• C3 Jeremy Clarkson Says He Can't Be Homophobic Because He Watches Lesbian Porn It's a simple spell but quite unbreakable.
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    • DickBiggler
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    • TheSol
      Is it just me or is lesbian porn boring
      TheSol 6d
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    • Yudy
      Jeremy is my fucking hero! Rock on British car man
      Yudy 5d
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    • Toshinori_Allmight
      Jeremy has offended everyone for the sake of comedy, he legit just doesnt care.
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    • theDoomsdayClock
      My step dad says he’s not homophobic because he’s not scared of gay people, he just hates them.
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    • JustAnAverageB24
      Clarkson is one of the best, humorous people out there.
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    • CocaColalicious
      “I saw a film on the internet about lesbians once, it was very interesting” - Jeremy Clarkson
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    • thedisableddominican
      He also drove a Jeep Wrangler that one episode
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    • 1997SKIDOOMXZ440
      Jeremy is a god
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    • boomblox
      Fuck yeah Jeremy
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    • ForeignDonuts
      I meeean, he’s right tho, unless ppl wanna start sayin it’s not the same and st that point it’s sexism
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    • Daniel_the_bard
      Jeremy Clarkson is my spirit animal, lmao.
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    • logicalthinkin
      If you watch lesbian porn, then you can’t be against gay sex.... right?
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    • Zofu
      Remind that the grand tour is the best show
      Zofu 5d
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    • Arcin1234
      Yet he drove a gay car all across Columbia blasting “it’s raining men,” wearing short shorts, pink shirts, and lipstick.
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    • YaBoiBoosted
      Another reason to love Clarkson
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    • JS_the_Canuck
      I don’t get it when people have different views on lesbians, I always view them in 1080p HD
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    • Vallis
      Idk if this is real, but that is something he would say lol
      Vallis 5d
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    • Croisssant
      Lesbian porn is straighter than straight porn for guys because you ain’t looking at a mans dick and that’s gay
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    • TheDriftyLlama
      Jeremy Clarkson is a fucking god
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    • garfunkulusmaximus
      Shame on whoever tried to attack that man. Him and James and Hammond are my favorite British people on this planet.
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    • Awacsslauter
      gays and lesbians hate being discriminated but yet they’re quick to discriminate against straight people who aren’t into that culture
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    • OverTheFuckingRoad
      Y'all gotta search for the good shit tho. Tribbing, lesbian deep kissing (usually Brazilian is best) some other transcended tier shit I dare not mention
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    • Supreme_Sandwich
      If you watch straight porn your gay because you also jacking off to the dick
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    • TheBumbleBeeTrap
      I love May, Hammond and Clarkson ❤
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    • GoldenRetriever
      *How do you view lesbian relationships* In 4k
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    • HannahMontana
      Being called a homophobe, or sexist, or racist etc are all just buzzwords people call you to end a conversation. Being called any of them is a sure sign you’re living a virtuous life
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    • Fahkeet
      Idk if this is true but that is something clarkson would totally say which makes this even funnier
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    • Splicky
      Homosexuality is a perfectly natural, beautiful thing. When it's between two hot chicks.
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    • JDM_Texan
      Jeremy clarkson is the best human being alive
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    • lewdwaifu_is_subhuman
      Jeremy was the best host on Top Gear, change my mind
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    • ThotPol1ce
      I love Jeremy clarkson
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    • TheSpoi
      Bring back the good top gear
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    • iamapersonnotarobot
      He’s not anti-gay he’s just not into gay porn. He likes girls and lesbian porn is girls x2. Makes sense.
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    • Skyttles
      Jezza goes beast mode
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    • Mitsu3000GT
      For the story on this, on a recent episode of their show The Grand Tour, he drove a Jeep and they made fun of him for it saying it was one it the top vehicles in the LGBT community and they were just making jokes about it the entire time. People are too sensitive nowadays. Calm down.
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    • im_accountable
      Nah just a hypocrite
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    • ImFabulous
      If he punched a producer and got fired from one of the most popular TV shows, you bet your gay ass that he doesn't care about hurting your gay feelings.
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    • Thumb_Man
      Bro I’m watch TGT right now the fuck
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    • IWillPostSteveHarveyPorn
      Lmao I love how people love lesbians but hate gay guys
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    • VisSantana
      I love this man. Top gear is absolute shit ever since they hired that washed up actor,random black dude and cringe podcast host
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    • Jeremy_Clarkson
      It is the best.
