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    • He’s also unvaccinated
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    • Lived in Chicago for 25plus years. Never so much as heard a gun shot. The violence is in a small neighborhood and is pretty fucked up. If anything make memes about how segregated Chicago is in 2018
      sbr721 20 dec
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    • That lake shore drive view be slappin tho
      NukleoN 19 dec
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    • Actually funny thing whenever I go to my uncle's house in Chicago me and my cousin shoot each other with BB guns and who ever crys first is awarded the Fucking pussy trophy
      DaNkMeMeSlU 19 dec
    • I’m from Chicago and let me tell you that shit is accurate
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    • Remember when LA used to be gang capital of the world
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    • Im not sure what this has to do with the meme but I got a popup ad while reading this that was just Dillion Harper getting fucked in the ass
      ImTyler 19 dec
      5 2
    • But guns are illegal in Chicago doesn’t that mean no one can get them?
      MiniYoda 19 dec
      5 6
    • Afterwards the be crying on the news after he dies saying “He was such a good boy and was turning his life around.” Like yea that’s why he was in a shootout with a drug dealer.
      5 1
    • Kids in chicago write their will as an elementary school project
    • A friendly reminder that Chicago also has some of the strictest gun laws.
      Drifter96 19 dec
      5 9
    • Anyone that doesn't have shoot outs with their Chicago homies is a pussy
    • Not true the plant would’ve been stolen
      Memif 19 dec
    • Not possible. Chicago has very strict gun laws. They should know that’s illegal activity and stop at once.
      bishop_hell 19 dec
      6 1
    • *when you grew up by chicago*
      KOSTCOMODE 19 dec
      3 1
    • Haha I live in Chicago and in the past 2 weeks 3 different schools have had threats and last week they pulled a body out of the river behind my school
      3 6
    • 6,000,000 people die from shoot outs in Chicago daily.
    • More CNN fake news because Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country
      3 5
    • Switch Chicago out for literally any other school in the us lol
    • Wow that means a lot...especially since I’m from the west side
      3 12
    • Even though they have some of the toughest gun laws in the country and aren't permitted to have a firearm
      epicmiller 19 dec
      5 8
    • I came to see how many people in their nice 3 story house in a gated community pretend they know or care about Chicago despite always using it in an argument.The answer is all of them
      Lacunosa 19 dec
      3 2
    • With their illegally acquired firearms*
      nate016 19 dec
      3 1
    • Southern moms watching their kid shoot up the new black kid in the neighborhood
      thezekroman 19 dec
      4 2
    • Ha! Classic black people
    • Chicago is the only pvp enabled area in America
      3 2
    • Big facts
    • No that can’t be right... Chicago has some of the strictest gun control regulation in the U.S.
      3 1
    • It be like that sometimes
      AsianCaillou 19 dec
    • We actually have proxy wars in Chicago
      DACheezit 19 dec
    • My mom ain't no bitch, she shoots with me
      itzHuey 19 dec
    • Thank you to all the Chicago citizens saying this is true but we already knew it was true
      RvB_Felix 19 dec
    • Its true
      2 1
    • I'm from Glenview, this is accurate
      2 1
    • I live in Chicago 👍👍👍
      Jasontrollz 19 dec
    • "Gun free zones work"
      Flintlock 19 dec
      2 4
    • Or knife fights? Or good old fashioned brawls? Back in my senior year there was a massive gang war on the soccer field (Outsiders style), ended with like 30 arrests. Best part is it interrupted a Peace Rally
    • Chirac
      EL_homie13 19 dec
    • Correction, *Black Moms*
      Monemvasia 19 dec
    • She's remembering how she met her husband. She was stitching his stab wounds from the fight. Good times
      siman3of3 19 dec
    • I'm gloria borger
    • I’m from Chicago and it do be like that sometimes
      2 2
    • Good ole Chiraq
      ajcks 19 dec
    • My ChIlD wOuLd NeVeR pUlL a GuN oN aNyOnE!
