• by the sun. unaware of the trials and tribulations of
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    • Wild_Cock
      My cat died today and I'm really fuckin depressed. F for respect
      Wild_Cock 21 dec
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    • Imagine verified
      I need to talk
      Imagine 21 dec
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    • Micro_World
      You don't know the life of that rock. Do you know how much shit it had to endure to be that small and smooth. And not just in your pathetic 80yr life time. It took shit for millions of years. It started out a massive, strong and rugged bolder. Now look at it. You ain't shit compared to that rock.
      Micro_World 21 dec
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    • JustYourAverageSavage
      Note that a smoothed rock on the sand is made by being battered with really roughs waves. Only the roughest waves make the smoothest rocks. Weather the storm, and one day you will be a smooth rock of a person.
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    • Tech64
      Uhh the smooth rock spent years getting tossed and turned and thrown against other rocks by the ocean currents, that’s how it became smooth in the first place. And then some human jackass grabs it and skips it back into the ocean.
      Tech64 21 dec
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    • ExsusFade
      I wished for someone's cat to die today. F for respect
      ExsusFade 21 dec
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    • steaklord
      A rock on the beach unaware of a sediment life.
      steaklord 21 dec
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    • TitanPicture
      That smooth rock sitting on the beach was once a coarse, large boulder. Over time weather eroded it. Shoved it into a river where it spent years tumbling and breaking until finally it made it's way into the ocean. From there, it found it's way to the beach where you can find it today.
      TitanPicture 21 dec
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    • JosueMedina
      Smooth rocks are that way due to being beaten down and rubbed by rain and grains of sand. It is mistreated slowly over time. A smooth rock has been through a lot. Take time to say thank you to the rock for enduring and pledge to be like the rock. Still there after the storm! 🤣
      JosueMedina 21 dec
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    • Xx_Deja_Vu_xX
      The rock went through hella shit to be smooth so I mean they feel us
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    • can_die_please
      You can be anything you want Its fuckin 2018
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    • ChipsDubbo
      I completely agree. Life is literally too much for my meat computer. I want to experience an eternity of peace even if it meant doing nothing forever and loosening my attachment to the corporeal
      ChipsDubbo 22 dec
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    • Codem151
      Did this remind anyone else of Robert California from The Office?
      Codem151 21 dec
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    • cnwes
      Thought the life of that rocks sound great, in reality it is quite sad. The wind and water hit the rock and cause it to slowly break and the rock can’t do anything to change his fate, but just wait
      cnwes 21 dec
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    • Darth_Bane_VHIF_GHIF
      A rock only becomes smooth after it is worn down by the elements, or dare I say, the "trials and tribulations" you say it doesn't know
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    • ac83
      but do you know the back story of the rock, jagged and rough? it endured years of erosion and being washed back and forth against the perilous waves, to end up perfect and peaceful. you must endure this life's perilous waves to be perfect and peaceful.... Or just eat pizza
      ac83 21 dec
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    • IncognitoModeSavesLives
      Wouldn't the smooth rock know all those struggles cause that's how it got smooth
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    • AquafinaWater
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    • GoofyTuna
      A rock does not become smooth without many waves crashing on it. Likewise in life, we cannot get to a place of comfort without first overcoming our waves.
      GoofyTuna 22 dec
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    • Minkfister
      A smooth rock resting on the beach has gone 1000's of years being bashed and tossed in the tides of time. This is probably not it's last resting place as shores change. It will then go back into the process of its fate until one day it will be the soft sand it was resting on so many times.....
      Minkfister 22 dec
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    • ShrekMcFarquad
      This really butters my croissant
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    • TheSquidyBoi
      He wanna get fucking vored
      TheSquidyBoi 22 dec
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    • vangrahamage
      Sometimes when I'm bored I'll go in the kitchen, curl up on the floor, and pretend I'm a crumb.
      vangrahamage 22 dec
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    • Little_Red_Elephant
      At first I thought they just responded to their own post and then I was worried for them
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    • Jacqui_Miophe
      Smooth rock didn’t start out that way.
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    • Thotty_fingers
      I wish i was a dog.
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    • _BiggspiritsestInPeace_
      Why do they have the same pfp
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    • LaughingGoddess
      Smooth rocks are retired after a long life of abuse and hard times.
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    • wilmjk
      But the life span of a croissant is short, especially around me
      wilmjk 21 dec
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    • daveicaria
      The rock’s only smooth because of hundreds of years of torture sit your ass down
      daveicaria 21 dec
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    • DjJazzyChip
      I too wish to be eaten by Carl Wheezer
      DjJazzyChip 21 dec
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    • Crujido
      That smooth rock wasn't always smooth and on that beach. It likely lost a lot of itself and had a brutal journey to that beach.
      Crujido 21 dec
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    • MahCwoissant
      Im here for you
      MahCwoissant 21 dec
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    • EMlSTER
      Life has always been a joke and the punch line is man.
      EMlSTER 21 dec
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    • LordTatersonTheThird
      My life is currently all about the fact that I'm drinking at 1 in the afternoon because I can't afford anything else and its cold.
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    • SpideyAHGamerYT
      Next feature beware headphone users, like so people can see
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    • PetMeImFluffy
      Do you not know what those smooth stones have gone through to get so smooth
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    • catpoker
      I've considered the social ramifications of becoming a pineapple, but ultimately decided against it, because I'm sure some prick would try to put me on a pizza, and I'd be unable to do anything to stop such an injustice.
      catpoker 21 dec
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    • ultimate_niggy
      Ye you wanna be a beach rock then wait till some kid comes along and YEET Throws you right into the ocean
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    • turtleskys9753
      @ least then you'd have a chance of being inside a beautiful woman
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    • MisSpooks
      Till someone grabs it and yeets it into the water.
