• Can sex doll cook your meals? Can sex doll have your kids? Can sex doll wash your clothes? Can sex doll make your home? What's it? You'll are really triggered TBH ain't no sensible man that is buying that
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    • Netorare
      Twitter is simultaneously the worst and best thing to happen
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      Women contradicting themselves be like
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    • DrDankBud
      Women: This dildo is amazing it feels great. Men: This Sex Doll is amazing it feels great. Women:
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    • Im_the_big_Daddy
      Sex Dolls don't bitch. Sex dolls don't have periods. Sex dolls don't cheat.
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    • nosimaj4
      Sex Doll doesn't yell at me when I ask what she's hungry for. Sex Doll can't get pregnant. Sex Doll is love. Sex Doll is life
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    • pheonix080
      Newsflash: She doesnt do any of those things. Also, she cant do the sex dolls job either.
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    • Nothardenoughgrabthenut
      Can a sex doll accuse you of rape take the kids and your money I don't think so but they can't cook
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    • LuciusBoye69
      No but a sex doll won't bitch at me 24/7.
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    • TheAlrightyGod
      Shit nigga, sex doll can’t do that but I sure as hell can. As if we need y’all bitches to half ass cook, clean and take care of our shit only to bitch for the rest of our lives smh my head
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    • Zucc_give_da_Succ
      Also sex dolls don’t bitch
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    • BadassMercy
      As a woman I fucking hate feminists. I'd love to care for a home, cook, clean and some basic homesteading activities. The man provides the house it's going to my job to make it a home.
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    • ammolife
      Buys dildo “ I sWeAr iTs dIFfReNt “
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    • alamandr
      I can cook my meals, wash my clothes, and clean my home. I don’t want kids and sex bot 3000 can’t get pregnant that alone makes it better. Also it vibrates, no woman I know vibrates.
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    • Midnight_Dusk
      A sex doll wouldn’t have a child aborted because she doesn’t want to take care of it
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    • TexasTyrantrum
      This chick just used "you'll" instead of y'all, and still tried using "aint" ... this is a crime against the south and imma have to pull ya card, ma'am.
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    • Stasi_Alt_Del
      Fuck men and their *shuffles cards* fake pussies
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    • nazidogg_bestdogg
      Bitch i can do all of those by myself tbh if you a man and you dont learn how to clean, and wash, and cook then you are not really a man. No man actually needs a woman, im sorry bro's but if you get pussy whipped because you cant cook then you are a slave
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    • 9BangGoingOut
      Women be like: *contradiction noises*
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    • Roxas13XIII
      Sex dolls also don't wake up and decide they don't love you anymore and make false sexual assault allegations to which you don't even know until you hear it from your friends who then go to her side and don't even ask for your side.
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    • ogGL
      Bet she has a vibrator. Can a vibrator protect your family. Can a vibrator provide for your family. Can a vibrator financially support you. Can a vibrator put food on the table
      ogGL 10d
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    • skydnkey
      Can a dildo get you the clothes you wear? Can a dildo get you the food you prepare? Can a dildo can take you out anywhere? No
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    • thisOneOtherGuy
      With the right software she can
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      Can sex doll use grammar correctly?
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    • likemboobies
      Can a sex doll cry, lie, and call the cops? Can a sex doll break your stuff? Can a sex doll give you bad sex?
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    • Misaka_Senpai
      A sex doll won't take half your money
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    • netronantheoffencive
      Actually...china is working on one that can clean and do basic chores
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    • GunFuMaster
      Sex doll won't take half your shit and leave lel
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    • KR7557
      Seriously, a women can have the pussy smasher 9000 dildo, but I get me a simple pocket pussy and the world loses their shit. Smh
      KR7557 10d
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    • Methallica
      Sex doll doesn’t divorce you after 2 years and take half your shit
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    • the_dildozer76
      No clue why these women are so threatened by sex bots. The kind of dudes buying them aren’t the kind of dudes they’d give a chance anyway. Literally seething at the idea of a man being happy.
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    • Koala_T
      Anyone else have a stroke trying to read "You'll are really"?
      Koala_T 10d
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    • The_Frozen_One
      Well, they won't bitch 24/7, tell us what to do, or take half your shit when they leave you for the trashcan down the street.
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    • dont_subscribe_to_me
      Sex dolls don’t make excuses
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    • DefinitelyNotFBIAgent
      And yet women will buy dildos and vibrators and think nothing of it
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    • tiffsMan
      Sex doll doesn't complain about sex doll. So there's that.
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    • claymiller375
      Feminism rate drops to 0%
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    • KelseyAmazing
      Nah, it's selective women. They ruined it for us too. We can't be that type of wife or mom now even if we want to be. Everything depends on two incomes. Thanks feminists.
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    • sixtysspiderman
      With a sex doll it won't accuse you of cheating when it finds a hair on your shirt
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    • oldmanKen
      No. But neither can my wife. A sex doll, on the other hand, does not overspend, talk, demand attention, and actually puts out more than once a month.
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    • UniversePlan
      Does dildo work overtime to buy you nice things?
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    • Im_A_Magikarp
      Women don't do that for us anyway
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    • DixieNormus214
      Why did she say "what's it" i know its a conjunction of what and is but wtf
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    • moustache_comb
      All of the sudden women want to be women again, thank you sexdoll.
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    • Blade83
      So women can have dildos but we are not allowed to have sex dolls...right.
      Blade83 10d
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    • Smithawits
      “It hurt itself in its confusion.”
