• business: hey kid do u want a nicotine addiction kid: no?? wtf business: what if i make it taste like mango kid: Imao thats fuckin sick sign me up 12:57 AM ~ 1/5/19 , Twitter Web Client
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    • LewdThing
      content not available more
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    • allyouknow
      I did the whole vape thing and never got addicted. Same with cigarettes or juul. I dont know why
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    • Yukari_Reich
      *Alcohol industry making cotton candy flavored vodka and peach flavored schnops*"hehehe we're invincible kids drink our stuff and no one will stop us" like for real the ban on flavors of vape juice is completely just for big tobacco to maintain their massive income and nothing else
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    • titaniom77
      My mango is to blow up and act as if i don't know nobody
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    • hippyshit21
      Vaping is for adults. Kids shouldn't do that shit.
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    • yeti_7
      The fda is stupid juul is not popular for the flavors. Ecigs that came before were but juul is all about the buzz you get
      yeti_7 13d
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    • RealRowleyJefferson
      If you vape you can’t convince me you’re not homosexual. The only people who have the right to vape are people who used to smoke.
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    • Acidjubatus
      Sometimes adults like fruity flavored things too. Saying flavored vape juice is intentionally trying to gear towards kids is like saying flavored condoms are doing that.
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    • testsubject9258
      Some of the withdrawals are anxiety and depression..but I already play that game so I didnt feel any of that shit
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    • Tickle_Farts
      Vaping is safer than *boat horn noises*
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    • rAt_MAn
      The only reason why I won’t use E-Cigarettes is because... THEY ARE THE WIMPY ASS WANNABE CIGARETTE. GO BIG OR GO HOME. PASS MY THAT BLUNT
      rAt_MAn 14d
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    • I5kilo
      I5kilo 14d
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    • Fr4nzFerdin4nd
      You know what's weird is juul rooms existed before juuls did
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    • Quiznosstillsucks
      After quitting smoking, I realized that tobacco really is better left untouched. I wish I never started, nearly killed my father. Whole reason I quit was because of him.
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    • AnAngrySalad
      If you thought nicotine was the harmful part of cigarettes, you’re missing about a couple hundred other additives, that come before it on that list.
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    • Chevy76
      Vaping is gay
      Chevy76 14d
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    • rikishocker
      Change "kid" to "freshmen"
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    • DankOfficer
      Nicotine is like caffeine. Not a harmful drug.
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    • The_Liquor
      People have been smoking shit for thousands of year. It’s not gonna suddenly stop cause some hip company makes commercials with some fucking puppets.
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    • Dashing_banana
      I have never met a soul who wanted to vape for flavors. Everyone either loved the head rush or the clouds mods made. The flavors were just a bonus
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    • voted
      shit doesn’t even taste like mango
      voted 14d
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    • Marlboro_Cigarettes
      Pansy ass kids just need ONE TASTE of a Marlboro and they’d live like Kings. Godamn vapes are ruining this industry.
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    • LiteralCryptid
      We were THIS close to getting rid of teen smoking
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    • imperialsargeant
      <_< is no one realizing the vape industry is doing the same thing the cigarette company did decades ago?
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    • Nikolaius
      On one hand I don't give a fuck if kids get themselves addicted to nicotine, not my problem. On the other hand as someone who vapes at my job, I have literally had to hold myself back from throwing hands with 14 year olds, asking to hit my vape, it happens more than I'd you'd like to believe
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    • BeakerPD
      I got a nicotine addiction when it tasted like ass. Kid's have it too easy
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    • Andink
      The flavor couldn't mean any less to me, its for the buzz
      Andink 9d
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    • rockyboy12345
      Fuck no that’s disgusting Can you make it taste like Dr Pepper
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    • wickedmad
      As I hit my mango juul
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    • twerp_
      I would not be addicted to nicotine if it weren’t for vaping. I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes and I’ve tasted them once and its just disgusting. Wish I didn’t vape tho or never had started. I used to think vaping was gay but peer pressure ig
      twerp_ 13d
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    • Chancellor_Sheev
      I think vaping is pretty gay but those ads that say that they encourage children use a product that they can't even legally purchase are as idiotic as saying Ciroc is marketed towards children.
