• don't care if you have a boyfriend or girifriend right now. Just read this, it wil make a
différence. It only everybody could ses this and understand It. When she stares at your
mouth kiss her. When she pushes you or hits you like a dummy cause she thinks she's
stronger than you, grab her and don't let go. When sho starts cursing ot you trying to act al)
and tell her you lave her. When she's quiet, ask her what's wrong. When
she ignores you, give her your attention. When she pulls away, pull her back. When you ses
her at her worst, tell nor she's beautiful. Yhen you See her stant crying, just hold her and
don't say a word. When you see her walking, snoak up and hug hor waist from behind. Whon
she's scared, protect her, When she steals your favorite hoodie, let her keep it and lot her
steep with It for a night. When she teases you, toase her back and make her laugh. When
she doesn't answer for a Jong time, reassure hor that everything is okay. When she looks at
you with doubt, back yourself up. When she says that she loves you, she really does more
than you can understand. When sho grabs at your hands, hold hers and play with hor
fingors. When she bumps into you, bump into hor back and make her laugh. Whon sho tells
you a secret, keep it sale and untold. When she looks at you in your eyes, don'L look away
until she does. When she says it's over, she still wants you to be hers. When she reports this
bullotin, sho wants you to read It.
Stay on tho phone with hor even if she's not saying
anything. When she's mad. hug her tight and don't let go. When she says she's ok. don't
baliovo it. talk with her because 10 years later she'll remombor you. Call hor at 12:00 am on
her birthday to toll her you love her.
Treat her like sho's all that matters to you. Slay up all
night with her when she's sick. Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even
if you think It's stupid. Give her tho wor'd. Lot her wear your clothes. When sho's bored
and sad, hang out with her. Let hor. know sho's important. Don't talk about other girs
around her, Kiss her in the pouring rain. When she runs up to you crying, the firs! thing
you say is: "whose ass am I kicking babe?"
Il you do post this in the next four minutes the one you love vill: call you, kiss'you, love you,
text you.
Guys post ns
"I'd bo this boyfriend."
Girls post as "a real boyfriend."
and if you do not re-post this within 4 minutes. you will have bad luck with the one you love.
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    • Is be this boyfriend
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