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    • Lostforce
      Lesbian porn is gay
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    • AL_GEBRA_1
      People have been calling me homophobic lately but guess what retards, I'm in my home right now so how can I be homophobic.
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    • PaganiAutomobili
      That’s why Clarkson is one of the best
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    • champsweet16
      They make jokes. A gay joke isnt being homophobic.
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    • FirasDrirish
      Their test driver is lesbian so leave this legend and his mates alone
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    • 9268
      Jeremy clarkson is so controversial but so brave. He has history with saying things lol.
      9268 6d
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    • cornhole_russian_stallion
      Jeremy clarkson is a legend
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    • tecatespecialist
      Jeremy Clarkson is one of the few shreds of dignity and glory britain still has
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    • Quiznosstillsucks
      lot of people dont like jeremy clarkson lol. I love that man though, top gear is so great
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    • AppleAss
      I love Jeremy Clarkson, he's not fake and just says what he thinks
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    • GigsGilgamesh
      That is really something I can easily see him saying
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    • AllThingsSpace
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    • Windwaker5000
      I love the old top gear
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    • EmrysAfterDark
      I honestly have no reason to doubt he'd say that
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    • BuddyMcSparky
      Leave him the FUCK alone no one cares about his politics he's a god
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    • Pinnka
      Clarckson, the only man to joke about suicide on tv, talk about porn, and publicly show it too.
      Pinnka 6d
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    • Assault
      He does not fear the gays the gays fear him
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    • PuertoRicanStyL
      So, did the word "homophobic" get a new definition? Doesn't a 'phobia' of something mean to be afraid of it?
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    • OwOhhhhhhh
      Women are more likely to have bisexual tendencies, so next time you here a Karen say “I hate lesbians” tell her you know that she’s had thoughts and there’s no point in lying
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    • An_Absolute_Fucking_Unit
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    • Vaun
      Vaun 5d
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    • somegreenguy
      The whole cast from grand tour is a gift from god
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    • TommyCookee
      Hes said this on top gear years ago. It was a funny joke, stop trying to dig up shit from the past or so help me God ill bring up slavery.
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    • JustxAxBoat
      Jeremy Clarkson is a fucking living legend.
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    • CatMan9000
      That's my boy! They may have fired him from Top Gear but he made another show and he's still kicking!
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    • redivider
      A god among men
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      I love Jeremy Because he could care less about what people think about what he says it's hilarious
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    • Jeremy_Clarkson
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    • ItsStillPasta
      I'm not afraid of gays, I just hate the faggy ones.
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    • TheAvatarAang
      Absolute madlad. Love him
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    • Kappycake
      We can all agree that while he might not have actually said that, he definitely would
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    • Thicc_fila
      Anyone else watch The Grand Tour?
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    • Denbu
      Lesbian porn is usually boring because it’s 2 straight girls awkwardly smashing tacos while fake moaning
      Denbu 6d
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    • lmaookay
      Why is it weird when girls watch gay porn but totally fine and the norm when guys watch lesbian porn
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    • NikiWantsToMakeCarsLauda
      Jeremy Clarkson is great
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    • I_Love_Ducks
      Lesbian porn is highly inaccurate
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    • BwoahKimi7
      Jeremy Clarkson is one of my favourite people he just doesn't give a shit
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    • mstblue
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    • Therealandonlybubby
      You back of Jeremy Clarkson!
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    • Great001
      Hah I watch gay porn
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    • Nox_of_Rome
      And on that bombshell... I go to the next meme.
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    • mikethetike
      They better not cancel his show on amazon prime, like they did on Top Gear
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    • Specific0cean
      Of course he’s not homophobic. He just likes to make gay jokes you sensitive shits.
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    • HardwareHank
      Clarkson you infantile pillock
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    • BuddyitsDerek
      Is it more gay to watch lesbian porn or watch straight porn if you're a dude?.... top ten questions homophobes can't answer
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    • fthis
      Fuckin love that guy
      fthis 6d
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    • Jameslamez
      I miss top gear
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    • GayGenocide
      Kill all gays
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    • Danger5
      That man is a god
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    • TheTraplordSam
      Oh I miss his show of top gear
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    • Thatoneguyyouknow_
      This dude is just too old to give a fuck anymore
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