      MisSpooks 21 dec
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    • Woodyhoodie
      But that rock has been battered by millions of years of weather, wind and water. Like all things smooth and soft, it is hard earned
      Woodyhoodie 21 dec
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    • MrLegendslayer
      What about a baguette?
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    • Outlaw_1822
      I wish i was a domestic dog and could just fucking sleep all day
      Outlaw_1822 21 dec
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    • Nerdpokalypse
      When they realize the rock is only smooth cause it endured the violent waves and came out the other side. Symbolic isn't it
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    • ButterNutters
      Yo, quick question, can I say the n word
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    • Vintasi
      The rock does have something to worry about. It started out as a big rocko and has slowly lost its edge into a smooth rock and has to live with knowing it will eventually erode away into sand and not know what it feels like. It feels constant pain and it slowly loses its "self"
      Vintasi 24 dec
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    • NovaDozier
      NovaDozier 24 dec
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    • dead_meme_emporium
      V O R E
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    • Indianandnotproud
      Next feature is earrape don't turn the volume up
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    • Doogey1
      Until someone comes along a kicks you
      Doogey1 22 dec
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    • DruQks
      everyone croissanstantly eating your ass?
      DruQks 22 dec
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    • ScoutObsvr0861
      Until someone yeets that rock into the water
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    • Sea_doggo69
      You wanna be eaten by Carl? That sounds wrong but ok
      Sea_doggo69 22 dec
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    • MenSycho
      Why is croissant spelled like that
      MenSycho 22 dec
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    • the_wrong_stereotype
      Stahhppp you almost made me drop my croissant
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    • michaelscarne13
      Can I use this in an essay? Literally asking permission
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    • BunnyStalin
      liepard is a shit pokemon
      BunnyStalin 22 dec
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    • FaUn_Acheron
      Except a smooth stone would've had to been worn down for years to get that smooth
      FaUn_Acheron 22 dec
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    • GeneralPooh
      Nope, he’s just high af
      GeneralPooh 22 dec
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    • H0110W
      Watch out for dropping
      H0110W 22 dec
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    • Politico
      Unabomber niggas be like
      Politico 21 dec
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    • DrJohnAZoidberg
      Ah yes. The "life" of a rock
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    • Unitoof
      why did i laugh like a fucking idiot?
      Unitoof 21 dec
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    • ASaucyWench
      A smooth rock had to go through years of abuse from the elements before it became smooth and pretty
      ASaucyWench 21 dec
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    • killerinthewoods
      Random sentence day huh
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    • Fountain_of_Euthenasia
      A croissant resting on the beach...
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    • wheresmykeys282V2
      The rock spent a thousand years being thrown about by the ocean and kicked across the sand to become so smooth.
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    • yourboizucc
      I wish I was anything other than a sprite cranberry because than I would live longer
      yourboizucc 21 dec
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    • smelly_hobo_chode
      Or a meteor or somethin that be cool
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    • AbstractRobot
      We are all multicellular sentient vessels who don't chose their spawn point, and we become shaped and conditioned by our surroundings. Essentially we're the same just formed by different timelines and world's.
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    • pringlelord420
      The rock is smooth from the roughness of the river/ocean
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    • Berry_Benson420
      What is is jimmy-kun, could it be that your craving my CROISSANT
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    • BugsLife2
      Life is what you make it so stop being a bitch
      BugsLife2 21 dec
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    • Mad4Bacon
      This ain’t a meme
      Mad4Bacon 21 dec
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    • offensivebutthurt
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    • tbendz
      I'd be a giant squid, I bet they've seen some shit at the bottom of the ocean Haha
      tbendz 21 dec
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    • ChromeDragon
      a rock becomes smooth only by continually bearing turbulent waters
      ChromeDragon 21 dec
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    • GunGuyandGuitarMan
      Oh... the thing is that TRUE tribulation is coming
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    • asdfasdfqwerty
      Wishing to be an inanimate object is essentially wishing for death and therefore is considered a suicidal thought
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    • Leothelaughinglion
      "I wish I was a croissant, so all the French girls could eat me"
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    • karibu
      me too
      karibu 21 dec
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    • DJRealDyl
      Rocks on the beach are slowly worn down and drowned multiple times. Just like life
      DJRealDyl 21 dec
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    • Dracorex22
      Carl Wheezer wants to K N O W Y O U R L O C A T I O N
      Dracorex22 21 dec
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    • sora030296
      Smooth rocks went through a lot to look like that dont judge them. All rucks come out clumpy and rugged.
      sora030296 21 dec
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    • S0meRand0mdud3
      why so you can get eaten out by someone
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    • JonesDynasty
      The smooth rock wasnt always smooth
      JonesDynasty 21 dec
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    • Roblok
      Roblok 21 dec
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    • GoAwaydotcom
      "0 comments" goes to comment "124 comments"
      GoAwaydotcom 21 dec
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    • Transaction
      Transaction 21 dec
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    • Transaction
      Transaction 21 dec
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    • Transaction
      Transaction 21 dec
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    • Transaction
      Transaction 21 dec
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    • XboxSupport
      I’ll stop any anime shit from getting tc
      XboxSupport 21 dec
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    • roastedfeelings69
      The duality of man
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