• Central crican Stiigless Bees
have been cultivaigd
Mayans far thousatds of yea years
The beesarere as pets
and their iives hung is and arouid the Same hives have been recorded as lasting aver 80 yoars. beine nassed down through generations.
Macllonaid ves hanged in
1752 hut rogaaedd canseiausness zfler hnins, takeu ip the dissen: theise. Wen the sirgean eant to dissect his tady
discovered the 'supposedly dend man sitting unriegt on the op
fable. Le prompily bludgeanad
Macitanaid to death with mallel
Recent polling
t ingicsted that 35% of US.
siorkers would willinely
forgna substantial pay raise
f ifheschage forsei their dieect suporyisor fired
pofio viclimin leniessce kept was alive ina metal tube ios usasly 60 years onty die when a povier outage shut her iron hin,
fale inDisaeyiand's junale Cruiscis its fully functianing ceosystem and no longer requires.
In 2013a Chicage man told police vho pulled him aver
Fl gonna be wit with.
Niave a pin in my
ass." The cops then fouid
Imily blunt poxteags womailvho unabie ta have a vitild in the mavie the Woods. Ironically,
Blut was actually pregnant duriny fining.
This sesulted in multiple
Silferent techniques to
hide her preeeaney
Ten lays after the Chernoby!
(isasier. further risk of massive thermal explosion was idcnlified: Three een. neve known'as "The Chemabyi divers" voluntested to seim througt pooted water under
Icaked sector tofind ant- release the satety valves. 1hey; fev ays lates dic radiation expostire.
When Scottish psychiatrist
ROD. Laing faced naked schizophrenic woman rocking silently to and fro in padded cell. he toox off is
Clothes and sat next to her, rocking to the same rhythm until she spoke for the first time in mantis
Marlon Brando was in an acting class that as told to act ike chickens and that a taicleal boinb was about ta fall them. on Most of the class
} clucked calmly wildly, and but Brando pretended to sat lay
3 caluly and pretended to bay ait egg. When Stella Adler asked why he said "I'ma a chicken, vinat do knos absut bombs?"
Rashida Junes feam Parks
Finil Recreatinn heoanie
Trignus with: Tupae Shakug eritinga leiter in
"as liter sister betar
Holding the steering wheel at 10 and
-Dubal is biiding the
'arld's first indagr city, which will be 48 million square feet (4.5 mifivn squane ieters),
To demonstrate the sharpness.
of stone tools, archaeologist
Oir-Adrien Hannus elected to have major surgery done with
'obsidian blades rather than
'surgical steel scalpels'
Obsidian is the sharpest: substance known to mankind.
fian Barry
Thomas Jefferson argued that because no generation hasarightto bind subsequent generations, the
Constitution should expire
PGRL deverted fends for gas line improvements to executive pay
'and bonuses. Shortly thereafter a section thatwouldve been ioplaced blew up destroying houses and killing 8 people.
film Doxma, Kevin Sinith werned Jason Mewes that he needed to be on point duc ta the invofvernent of reaf actors, suchas Alan Ricknan. As a resull, dees meimorized his.
'and every uther character's lialogue the screenplay because didnt 'want to piss off that Rickiiar dude,"
Wniho first "realvorld
~ transaetion with bitenin," a progranimer gsit 10,000
aileoing or age aa oi' pizeas, Four years later, thase biteoins were ori $5.12 million
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