• Chinese man tria to board plane with pet turtle disguised as hamburger
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    • __Oi_a_cat__
      __Oi_a_cat__ 16 jan
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    • RepostAccount1
      Poor turtle getting stuffed with lettuce and cheese
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    • DeChessNuts
      BLT=Bacon, Lettuce, Turtle
      DeChessNuts 16 jan
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    • Inmate_4859
      Sneak 0 or maybe 10 because it says he tried.
      Inmate_4859 17 jan
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    • Iclearlymissedsomething
      Flight attendant “Uh sir why is your cheeseburger trying to eat itself” man “It’s just hungry”
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    • Liamonade
      This is fake but ok
      Liamonade 16 jan
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    • imbecile
      That’s a tortoise
      imbecile 16 jan
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    • PrudentWarrior
      It says tries. I don’t think it was sneak my dude, more like caught: 100
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    • mendinja
      mendinja 16 jan
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    • PewDiePie verified
      In other news pilot rushed to hospital after contracting salmonella after biting turtle
      PewDiePie 16 jan
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    • OneForAll
      Anyone else thinking that turtle is DEAD?
      OneForAll a month
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    • humanzombie23
      This can’t happen because a turtles shell is part of its body and it can’t come off with out killing it
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    • PipPipJongles97
      That’s not a turtle. It’s a tortoise...
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    • Not17FrogsInATrenchcoat
      Not to be that asshole, but that's a tortoise
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    • WolfKing88
      “Tried” means he got caught and failed right? Shouldn’t it be more like sneak 40 or something?
      WolfKing88 16 jan
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    • That_brown_Fellow
      "Sir why did your cheese burger just take shit on my leg?"
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    • BOOMsquid
      Dude I used to have that as a wallpaper back is 4th grade on my school Chromebook and the fuckin class thought I ate turtles or something.
      BOOMsquid 16 jan
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    • UnnecessaryThought
      Okay, but that she'll looks very pulled back. Shouldn't that be painful for the turtle?
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    • Alex_The_Lion_
      Everybody’s gangster until the burger starts snappin
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    • RP_is_retarded
      This meme is older than most ifunny users
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    • That_Lad
      That_Lad 17 jan
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    • KingCowfish
      This is so fake it hurts
      KingCowfish 16 jan
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    • zoom100
      Didnt work tho so sneak isnt 100
      zoom100 16 jan
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    • EcumeneAvenger
      That would be a tortoise.
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    • HighEnergyFaglord
      Is this a jojo reference
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    • Han_867
      I thought turtles shells were one piece attached to there skin on the top but ok
      Han_867 16 jan
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    • AdmiralArc
      AdmiralArc 16 jan
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    • Cory_Commander
      Fake. That turtle is clearly disguised as a CHEESEburger.
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    • thatonedudeoverthere
      "this burger is super crunchy dude"
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    • Interjection
      Interjection 16 jan
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    • Vasilyevich
      "prove it" "i'm so sorry, i hope you can forgive me for this friend" *bites into turtle with tears in eyes*
      Vasilyevich 16 jan
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    • ScorpionWing
      If you bite Wendy's burger it bites back
      ScorpionWing 16 jan
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    • Uncle_Sweetshare_V5
      just let the man bring his pet turtle on the plane
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    • Words4eating
      I don’t think we have any right to say what is and isn’t food to the Chinese... i mean we eating plastic and bugs in the states cuz we don’t have a FDA atm
      Words4eating 16 jan
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    • SandUndertale
      Nice try, that was my desktop background 4 years ago
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    • Toxy_the_Toxic_Furry
      This image is fake, I used it so many times for an outro for my old YouTube videos
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    • lightspeedblueblur
      Turtle burger
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    • FrostyTomato
      thats a tortoise
      FrostyTomato 16 jan
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    • arock12490
      ...tried. So he was already busted. Sneak level 0
      arock12490 16 jan
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    • PyRoLight107
      Imagine separating a turtles spine from it body just to shove some lettuce and tomato in there.
      PyRoLight107 16 jan
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    • Dinosore69
      Dinosore69 16 jan
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    • toasty_gecko6281
      Ive had this wallpaper for years some asshat just put a caption there. Unles this was a real thing but the picture is not
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    • AmericanLoves
      smile 2
    • RobbStarkTheYoungWolf
      That's photoshopped
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    • elreynoe
      That picture is old as Hell. My friend was taking some artistic computer class and had to make a food and animal mash-up and was pissed he couldn't make something as good as that tortoise burger
      elreynoe 16 jan
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    • heartattack
      That picture is so fake though. There's no way the shell could be that far from his head.
      heartattack 16 jan
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    • Mikescool16
      More like snack 100
      Mikescool16 16 jan
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    • AkumaOtakuSZ
      So anyone point out it’d be ded.....?
