• *Creating bees* God: Make them highly beneficial to the ecosystem. Angel: Sure thing, boss. God: Give 'em the greatest knees of all time
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    • Dragonhero543
      Dragonhero543 a month
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    • Nyzz
      Nyzz a month
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    • Sniff_mah_Pubes
      Wow, this post is the bees knees
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    • yodadude
      Creating the spider: god: let’s give it eight legs. angels: ok. god: let’s give it eight eyes! Angels: that’s a little creepy... god: LETS GIVE IT A BUTT ROPE
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      Make their puke delicious, and give them butt needles full of acid
      DODGE_WRENCH a month
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    • animegirl1717
      animegirl1717 a month
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    • gotemlol
      *hits bong* and give em a spiky ass
      gotemlol a month
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    • Shrekbaby
      Make them sexually attractive to a woman named Vanessa Bloome
      Shrekbaby a month
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    • Cwizzle
      Also make sure if they defend themselves they fucking die.
      Cwizzle a month
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    • WonderbreadJones
      Also make humans obsessed with them despite numerous other insects being able to do what they can
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    • FlailingCamper
      Make em like jazz
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    • YSVI
      Then make a dickhead cousin who only wants nothing but blood
      YSVI a month
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    • DailyFatCat
      DailyFatCat a month
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    • SatisfyingScience
      Bees actually have pouches in their knee caps that they use to store pollen in. Not 100% sure but I think that's where "the bee's knees" comes from
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    • That_0n3_Guy0711
      And let them defy all known laws of aviation
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    • blueboxmen
      Honeybees are actually invasive species to North America and are slowly killing off other pollinators
      blueboxmen a month
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    • CutePupperino
      Lol I was thinking “why bee knees the best? They’re just the bees knees”then I laughed
      CutePupperino a month
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    • Catfuller
      I, an entomology student, sat there confused thinking about the anatomy of a bee. Now I’m ashamed what learning made me do
      Catfuller a month
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    • RealPhysicalMeme
      bees are an invasive species in North America and are out competing other animals.
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    • klickkk
      Make them fuzzy and cute, but make sure everyone fears them
      klickkk a month
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    • cmendr01
      The thing that freaks me out the most about bees, is that they co-evolved with plants. Still blows my fucking mind.
      cmendr01 a month
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    • averagedash
      And make their vomit taste delicious
      averagedash a month
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    • imKhaleesi
      Bitch highly beneficial!? If they die they’re taking us with them. They are mandatory
      imKhaleesi a month
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    • Flacogayco69
      Make them the the most feared things but the easiest to kill and vital to the earth
      Flacogayco69 a month
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    • The_Great_Crusader
      This meme was the bees knees
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    • Mordecai_and_the_rigbys
      God: and make one of their biggest strengths their biggest weaknesses also
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    • Ficto10
      God: “and give spiders butt rope”
      Ficto10 a month
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    • DankandRetardedMemes
      Put a niddle on it's ass too.
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    • EmilyTheMochiQueen
      "And make them invasive to North America."
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    • Testificate
      Well ain’t that just the bee’s knees
      Testificate a month
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    • Alice_and_Cheshire
      God: Lets also fuck with people by adding a version of them that get pissed at you for existing.
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    • iRaditz
      They’re the bees knees
      iRaditz a month
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    • TheGraphicDesnr
      Bees are actually killing the North American eco system they are an invasive species from Europe brought over by the settlers and now they kill off and harm insects that are slowly going extinct because of bee farms. Before you right me off just do a short google search..
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    • WitherEffect
      You forgot their assholes if you get to close and can sting you
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    • YeetussMcFetus
      Give em a butt needle
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    • Whyistheworldshit
      Then make their cousins rude ass bastards with sharp butts to hurt mankind and give bees a bad rep
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    • Wet_Fart
      arent honey bees on the Americas an invasive species?
      Wet_Fart a month
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    • AbstractRobot
      These are the bees knees
      AbstractRobot a month
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    • Thethiccbooty
      Thethiccbooty a month
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    • swain123
      Bees are an invasive species in the United states and actually cause a lot of damage to our ecosystem. For some reason no one know this
      swain123 a month
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    • codemancjackson
      And knives on their asses
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    • American_Boi
      Make sure that humans won't be able to figure out how they fly based on some Newton fucker and his laws
      American_Boi a month
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    • CommanderVanto
      That's none of your "Beesknees" :p
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    • ScoobyDoodoo
      Don’t forget to give the fly’s the best thighs
      ScoobyDoodoo a month
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    • mikeylollol
      Actually bees aren't as essential for life as people think America was perfectly fine without them before the British came and brought them for their tea
      mikeylollol a month
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    • randomdude28
      What can I say it’s just the bees knees
      randomdude28 a month
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    • Universe19
      Bees are an Invasive species. They don't belong in out ecosystem here in the USA.