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    • AnimalEars
      Not like they did that shit in the first place
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    • gbaby5
      Does a sex doll cheat on u , does it ruin ur life, does. It’s cost life time payments ...
      gbaby5 10d
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    • paradoxinfinit3
      Women: *have dildos and vibrators for litteral decades* men: *create sex dolls* women: WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. YOU DON'T DESERVE TO PLEASURE YOURSELF
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    • whoTHcares
      For the sake of argument: 1. Just got a whole cookbook of “single guy meals” 2. Fuck kids. Who needs a financial leach for 18+ years 3. I’ve washed my own clothes since I was eight 4. “Home is where the heart is” My heart is in my chest and any bitch that tries to change that is gonna catch hands
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    • nutbuttap
      Feminism : only when convenient
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    • SB63
      What triggers me the most is the grammar of the first person
      SB63 10d
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    • IConsumePosterior
      Engineers can probably make it do 3 of these 4 things with enough time.
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    • cjohnhosuper
      I mean they can do all that besides the kid thing they have a autonomous ones but what if I dont want kids and all of a sudden when we like we don't need a woman they wanna talk gender roles lol
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    • ShankYouVeryMuch
      They can’t do those things, you’re right. You know what else they can’t do? Complain
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    • uncle_touchys_basement
      I'll bet there are sex dolls capable of writing complete, and grammatically correct sentences. And THAT makes my PP hard.
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    • Spike_McPimpin
      Women complain and demonize men, until they realize they can be replaced by machines
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    • TylertheCrusader
      Women are basically sex dolls already they both lie there during sex and do nothing to contribute outside of sex either, the only difference is the real woman will cost more money and end up cheating on ya or leaving and taking your kids and half of everything you own
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    • JDawgTheGamer
      “It will never show you true love.” Bitch, neither will you.
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    • ThelocalMemeDealer
      Women really can’t be happy without having to nag on something every 10 fucking seconds.
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    • Armghan
      It hurts itself in confusion
      Armghan 10d
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    • QueenCarter16
      those same women prolly have multiple toys. And I dont see their vibes making no one a damn omelette
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    • Dodoboi
      She really said you'll instead of ya'll
      Dodoboi 10d
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    • Dan_the_duct_tape_ball
      They my not love us back but neither do women so it's the same thing just one is quieter
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    • uncircumcisedTeddiursa
      Just stick a fleshlight in a pokemon plush. Way cheaper and way hotter
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    • Panzydance
      Can a dildo protect you from home invasion? Can it kill the roach? Can it open that jar for you? Can it work 60 hours a week to feed you and the children? Etc
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    • Shassin
      You will are all really triggered.
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    • SubZero2188
      A sex doll doesn’t get up in the morning and decide it doesn’t love you anymore
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    • shootmekid
      Do dildos pay ur bills
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    • _JustHentai_
      This bitch has no grammar
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    • APassingThought
      A woman who acknowledges that women tend to be the caretakers isn’t a hypocrite. She’s just stating facts, regardless of her own position. You can’t hold what some SJWs say to all women, because that is a misrepresentation of reality.
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    • Sparten593
      Its not about them being able to. Its about them WANTING to. So does a sex doll WANT to do chores? No. Does a woman? No.
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    • Focix
      God damn. What's with everyone being so illiterate? People have gotten so fucking dumb.
      Focix 9d
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    • zionistgoyim
      Women are honestly worse than black people
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    • Velociraptor_
      A lot of women actually want to be traditional housewives but they get shunned by the progressive culture nowadays which is pretty ironic
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    • RunningOutOfNameIdeas
      A sex doll can't make my clothes but it won't make annoying tweets at night telling me what I can and cannot do
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    • Flame_Emerald
      I don't care if guys don't date me to have sex dolls, that means I'll have a better chance having a girlfriend. Oh well, big fucking deal
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    • MrBucket0
      I'm triggered because she used you'll and not y'all
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    • Luci_
      I can pass on all that shit. I dont want kids, I've never been with a girl that can cook better than I can, doing your own laundry isn't that much of a chore. Less flowers and expensive furniture everywhere? I can hang game posters and my knife collection on the walls? Dont get engaged or married.
      Luci_ 10d
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    • Helker
      When women have sex toys its "cute"
      Helker 10d
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    • yuyuy
      Wtf am I reading, that woman is an illiterate dumbass
      yuyuy 10d
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    • SteveParker
      Haha sex doll never has a headache, sex doll doesn't talk back, and for the women out there, us men are fully able to cook and clean for ourselves, so don't over value yourselves girls.
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    • Dungeon_Maester
      We want it because women do none of those things, won't put out, and require extra effort to support emotionally and financially. A bot does none of the listed objectives, but it requires no emotional upkeep, minimal financial upkeep, and puts out whenever tf I feel like it
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    • thedanksmoker
      Complaining about all that shit but as soon u ask them to do it “its not ther job”
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    • ThisMemeIsDead
      When the bitch don’t work and you’re bringing in all of the money going to work everyday to provide then yea it’s her job to make sure the house is taken care of and there’s a plate of food to come home to, if you both work then share the duties. Simple as that
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    • ImsoFunnyHaHaHa
      *buy sex doll* *save money from not having girlfriend* *hire an illegal to do your cooking & cleaning*
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    • AnimalEars
      That’s why we must advance in robotics and ai so we can create the perfect woman
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    • YeetTown
      Maybe if she spoke coherent english
      smile 4 reply 2
    • AjaxOutlaw72
      I do my own laundry, clean my own house, and cook my own food. A sex doll is just luxury item
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    • BasiliskBoi
      Thought I was having a stroke
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    • Alpha_Victor
      It’s y’all not you’ll, what fucking idiot thought of that?
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    • Did_I_ask_
      I saw “cos sex doll” and immediately thought of trig functions. Guys I have a fucking college test tmmrw In Calculus 2 and the Professor is an absolute twat wish me luck :/
      smile 4 reply 3
    • unclesampson
      That sentence that lady said was one of the hardest things to read
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