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To help sweeten the deal, you are being given one special blessing from the powers-that-be.
This blessing is your guarantee that at least this one aspect of your life will eventually always tend strongly towards the direction you want.
You may choose just one of the following.
Famils Renown Talent Balance Longevity
page two homestead cyoa
You will have a large, loving, and
healthy family, with close and lasting bonds. You're guaranteed to be able to have lots of kids, even if
'you weren't before. Your children
"are likely to marry and have kids of their own. Your family will always stick together and look after the homestead and each other.
You will end up becoming pretty famous for the things you do. good at any skill you invest
Everyone in the local area will _I significant amount of time into.
know 'ravel your from name, far and away people in order may to I You'll never wasting your feel like time you're you're just trying
'ravel from far away in order to see I wasting your time if you're trying you. You'll be offered lot of _I to better yourself, because you things for free, and be able to brand I definitely are bettering yourself. It a product or bead run for mayor with I will be up to you to apply your
200d head-start. talent wisely and get it noticed.
'be in your life at any particular time. Bad things will tend to be followed soon after by good things, and so you will never fee! like you're hitting rock bottom, or despairing over a lack of reasons to keep going.
alive, fate will keep you that way until you are at least 80 years old.
Ifyou get sick, the local doctor will have the cure, if you get a gun pulled on you, a dive for cover will
'be enough to make them miss, and
Though you will be able to grow many different things on your land, or use it for completely unrelated purposes, you get every tool you need and a huge number of seeds for a large amount of one starter crop.
Corn Beans Wheat
You may choose just one of the following.
Potatoes provide the most calories for the least space, at calories per 100 square feet, and you can make a nice profit from them. You can almost survive on potatoes alone, so they're a good choice for beginners who strive
Com is also space efficient, at calories per 100 square feet, and it is even more valuable than potatoes are.
Itcan be ground down into commeal to increase the number of recipes you can make.
Beans are not space efficient, at just calories per 100 square feet, and will provide the least profit for the labor required to grow them. However, they're important for being a very nutrient dense food that can be added
Wheat is less immediately edible, but you can get a loaf of bread every week of the year for just 800 square feet, and flour is very valuable, This option is a
Jot of work, and you can't live very
Jong on just bread, but it could
for self-suffic toa variety of dishes. potentially earn you a lot of money.
You'll also start with everything you need for one of the following side-vertures, once again, you can expand your farm with other things once you're making money, but this is a good opportunity to get a headstart in something.
You may choose just one of the following.
Fruit Trees
A quarter of your land will come with pre-built irrigation system that has a central refillable reservoir but is otherwise automatic. It can be expanded with lot of time and effort.
You get four large bags seeds containing apple, plum, pear, peach, and blackberry seeds. Though more seeds can be purchased later, this would let you get into fruit farming early on.
You get a set of five expensive and high- quality Langstroth -style beehives. They're
well-insulated and have a way to easily remove the comb without breaking it or disturbing anything. They come with the bees, as well as a smoker.
You get one very large dairy cow who
produces 30 liters of milk every day, but will require regular milking and maintenance.
This option comes with dairy and butter
A large and predator proof chicken cage that a tall man can stand upright in, It can house 50
chickens comfortably. This provides a quality compost and as many as 250 eggs per hen per
You get a ram and three ewes. They're quite well behaved, and will grow thick coats of warm wool that can be used for many things, or sold. It will be up to you to acquire more
churners. It will be up to you to acquire more year if they're well looked after. Comes with
10 laying hens and one cock.
AY 2,
In this section, you'll be able to pick a number of of different things that could enhance your homestead or your life in general. It's not allowed for you to sell any of the equipment you get from this section, though you can give it away, and you can sell anything you produce with it.
You may choose up to 3 of the following.
While wormeries are fairly easy to make, this will give you a very large pre-built one, as well as a lot of worm eggs of an expensive and highly sought after species. You can give them organic waste and they will compost it into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your
crops that will prove invaluable.
Pretty Pond
If you want a pond on your land, for aesthetics or for some more lucrative purpose, this option will
Iet you have one with none of the hard work. It will be pretty big, attract frogs, and you can decorate could create tools, it or add fish to it if you please
Upright Silos
This option is simple but potentially very useful. Two tall silos are already built on your land if you pick this. These can be expanded upwards, and used for the storage of whatever you want.
It could be for grain, other animal feed, seeds, or whatever else.
Workshop Tools
This gives you a small forge, small anvil, a workbench, and a bunch of tools for wood and metal working. With practice, you will be able to do a lot with this. You could create furniture, tools, horseshoes, weapons, etc.
French Furniture
Instead of having to buy or make furniture that you like, you could just get some nice furniture here.
'A dining table, six wooden chairs, one sofa, a large bookcase, three small tables, two beds, a large counter, a large rug, a small rug, and one mirror.
Pile o' Guns
Whether you want guns for self-defence, pest control, hunting, or even banditry, this has you covered. You get a varmint rifle,
a sharpshooter rifle, a repeater, and a double-barrelled shotgun.
They come with a small supply of ammunition,
This option gives you ownership of
lodge, already built for you, in any location on the map that isn't inside
or immediately next to a town. You will own it in its entirety, and could use it as a hunting lodge, fishing lodge, or holiday home. You won't own much of the land around it, even if it may not be in use by anybody else.
Engraved Revolvers
You get two very powerful and expensive looking revolvers. You also get a free engraving service for these specific guns, allowing you to add your initials, and practically any fancy pattern or image onto the metal or wood.
People will remember these guns.
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