• Civil War, friend against friend, foe with foe, all for what? Money? Opportunity? A scramble for even the slightest crumb of the spotlight? I wonder, do they even realize what's truly at stake? Do they see what I see?
, Af course they -don't perceive it.
They don't SEE what I see, they can't begin to fathom the sands of time slowly falling an top the bottom of the glass. Or at least, that's what it seems. None of them show that they see, none of them want to accept the truth. The truth that the sand lessens with each and every day we let slip. Every second, wasted by those who merely sit.
Time is wasted by those who sit there and wait for the feather of opportunity
to fall upon their lap, they wait for others to write them into history! But what they refuse to see, is that time is
Not a cooperative entity. It moves on it's own, walks it's own path. And the path it walks, itis only months away from reaching the end. There is no more time for waiting! And yet, that's what everyone wishes to do simply because they don't have the strength to push. These men that will soon share the ring with me, they have waited for the feather to rest upon them, and they believe now is finally their time. It's finally time for them to step up and shine like the heavens!
But it was never gonna be their time.
For the veterans of this world, aged and old, their time has expired. They have waited far too long, letting the thought of their past accomplishments Keep them still until their hunger urged them to finally move. No, it is too late for them. They can run, and shout to the heavens that their place in these finals chapters are solidified. But they will always falls to hungrier men. They will be stain by monsters, like me.
But the rookies, oh those poor rookies. They were birthed into this plane of existence far too late! They rush, they run to catch up! Perhaps in another time, perhaps in another company, they would've rose to the occasion. But now? They fall like the fest. Because they simply lacked the experience, lack the Knowledge and strength to carve themselves into history. So they look towards Civil War as their saving grave.
Civil War means absolutely NOTHING! Bloodshed, violence, all for brand supremacy?
Goals for foolish people! Civil War is merely a piece of a much large struggle, our
path into history! A path that requires strength, courage, and most of all a willingness to shed your own humanity. For it is merely a shackle, tying us down to the hourglass
But I? I had the strength to tear it off me.
I and I alone have had the strength to relinguish it, everyone else has cowered away once the thought entered their fragile skulls. Even my very own captain, Kurt Angle turned away! And now look at him, withering away...the fact is, none of you have
the strength to do it. All of you would much rather sit, and
wait. That's all you know, a coward's life. So, come Civil War?
Your blood will fall on my hands.
Your bodies will line these halls as I continue this path of domination, straight towards
the book of history. As the final
months fall away, like leaves
in the Autumn, I will carve my
name into those dusty pages.
And once I do? I will turn around a
and look at the carnage left in
my path and smile. Ill watch this world crumble, each and every seeming constant dissolve into nothingness. And most of all, Ill take pleasure in watching you all decay,
ati all,
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