say empire sucks jkbvffvvvfc
    • I found my wallet nobody's getting robbed tonight
    • So, I like this girl, she likes me and we are best friends....but she had to move away. I'm afraid to dive into w.e this is and she is too. none of us wanna get hurt...what do I do? :/ iFunny gimme the power..
      2 7
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