      Universe19 a month
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    • Angel verified
      I helped God make bees lol
      Angel a month
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    • SuperTumor
      It's funny because bees are dying at an alarming rate and people are too lazy to care about beekeeping
      SuperTumor a month
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    • sodanuke
      Angel: ok, but that seems a bit op. God: you're right, if they are violent to anything they die. No matter the circumstance.
      sodanuke a month
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    • TheRealMichealPhelps
      And a butt shank
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    • Sputnic17
      Make them die when they defend themselves
      Sputnic17 a month
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    • _JBOMB_
      Its called the bees knees because bees collect pollen on their knees. Like so people can see.
      _JBOMB_ a month
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    • L0n3w01f
      Give them a disease that is wiping them out as fast as the black plauge
      L0n3w01f a month
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    • BetaTester
      Why the fuck did he give em stingers tho?
      BetaTester a month
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    • MyGenderIsyesterdayBigot
      Bees arent important in the ecosystem, they didn't even live in America before Europe brought them over.
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    • DailyCommentor
      Oh this post is pretty wholesome porn accounts:😏
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    • Nyzz
      The bee’s Nyzz
      Nyzz a month
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    • RainbowSmoke
      Why do people say that?
      RainbowSmoke a month
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    • Egyptians
      Egyptians a month
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    • biglenny595
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    • Melissa_Marie18
      & sharp butts
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    • olmiller
      Bee knee smell
      olmiller a month
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    • Teeeeeeeeeege
      Teeeeeeeeeege a month
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    • Skyromancer
      This post is the coax, trochanter, femur, tibia, tarsus
      Skyromancer a month
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    • BradleyBalk
      Satan bee like: plot twist they can fucking stab you with their asses
      BradleyBalk a month
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    • masongod
      No just no fuck off
      masongod a month
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    • ThunderStruck115
      Put a needle on their ass
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    • rocken_Nunget
      Also start killing them off sometime in 2019
      rocken_Nunget a month
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    • 117masterchief
      Fuck me I'm just the cats pajamas
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    • LilVinnie16
      I needed this
      LilVinnie16 a month
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    • ArtiF0x
      why are my knees buzzing
      ArtiF0x a month
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    • Soul9
      This is the bees knees
      Soul9 a month
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    • Igp1000
      Also in winter have the females drag the males out to freeze to death
      Igp1000 a month
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    • The_MelonGod
      The_MelonGod a month
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    • _Concern_
      God: also make their penis explode when they have sex, oh and they die after that too...
      _Concern_ a month
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    • hannah_hupe
      This shit is the bees knees
      hannah_hupe a month
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    • Miss_me_wit_that_gay_shit
      The bees knees
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    • Science_Boi
      I think I know why people say that phrase, it's because a bees legs will have pollen stick to it, so the subject of the phrase illustrates the attractiveness of that individual in a friendly way?
      Science_Boi a month
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    • yeahimeme
      That’s the bees knees :/
      yeahimeme a month
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    • Rockeyc
      Nah your mom has the best knees
      Rockeyc a month
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    • kickenwing
      What a God
      kickenwing a month
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    • JoeCole990
      Look at bio
      JoeCole990 a month
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    • Urbanxx
      The palm tree outside my window has one frond that is all seeds, and bees will constantly fly around it to pollinate I guess.
      Urbanxx a month
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    • Kekdall
      The US doesn’t need bees to grow flowers or shit, they’re basically just the adrenaline shot of nature
      Kekdall a month
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    • yeti32
      Also venom tipped butt swords
      yeti32 a month
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    • 123truth
      Give em little stingy stabbers too!
      123truth a month
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    • FawnCena
      Hey it’s 2017 again
      FawnCena a month
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    • Goji_soar
      Yo you all remember amnesia: the dark decent
      Goji_soar a month
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    • DeegoDemon
      Humans: *kills bees God: (•-•)
      DeegoDemon a month
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    • Ahegaolover
      Ahegaolover a month
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    • Neobot
      Just a fact, we need to kill European Honey bees. They're an invasive species that are killing millions of our natural pollinators. If we don't stop them, soon enough they'll make tons of Americas pollinators extinct.
      Neobot a month
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    • spikedavis
      And make em have stingers on their ass and make people allergic to them
      spikedavis a month
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    • trdaowe
      It’s the bees knees
      trdaowe a month
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    • I_Am_Captain_Obvious
      Give them a bad attitude
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    • Secksi
      Also their only method of defense kills them
      Secksi a month
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    • Th3L3gi0n0fCrusad3rs
      That’s the bees knees
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    • TzCKiller
      ...and also make sure this "Australia" doesn't exist
      TzCKiller a month
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    • TrapCentrality
      Lmao I’m North America bees are an invasive species
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