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    • That_Puerto_Rican_guy
      No one makes you buy anything or do anything. Based on this logic alcohol should not have any flavors and it should be illegal to have flavored alcoholic beverages
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    • OborotheBastion
      Where’s the “shit negro, that’s all you had to say” image from pulp fiction?
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    • whyblackpeopleyesterday
      Hey kids want an alcohol addiction? Kid: wtf no. C: how about strawberry? Kid: FUCK YEA
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    • Samuel_Adams
      Just shut the fuck up and hit the juul you pussy
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    • LingvistovComics
      Vape essential oils for a healthy relaxer
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    • NickMaksin
      Juul helped me quit cigs so I was pretty salty when they discontinued the mango flavor. It’s all well and fine, I’m working my way down thru lower nicotine levels trying to quit for good 👌🏻
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    • Taebaee
      Yeah well when I was in high school people were just smoking cigarettes and dipping Skoal in the bathroom.
      Taebaee 14d
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    • fellatio
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    • Sk3tchPad
      I started Juuling because I had been through a breakup and the emotions made me start having nicotine cravings again (i’m in college and used to smoke). I regret it, because now I’m addicted. If you’re a kid who’s offered a Juul, say no. Try weed and alcohol (it’s fun), but 100% say no to nicotine.
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    • thisprojectisterminated
      Company: hey do you want an escape from the unending horrors of exsistance. Kids:YES Company:added bonus, it doesn’t taste or smell like smoke
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    • axnjxn55
      Mango sucks tbh. Who’s with me? Rise up against those who like the Mexican shit pear!!
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    • _The_MadHatter_
      At least they’ll die faster. Smoke it up guys
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    • DytenTheTitan
      Juul was invented to help people quit smoking cigarettes, it’s not their fault high school sophomores are degenerates.
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    • _Father_
      If you get addicted to nicotine from a USB then you deserve the side affects
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    • GrenadeSpam
      I work at a gas station and feel like the ban does nothing. The laws are strict af to ask for ID. Its not that kids are buying juul its that ppl arr buying them as adults for the kids. Banning fruit flavors isnt even coming close to solving the issue
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    • psycho4hire
      Today's generation clearly must be bitches my generation's edition just tasted/tastes like death and hickory and we got hooked by the droves. They didn't have to promise fruity flavors just death itself.
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    • krnlsndrs7
      Literally every vape company has done this. Juul just happens to be the unlucky one to be the example even though they came late to the game. Juul has basic flavors, nothing special.
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    • clsmith97
      The companies are just selling it, and people choose to buy it. Can we stop blaming companies for shit that people in choose to do?
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    • serta
      Honestly the companies aren't doin shit to attract teens, we just want nicotine and they have it lol
      serta 14d
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    • Vaticore
      I'm glad ifunny brought back the old like/dislike functions. That swiping thing was wack
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    • SquidwardsTiki
      People who vape/smoke are disgusting. God I hate them. Change my fucking mind
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    • Obekomo
      Mango was good but fr tho mint pods are the best
      Obekomo 14d
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    • JadedSparx
      I work at a place that sells juul pods. Mom and (just barely legal aged) daughter come in to buy some. Daughter apparently told mom there wasn’t nicotine in the fruit flavored ones because she gave her daughter the look of death when I corrected her when she mentioned it.
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    • AFuckingChair
      MAnGo iS fUCkInG dIsGusTInG. CHaNgE mY mInD
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    • Beflamed
      I just realized that iFunny brought back the smiling system for comments
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    • Gnarlie
      I got myself to quit smoking cigs with my vape and now I’m on 0 nicotine juice, they can be helpful if you actually need them and don’t act like a douche about it lol
      Gnarlie 14d
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    • Spell_i_cup_B
      I think ifunny is broke, i keep on seeing anime porn.
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    • ToStiT0joE
      What about the mintttt
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    • ItsCalledHentaiAndltsArt
      It's the combustion in the cigaretts that causes all the harmful effects. Nicotine itself is just about as harmful and addictive as caffeine and nobody is spending millions to keep kids from drinking coffee
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    • CarProfile
      Vaping is gay
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    • IssaTA
      They changed how liking comments works again....