      Snipe508 19 dec
    • But... but... guns are illegal in Chicago so how could they possible use them
      Rolos 19 dec
    • Chicago moms seeing all that gun control legislation
    • dang that's how it is in some parts tbh
    • So proud of my lil queen
    • *niggbors
    • MetalCats 19 dec
    • content not available more
      Montana__med 19 dec
    • TruuBluu 19 dec
    • Idk what y’all talking about Chicago ain’t even that bad
      2 1
    • That’s not possible Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the US
      pileofleaf 19 dec
      2 11
    • Just don’t go south, you’ll be good👌🏻
    • chicago isnt even that bad been here all my life. 59th where you at?
      Deadmemebaby 19 dec
      2 5
    • DP28 19 dec
    • "I'm so glad we've got some of the strongest gun control laws to keep my children safe"
      donfoxo 19 dec
    • Fun fact: 28% of Americans are retarded
    • ErnieHentai 19 dec
    • they should never have cracked down on the Italians. At least they kept things in order.
    • i mean you’re not wrong
      catman3327 23 dec
    • Can’t make fun of gang violence in Chicago unless you live in the area tho
      Marcus110599 22 dec
    • They can’t do that! Guns are banned!
      adeedaas 20 dec
    • Stop beating around the bush. It's black people. Blacks do that. You didn't have a problem calling us out but you spare the monkeys?
      Whenis 20 dec
      1 3
    • Tbh if you weren’t in a gang neighborhood everyone in the neighborhood got along and chilled and stuff. kids and adults
    • Nigward
    • HAHA! Democrats......
    • As long as you're not walking around looking like you want to pick a fight around the two-six area late at night you're gonna be fine.
      V__K 19 dec
    • Those came out in like 1980. They were called giggle sticks. I got kicked out of a presentation of nutritz suite for using one and suspended. Classic.
      tipsypyro 19 dec
      1 1
    • If you get into an argument in West Philly your mom sends you to Beverly hills
      jloy5551 19 dec
      1 1
    • Chiraq
    • As a chicagoan I can confirm this is true, I just came from one actually. Just cleaning this uzi, I have another shootout like in 1 hour. Going to be using my ar-15 for that one. Got to love my city
      1 1
    • *slams x*
      Indiisgo 19 dec
      1 1
    • Chicago isn’t the Meerut capital of the country anymore. It’s Saint Louis, and then you have other city’s like New Orleans etc.
      2 1
    • Love people who don't live in Chicago think that everyone is shot at age 10. It's not dangerous as long as you don't go in 1/2 neighborhoods which is true for all large cities
      jewishdragon 19 dec
      1 3
    • Wow bet he doesn't win
      queenkunt 19 dec
    • D e t r o i t
      Death_Meow 19 dec
      1 1
    • Wholesome
      Wotcher 19 dec
    • I live in chicago, and there’s actually a school shooting threat today
      LordSaladBar 19 dec
      1 5
    • Knee grows
      Origional 19 dec
    • Looks like Chicago too.. btw, Chicago and all the other cluster fuck cities are run by democrats.
      GoodSirWoods 19 dec
      1 9
    • Boys will be boys
      zacklay 19 dec
    • Lol, "Make guns harder to obtain" since when do criminals follow the law?
      Freeway206 19 dec
    • It burrrns
    • I live near Chicago and can confirm this is accurate
      caveman0303 19 dec
      1 10
    • lol are you fucking serious?
      StephanieK 19 dec
      1 6
    • I only witnessed two deaths by shooting in nine years in Chicago. That’s pretty light.
      1 9
    • You misspelled Detroit.
      Taconator 19 dec
    • NFC north champions
    • Lol and they have some of the most strict gun laws. Checkmate liberals
      2 5
    • Actually they are devastated like any other mother locked in poverty watching their son become a tool of the NRA
      drink2much 19 dec
      2 2
    • That's where I'm going for college
      Lozteza 19 dec
      1 12
    • Notice how there’s no dad in the picture... and when the son dies, mom is the first to shout, “my son wuz an angel! he dindu nuffin!”
      prostituto 19 dec
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