• They plan to leave at 6:30, wakeup at 5, and mess with shit until 8:45.
      2.2K 45
    • It be like that and this hit the feels
      992 6
    • Can't relate! No dad
    • Congrats on the feature
      2 1
    • How do enough of us have an similar dad for this meme to he popular.
      1 1
    • My family wakes up at 3am for trips to miss all the traffic
    • I like that u made ur watermark a halo above toms head
      2 1
    • No it’s usually me organizing the trips and it sucks
    • What's a dad?
    • Does Tom Holland also have a larger chest than Brie Larson?
      6 1
    • That hit me on a spiritual level
    • I dont have one
    • Tom holland 👁👄👁
    • My dad would wake us up at 5 and wanna leave at 5:05 and would flip his shit if we weren't ready
      6 1
    • Bruh I don’t have a dad
    • Speak of the devil I had to wake up at 4 because of a tornado siren and we leave on a trip at 7
    • So true
    • Wakes up at 3:30 to leave by 4:30 to beat traffic and end up leaving at 7
    • When me and my sister were young we would always start trips at night because my dad wouldnt need to listen to complaining and we'd just sleep
    • anyone else look at spideys ass to see if it was thicc
    • I thought that was my dad only😂
    • Funny how I have to wake up a 3:30 so we can leave at 4
      3Rule4 8d
    • What dad?
    • Tbh I can’t wait to be a dad. You got the love of your life, a decent income, build shit, be a borderline alcoholic, and make great jokes
    • Why the fuck does spider man have a yamaca
      5 1
    • My dad never took us on any trips but best believe my husband will take me and our kids on trips
    • Weak, try 3 fucking am
    • Then they fall asleep at 2 pm
    • We gotta get to the fucking airport at 9 and my dad keeps ripping on how much I packed for one week of vacation while I speed eat some cold breakfast sandwiches he picked up at McDonalds like fuck you packing bro a whole lotta judgement and some briefs?
    • Black people wouldnt know
    • my dad doesnt like trips
    • I have to get up at 5am for work everyday
    • For me it’s about 3 AM
    • My dad forget me and my brother while on our way to Disneyland they were about to go on the 99 and they realized they forgot us
    • Yes das, I only got 1 1/2 hours of sleep
    • Tom has a hat
    • he says that to drax
    • Then I go cuz I know it’ll be fun
      zinkk 9d
    • Finaly sheildposting got a feature
    • My co angler when I wake him up at 4:30 for a tournament
      Izagi 9d
    • For my family we plan to wake up at 6, leave at 8. We wake up at 9, and leave at 2
      MTYMX 9d
    • This is basically my family the morning of any trip
    • You have a good dad if he plans ahead, wakes you up 6:30, hit the road at 8 and then enjoy the road trip to a camp... man the feels
    • Haha I never had a dad
    • Wow. I'm legitimately surprised by this comment section
    • One time my family was gonna take an RV for a skiing trip so we got up at like 5 am got all our stuff in the RV but as we were pulling out of the driveway the hitch dug into the concrete and got stuck and it took us 3 hours to get it out so we just stayed home
      2 1
    • Anywhere thats not america: wtf???
    • Me(nervous):what nooo😥
    • Johnny Depp was innocent the whole time and let people hate him to protect his ex wife cause he still cared about her when she made up all the rape and abuse stories an actually tried to cut his finger off and this is why the phrase "believe all woman" is bullshit my mans Johnny didn't deserve this
    • My mom likes leaving to the airport at 12am only to get there at 1:30/2am for a flight at 6am :/
      sabam 9d
      1 2
    • I want Robert Downey Jr. as a dad
    • Nah, I just woke up with Dad at like 2 am, ready by 2:30 am, and headed out in a bigass van with Mom, my brother and Sister off to NYC for the summer
    • Or they always make everyone get in the car and they themselves take another 30 mins to get in
      3 1
    • My moms like that, my dads the one yawning lol
    • I drive 17 from Arizona to Wyoming. Leaving at 3:00 am and getting there around 9:00 pm
    • And peter is the youngest sibling who’s really excited
      shrec 9d
    • I used to stay up all night and then sleep the whole car ride.
    • Water mark tho
    • I just wanna wake up like that again.
    • If you ain’t ready to leave early then you don’t deserve the trip
    • Loki is not dead. There’s just too much evidence for it
    • A rare avengers meme that works.
    • What? I fuckin wish.
    • Then as soon as ur on the plane they dead asleep
    • Ya he be like that yo
    • I let the kids sleep till I’m ready to drive away. Throw them in car. And they usually sleep till about 11 am. Let’s me drive in peace for a while.
    • We have a rule in our household, if the parents plan for a specific time, add 2 hours, 7/10 it works, the other 3 times are anomaly’s where we leave wishing 30 minutes as planned
    • Dad's get a lot of hate on this app.
      1 2
    • Hey look an actually decent MCU meme
      5 2
    • Yea my dad hated when we were tired during family acid time
      1 1
    • My dad woke us up at 1 in the morning and made us get in the car in 15 minutes and then we drove without sleeping
    • Peter's just like "you know I had to do it to 'em
      1 1
    • Pater is my little brother
    • I wake up at five every day
    • When they make you wake up at 0300 for the jump at 2000
    • by far the coolest iron man suit
    • My dad: we’re leaving at 6am my brother: *running down the street at 6:01 my dad: I guess he wasn’t ready *proceeds to leave him behind
    • The only trip my dad took was to the store for cigarettes
    • I love being white, but i love my dad more.
    • Hits me with the feels😣😫
    • Me next to him looking at dad weird
      rhst 9d
    • Congrats on the feature!
      1 1
    • “Mr. Clean is on his own.”
    • And this ain't a vacation trip kids. Here, eat this
    • They always nag me to get ready an hour early, I get done in 5 minutes, then wait The the other 55 minutes, but then we are still 15 minutes late because hey couldn’t do shit.
    • Never gonna hit my fam w that. If we goin on a trip we gonna be rested as hell before we leave
    • I love that
    • Moms*
    • I have mad respect for my dad actually achieving getting us all up and out the door by five then proceeding to drive 10 hours nonstop to Florida for our vacation
    • And moms pouting in the back
    • The army is significantly worse. The formation is at 7, so to make sure no one is late your company is told to be there at 6. Well to make sure each platoon is there by 6, the sergeant wants them all there at 5. Which means squad leaders want you up and ready at 4. So team leads wake you at 3
      1 3
    • Why is Peter wearing a captain America yamaka
    • And Peter is the favorite kid who wouldn't dream of waking up tired af and grumpy at 4am
    • But then they always forget something when they’re a good15 minutes from home
    • Its 2:00 and we leave in the next 5 minutes
    • My dad when we go to Disney world
    • Up at 5 and dont leave until 10.
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