• Do y'all remember when Tinkerbell almost died when they weren’t giving her enough attention? Nowl understand her...
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    • We all need attention
      elle 20 jan
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    • She almost died cuz some bitch said they don't believe in her
      Yesac27 21 jan
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    • Cool but do you remember this?
      Skipy2point0 20 jan
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    • I almost died because I was alone. The only thing that saved me was my dog
      Lil_Autist a month
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    • Tink almost died because they didn’t believe in her, not because she needed attention
      BackFrom2012 21 jan
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    • No tess I think it’s your bad health habits that are killing you
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    • Have you seen any birds since the government shutdown?
      Dieselpa 21 jan
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    • Wasn't it because bitch ass Jane said she didn't believe in fairies
      fanwank 21 jan
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    • GOBlues_ 21 jan
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    • No. She’s just a thot
      NinjaMetal 20 jan
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    • content not available more
      Dinosore69 21 jan
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    • Sure, but when I give you attention you’re all like “you’re violating the restraining order”
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    • I'd rather masturbate to Tinker Bell in a habit then see Tess Holiday at all.
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    • I'd give tinker bell the d tho
      michael23344 21 jan
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    • I'd fuck her
      Beako 21 jan
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    • Tinker was a whiny bitch
      CartoonOG 20 jan
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    • nah she just needs some dick
      BratFaced 20 jan
      smile 4 7
    • She almost died cause the person who created her didnt believe in her
      Treble_Babe 20 jan
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    • I mean it was belief in her species, not attention but...
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    • Tess you sound like a needy bitch
      TrendyLewds a month
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    • Tess Holliday would say this shit
      AtinyCactus 21 jan
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    • Attention seeking whore
      Dear_People 21 jan
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    • It wasn't that they failed to give her attention, it's that someone openly denied the fact she exists within that universe, which sadly, is somewhere I've been.
      Crujido 21 jan
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    • Oh look it’s that fat model bitch
      Pattyshack99 21 jan
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    • Hate bitches that think it’s cute to need attention all the time
      Brombyen 21 jan
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    • She's not special she's unhealthy and obease. She only gets attention cause she's hard to miss.
      totoboii 21 jan
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    • Tinker got a fat ass
      smile 3
    • Girls honestly believe it's cute when they say things like this
      BioEngineer 21 jan
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    • No it was because Jane said she doesn’t believe in fairies
      DBZJessie 21 jan
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    • She was gonna die because no one believed in her
      smile 3
    • She dummy thicc dont lie
      smile 3
    • Tinker bell looking like a snack 😩
      smile 3
    • The og petite
      Samples 21 jan
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    • I’d fuck tinker bell
      IamNOTaMEME 20 jan
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    • Women. Right fellas.
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    • Harry harlow conducted a series of experiments in the 1950s on rhesus monkeys depriving them of any social connection. Needless to say a lot of monkeys died to find out that this is true...
      Ridin_2_High 20 jan
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    • Living fleshlight.
      Psyoe 20 jan
      smile 4
    • ʇsod uɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ǝɯɐɔ I ¿ʎɐs sᴉɥʇ sǝop ʇɐɥM
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    • Transgenders be like
      alexmig a month
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    • Smh what an attention whore
      Legend1060 a month
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    • Tess Holliday is a cancer on society
      smile 2
      Double_Sushi 21 jan
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    • Lol her profile pic shows she be getting the wrong kind of attention
      smile 2
    • The bitch in that profile pic HUGE
      _Matt_ 21 jan
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    • It's called being an attention whore
      Lazy_Kitty 21 jan
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    • Yes, It’s called being a “needy bitch”
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    • Fuckin white girls
      smile 2
    • She's a Leo
      smile 2
    • She died because she’s not in the kitchen
      smile 2
    • Bro I swear everyone is edgy as hell
      OOBAMA 21 jan
      smile 2 1
    • She died because she wasn't vaccinenated
      Canner 21 jan
      smile 2
    • She drank poison to save Peter.
      smile 2 9
    • We used to tease my little sister and chant, I don't believe in fairies when you were supposed to help her live and my sister would start crying. Good times
      shark_goblin 21 jan
      smile 2
    • She almost died because Wendy's daughter told Tinkerbelle to her face that she didn't believe in fairies. Fairies survive on belief and in turn made her almost lose her life with such a blunt statement of disbelief.
      smile 2
    • Tinkerbell was dumb thicc for this kids movie
      HEYHEYBIGGAY 21 jan
      smile 2
    • Ohhh so Just like soulja boy and the Kardashians
      saucy_snek 21 jan
      smile 2
    • She looks like a basic white girl, tf you expect?
      MrOfficeDude 21 jan
      smile 2
    • This > memes
      smile 2
    • Wish Navi did the same
      Ansemthewise 21 jan
      smile 2
    • So we're just gonna ignore that tink was poisoned tho?
      smile 2
    • Thots need attention to survive
      ccrrooxx 21 jan
      smile 2
    • Tinkerbell almost died because they didn’t believe in fairies
      statefarm210 21 jan
      smile 2
    • Actually she almost died because she drank the poison that was swapped with the medicine.
      smile 2
    • If you think about it tinker bell is thiqqq for a fairy
      fishbelly 21 jan
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    • Yall getting pissed acting like humans aren't a naturally social animal that will always feel depressed and have suicidal feelings if we're isolated from society and not given attention. It's human instinct cunts, we're pack animals
      Tom_Waits 21 jan
      smile 2 4
    • She fixing to get dicked down
      smile 2
    • ➡️You wanna see my “Home Cooked Chilli”🔞 visit < HotKevinMalone.live> and see me work it🔞⬅️
      KevinMalones 21 jan
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    • This looks like a good start to porn
      Apparition 21 jan
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    • I in fact do not understand because I'm not a needy fucking bitch
      smile 4 2
    • Attention, whore.
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    • DailyFatCat 21 jan
      smile 2
    • Except in Tess' case, the cause will be diabetes
      smile 2
    • Learn to be happy alone.
      CodyBill 20 jan
      smile 2 8
    • Tess deserves to die ahead is disgusting and doesnt she call herself a model fuck her for glorious her body its disgusting what is some people get encouraged to look like that because of her disgusting I actually want her to fucking die
      ThighGoddess 20 jan
      smile 4 9
    • She one of dem hoes
      Largoon 20 jan
      smile 2
    • she didnt "almost" die from not getting attention. she died because jane said she didnt believe in fairies
      smile 2
    • Bro women are overly dramatic
      Bright 20 jan
      smile 2 3
    • Radicoochie 20 jan
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    • She almost died because they didn't believe in her not because she didn't get any attention
      TradconCutie 20 jan
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    • Spyro_ 20 jan
      smile 2 1
    • Her fat ass just eats all the attention
      smile 2 1
    • What song was playing when she almost died cuz I can't remember and I really liked it lol
      smile 2 1
    • I thought about this and almost started crying at work
      doggieboy99 20 jan
      smile 2 2
    • Not it was she hated by so many, it made her feel empty and ashamed. She fell into darkness over what she did
      gunnerjackel 20 jan
      smile 3
    • Yeah it's called neglect
      smile 2 1
    • Being an attention whore doesn't make you special
      smile 3 2
    • She is meant to die. She was like porn for Peter Pan, and Wendy was the woman that would help him mature.
      smile 2 1
    • damn
      MeTooDude 20 jan
      smile 2
    • Definitely my childhood crush
      smile 2
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