• It's alright, cause they get to say "I haven't seen you since last year"
      3.1K 10
    • It’s funny because I haven’t seen him in 15 years
      suicidebyass 31 dec
      1.8K 46
    • 24
    • _ian 1 jan
    • enzio 31 dec
    • Dylicous 31 dec
    • Making pancakes, making bacon pancakes
      AquaDiCoco 31 dec
      6 2
    • "I haven't seen you since last year"
      TheMemeBaker 31 dec
    • Dads when Karen says you can see the kids at her New Year’s Eve party but you’re in prison
    • See black guys don't have this problem
    • If your black it’s “I haven’t seen you in 15 years”
      ik315 31 dec
    • My dad gets butthurt if I spend the holidays with friends
    • On the last day of school before winter break, i got off of my bus and yelled, "ILL SEE YOU FUCKERS NEXT YEAR" and then booked it off of the bus and heard everyone groaning and calling me a right.
      memeshit 31 dec
    • Or forget to give this important advice https://ifunny.co/fun/rxuPKJcM6
      jon_doe 31 dec
      5 3
    • GibusPearl 31 dec
      5 2
    • Not allowed to leave the house on holidays oof
      iJew 1 jan
      4 3
    • Your parents let you out of the house?
    • Mwahahaha! I didn't forget this year!
      irmino 3 jan
    • Does anyone else not have any friends to party with on New Years?
      Pimp_ 31 dec
      3 7
    • Dads when they don’t let you go out to party ever even though your 17 and have never actually gotten in trouble but it doesn’t matter because your sister was wild so they just base their rules off of her instead of their son who has never even gotten drunk
      Skelt0n 31 dec
    • My mom seems to think that New Years is a family holiday and wants me to go with her but that shit is mad boring. I wanna say that if it’s such a family holiday why doesn’t she spend it with her sisters but I know I’ll get slapped
    • I’m fucked, I can never attend a New Year’s Eve party because my moms birthday is New Year’s Eve and she is super “everyone stay home and hang out with me.”
      3 2
    • HybridD 31 dec
    • Wow I posted this same meme BEFORE he did but we both probably stole it from comment awards so it’s ok
      ecarrat 31 dec
      3 4
    • Parties? Not familiar with that.
    • Personally I feel like my generation grew up with dads that weren’t like this but we see these memes and we laugh because it kinda hurts that we didn’t have that growing up. So now as a result of seeing this meme now we are going to be like it when we become fathers. But that’s just a theory rn.
    • Tf is a child?
    • See you next year.
    • Jokes on you I don't get invited to parties
    • Actually that’s just white dads
      4 4
    • I love this meme template sm
      DrakeandBake 31 dec
    • I am not a dad why do I feel the pain this causes their species
      hdjduxh 31 dec
    • Oh shit I didn’t even realize today was New Year’s Eve
    • My dad'll never get me with that again cause he dead lmoa
      tail 31 dec
      2 2
    • Funny, my dad said that 10 years ago.
      B34RD 31 dec
    • the_fuck_am_I_doing you tonight
      leah_sophia 31 dec
      2 2
    • I can't even go out on New Year's Eve it's my dad's birthday
      clay_stone 31 dec
    • content not available more
      VonsTheGOAT 31 dec
      5 2
    • And then when they get back, her boyfriend says, "Hey, I haven't seen you since last year"
    • Im a father and i approve this post.
      hitmanm818 31 dec
    • Damn I’m early
      realmotomoto 31 dec
    • Is new year's on Dec 31 or Jan 1
      Jim_Dun 2 jan
      1 2
    • Whenever my dad makes dinner and it’s done he says “you’re on your own for the rest of the night” but on This time he said “you’re on your own for the rest of the year”
    • hah my dad didn't let me go out because of DrUnK dRiVeRs
      MuyDank 1 jan
      3 3
    • My mom said that. Is it too late for an abortion?
    • Hahahahah relatable *dad left when i was 4*
    • My boss said that to me lol
      innocence 1 jan
    • Can't relate to going out on new year's for a party
      X_To_Doubt 1 jan
    • You assume I have a party to go to😔
    • You know it’s a good joke if it makes everyone regret knowing you
      GallantSir 31 dec
    • I don’t go to parties since no one likes me
      monello 31 dec
    • I see my dad, but I haven’t seen my mother in 13 years
      Solothil 31 dec
    • My New Years resolution is to not have UTI anymore
      boohah 31 dec
      1 1
    • Well my dad could at least say that when he comes back after 15 years
    • It’s all fun and games until he plays hide and seek for 17 years
    • My dad said that 10 years ago, but I never did see him again
      meegandee 31 dec
    • Funny hecause he for got to say "see you in 20 years"
      fleshtent 31 dec
    • Beer pong and other drinking games at my friend's house! Who's coming?!
      1 4
    • OK who's not participating in New years partys? I'm getting waisted at my house, alone with a new TV show to binge haha
      FireInMyEYE 31 dec
      1 2
    • But I’m the one who tells the jokes to my dad :|
      MgDares 31 dec
    • That's not a dad joke. Clearly invented by third graders each year, thinking its original.
    • Ha whats a dad again
      Liqdzz 31 dec
    • "I haven't left this room in a whole year!"
      MoldyBred 31 dec
    • As a father of 1 cat I can confirm
    • It's my dad's birthday lol
      BreathingBad 31 dec
    • wtf my dad would never let me leave to friends parties
    • New year new me
    • We all know what girls do when they go to parties. Idk about you but I will disown my daughter if she sneaks out the house and has sex with 6 guys she met at a party.
      lamelion 31 dec
    • But when you come back mom can say “daddy’s not coming back.”
    • What's a dad?
      PapaJuncie 31 dec
      1 2
    • Whatsup dog?
      1 1
    • Any body else accidentally dislike someone’s comment trying to get to the next feature? 🙃
      Sleepydog101 31 dec
    • Then they get into a gangbang.
    • Im trying hard af to get to comments because I'm early so can I get it
    • It’s hurts so bad
      Imagine 31 dec
    • See you next year lol
    • It's 2019 here in Australia already
      Danny 31 dec
    • I’ll see you next century
    • Bro my parents let me have a huge party at my house with all the weed we could buy and plenty of alcohol. They said they’d rather have me party at home and not have to drive anywhere so I just got shitfaced in the safety of my own home. Best New Years ever😂
    • We forgot to tell our friend wed see him next year and we were so upset lmao
    • My dad said that to me twice before dropping me off
    • Fuck you I could be but I'm at a wedding
    • White dads*
      2 1
    • I think it's "White dads"
      Nick_AtNight 31 dec
    • Mine just said that....
    • I have failed as a father
      Texas04 31 dec
    • Good they forgot
      trainfan4014 31 dec
    • My dad straight up just said that because I left the house lmao
    • Me when I’ve seen this meme hundreds of times
      steveswag777 31 dec
    • My dad just fr told me that
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