      AkumaOtakuSZ 16 jan
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    • SwimmableTomb
      Sneak not 100 considering he got caught
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    • lesagna69
      Wouldn't that kill it? The shell is apart of it's body and it holding all of it's organs....
      lesagna69 16 jan
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    • _Plutoh_
      Slow down...they said tried
      _Plutoh_ 16 jan
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    • FishandShits
      Its also 100% dead
      FishandShits 16 jan
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    • A_Fat_Turtle
      O shidd das me
      A_Fat_Turtle 16 jan
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    • CanIhelpYou
      "Sir your burger is walking away"
      CanIhelpYou 16 jan
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    • CanIhelpYou
      What turtle?
      CanIhelpYou 16 jan
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    • Datylerguy2
      Alright you sneaky mother fucker where’s my turtle
      Datylerguy2 16 jan
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    • WomenAreProperty
      My dad beats me
      smile 3
    • _TheHandOfGod_
      smile 2
    • QuillHasFavorites
      They don’t let you on with food anyway?
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    • JDawgTheGamer
      That is actually impressive. Someone give that man a job as a costume designer
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    • MisterMocha
      Either way, he’s getting eaten
      MisterMocha 16 jan
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    • lilliam
      Outstanding move
      lilliam 16 jan
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    • NoAnime115673ApexPie
      "Ey bro, can I get a bite?"
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    • suspicion
      suspicion 16 jan
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    • suspicion
      suspicion 16 jan
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    • RoachSeedGaming
      (Turtle eats lettuce off itself)
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    • YaBoi_Maxamus
      That turtle looking like a snack tbh.
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    • AmericanMemeist
      Ching Chong 100
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    • SaltyOldMan
      Tries in the U.S. "sorry sir your hamburger ways more than 2 ounces you'll have to throw it away or ewt it before boarding" "What if I told you its a turtle"
      SaltyOldMan 18 jan
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    • sparks666
      Are turtles not allowed on planes? 😢
      sparks666 18 jan
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    • roybatty82
      Keys word tries, sneak 49
      roybatty82 17 jan
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    • IvanHerr
      How he do that isn't it's back attach to the shell
      IvanHerr 17 jan
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    • FeistyKittyKate
      Please people don't think this is a turtle. It is a tortoise. There is a HUGE difference because one lives in water and the other will fucking die in water
      smile 1
    • Lion_Hunter
      If he got caught with it wouldn't it be sneak 0?
      Lion_Hunter 17 jan
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    • Shichi
      Shichi 17 jan
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    • Only4gaydudes
      More like sneak was at 50% since he got caught
      smile 1
    • Gamingpost
      Couldn’t he just say it’s his emotional support animal like every other liptard?
      Gamingpost 17 jan
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    • Sirius_Adventure
      How is that 100 sneak fool got caught
      smile 1
    • DiegosDiego
      DiegosDiego 17 jan
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    • Air_Force_Official
      I actually read this exact article in 8th grade and wrote a short essay on it
      smile 1
    • kmikkila
      You mean hamberder
      kmikkila 17 jan
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    • Nehkoin
      nice costume polenareff
      Nehkoin 17 jan
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    • premium_pornhub_comments
      That’s actually a tortoise but ok
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    • reallyreallyreallyhigh
      I wonder what a turtleburger tastes like
      smile 1
    • Spicytortulebuger
      I had that background for 3 years huh
      smile 1
    • meme_critique_
      Asia airports are full of handbag stores, cigarette stores, alcohol stores. It's strange. Because they have to check that stuff between each stop they make and not all countries allow what you bought from a previous destination... I bought OG kinder eggs.
      smile 1 reply 1
    • Loogis
      I had a friend who snuck a turtle onto a plane
      Loogis 17 jan
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    • Bl3ch
      That's a weird way of spelling Florida man
      Bl3ch 16 jan
      smile 1
    • FroggoPlatoon
      If it was sneak 100 he wouldn’t have got caught
      smile 1
    • DragoNot
      It says tries. So it didnt work?
      DragoNot 16 jan
      smile 1
    • gibby_chan69
      What turtle
      gibby_chan69 16 jan
      smile 1
      Ching chong 100
      CYSHARK 16 jan
      smile 1
    • saltypepapig
      Is it really sneak 100 if he got caught?
      saltypepapig 16 jan
      smile 1 reply 4
    • barelylogical2
      That picture was my laptop background for 2 years
      smile 1
    • The_Turtle_Of_Destiny
      my pfp
      smile 1
    • illuminati63
      “Tried to” as in he was caught, sneak 100? Pfft
      illuminati63 16 jan
      smile 1
    • DefinitelyBait
      This is litteraly an immortal meme format
      smile 1
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