      IssaTA 14d
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    • ehd8fjen3
      How anti cigarette people thinks it works.
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    • Janggz
      EA: Hey, dont be stingy kid. Go.get your moms credit card, buy some loot boxes and get a gambling addiction at age 9
      Janggz 14d
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    • unfunnymemes669
      Most people don’t care about the flavor
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    • orangesliced
      Mango makes me wango. I puke
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    • _JosephSeed_
      What if I told you that you can get 0mg nicotine juices
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    • Yma106
      Just one hit bro
      Yma106 11d
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    • Lightskin_Redneck
      If you vape and it’s not to quit smoking you’re a big nerd
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    • xXPrestigeWorldwideXx
      I love how they think its all about fruit flavors when juul came out all these fuckin 8th graders were buying creme and mint lol
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    • TheRedBeardedBastard
      “Hey kid wanna listen to all my beliefs no matter how shitty they are? How about if I become a YouTube streamer?”
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    • skipjerk
      Vaping is gay
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    • PureUnsaturatedPain
      Real men do crack cocaine
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    • baileyaldridge
      Vaping sucks but I do it everyday day because I am not about to walk down and out of my apartment for a smoke
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    • notbenshapiro
      Pussies. if you fags want a real fucking head rush try black tar heroine, if anything crack. Big fucking XD
      smile 4 reply 1
    • BD101
      Why does everyone act like weed is so healthy?
      BD101 14d
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    • BitcoinFundedAssassin
      Picked up vaping because I wanted to see what addiction felt like. Vaped 12mg/ml for a year. Then quit cold turkey. I'm truly dead inside
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    • OceanDrain
      I hate that im addicted to nicotine but not enough to do anything about it
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    • xXJayJay35Xx
      Business man: Want some candy? Grown man: No. Wtf? Business man: What if it had some drugs in it? Grown man: Hell yeah! Sign me tf up!
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    • Scottastic
      Ya know, there's always the 0% nicotine ones
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    • Daddy6669
      Or you could just not limit people's freedom by saying if you are 18 do what you want and if it kills you then we have too many people here anyway.
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    • g1bb
      Get the toilets out of my juul rooms
      g1bb 14d
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    • OsirisIsGod
      The conpany isn't to blame for idiots using it wrong. Vapes are only useful for smoking cessation and that's what most companies market them as. Ironically all the people who cough when they walk by smokers now love to vape.
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    • strawberrikiwi
      this is not juuls fault teenagers just smoked cigarettes in highschool before vaping was a thing
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    • Kif717
      Military: you want a nicotine addiction? Me: No. Military: Too fuckin bad
      Kif717 14d
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    • Cornelius_hakl
      Coming from a house of smokers, all I can say is I'd rather be hit with a cloud that smells like mango or some other fruity flavor any day over the smell of a cigarette.
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    • Marijuana_Primadonna
      I read this while taking a hit from my vape that actually has mango flavored juice 😂😂😂
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    • xyz0808
      I hate that vaping has become Juul...look I used it to quit, I did use Juul, I used a device I liked and was actually normal vape device, and I have been off for a year from cigs and vaping. That’s the end result, if you want to pursue smoking that’s a person’s choice. Fuck off with all this.
      xyz0808 14d
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    • e1evenseconds
      I hope yall get a full night's rest and enjoy some nice cold night water
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    • Thee
      Juul just sold Marlboro 25% company ownership
      Thee 14d
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    • Nazi_Cat
      Yeah because it’s definitely the company’s fault.
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    • Scarfy
      People fall for that garbage when it tastes like tobacco
      Scarfy 14d
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    • MNboy
      I got into it because of friends and I’m here to say that nicotine addiction is not joke. You think you can just stop until you actually try.
      MNboy 14d
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    • General_Autobot_Elita1
      In allergic to mango. I'm also allergic to degenerates posting anime porn as top comment.
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    • TDogB
      The only reason I would vape, is to have a bunch of vapor coming out of my mouth. It looks cool to me.
      TDogB 14d
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    • Logic_reppin_MD_301
      Damn you right I’m juuling rn and guess what the flavor is? You guessed it. Mango
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