• Boy I thought I fell asleep on the train. I almost pissed my pants â E 'à
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    • I don’t get it what’s so bad about Charles Xavier
      TheMikeHock 21 jan
      smile 2.9K 71
    • It's Jason!
      MrMoops 21 jan
      smile 1.5K 144
    • MLordLenny 21 jan
      smile 21
    • In college I woke up from a nap and looked over at my roommates bed and there was someone sitting, back to me wearing that fucking sweater and a hat so I just accepted death and sunk into the covers. Later she walked in wearing that and had no clue what happened because she'd never seen the movie.
      Shel4Peace 21 jan
      smile 11
    • He’s Freddy’s cousin, Teddy. Instead of your worst/scariest fears killing you it’s your emotional anxieties and insecurities coming to haunt you at 2am.
      ExcuseMe 21 jan
      smile 8 1
    • Can we please stop giving top comment to copy pasted, unoriginal horseshit. I don’t want to see “that’s how mafia works” or “oh I get it, it’s because internet explorer is slow.” People who think of funny and original top comments should get the credit not these fucks
      SniffinDoggo 22 jan
      smile 8
    • I can assure you, most kids probably don't even know who Freddy Krueger even is. The reason? A lot of them were on vhs and nightmare 1 was one of jhonny Depp's first ever roles in acting
      okami465 21 jan
      smile 7
    • content not available more
      smile 7
      WildJester 21 jan
      smile 8
    • Agent 47 disguised as Freddy Kruger
      PunnIntended a month
      smile 6
    • Just look at the shirt and the face. It’s obviously Freddi Kruger. He even mentioned sleeping in the caption.
      masterlego39 21 jan
      smile 6 1
    • His skin is looking a lot nicer. Neutrogena?
      BellaDolore a month
      smile 5
    • No it is freddy kreuger from nightmare on elm st
      mannn2283 a month
      smile 5
    • One, two, Freddie's gonna cum in you, there, four, better lock that back door
      smile 5 2
    • It’s Freddy Mercury!!!!
      smile 5
    • Scary Terry!?
      rocketfuelx 21 jan
      smile 6
    • Awww, bitch
      smile 5
    • Freddy Krueger? I’m seeing a lot of people in that man
      KOSTCOMODE 21 jan
      smile 5
    • I get it because it’s mr clean
      smile 5
    • _Komi_ 21 jan
      smile 8 2
    • You can run but you can’t hide! Bitch!
      Nefer 21 jan
      smile 5
    • He's pissed he lost his fedora
      nonstopRAVE 22 jan
      smile 4
    • It’s Freddy Krueger ya dumb cunts
      ghostiie 22 jan
      smile 5 1
    • Patrick Krueger
      Nigg_Ward 21 jan
      smile 4 1
    • Patrick Stewart as Freddy Kruger
      densenito 21 jan
      smile 4
    • Freddy Crougar Lmao
      Aidenlax15 21 jan
      smile 4
    • isnt that the guy from start trek
      mizzo 21 jan
      smile 4
    • Ok I know top comments are b8 but it doesn't help anyone who doesn't know. Its Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street
      smile 4
    • Its Captain Picard, Charles Xavier and Freddy Kruger all rolled into one.
      GeorgeDemire 21 jan
      smile 4
    • Patrick stewart mixed with freddy
      smile 4
    • No way in hell that is accidental.
      smile 4
    • Its freddy Krueger
      smile 4
    • monday____ 21 jan
      smile 4
    • Oh I gEt It BeCaUsE iNtErNeT eXpLoReR iS sLoW
      Ghostmann2 21 jan
      smile 4
    • Oh I get it because Internet explorer is slow
      pepis_ 21 jan
      smile 5
    • I thought he was Professor X.
      kript 21 jan
      smile 4 3
    • He deliberately dresses constantly like that
      smile 4
    • “Pls don’t kill me! “Don’t worry I’m retired bitch”
      Ghostrida 21 jan
      smile 4
    • Captain Picard?
      BadWollf a month
      smile 3
    • Come on guys when Freddy Kruegers not murdering people in their dreams he takes the south end subway to his job at the Johnson and Johnson office where he's the regional manager
      smile 3
    • Man. He's fallen on some hard times to have to be taking public transportation in the dream world. Give him a break.
      BellaDolore a month
      smile 3
    • this is unnatural he had no fedora
      Kaccha a month
      smile 3 1
    • Gru
      smile 3
    • Bitch
      BILLY_BURGER 22 jan
      smile 3
    • It’s scary terry
      gggggggggg69 22 jan
      smile 3
    • Shit I would have pissed myself
      smile 3
    • Oh I get it, it’s because internet explorer is slow
      jaycool188 21 jan
      smile 4 2
    • This is Capt Picard and Freddy’s love child.
      faust667 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Picard?
      smile 3
    • Freddy meets Jean Luc Picard
      smile 3
    • Holly shit is that charzard
      rockyhill123 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Why is captain Piccard wearing a Freddy sweater?
      smile 3
    • Freddy would piss himself If he was in my dream
      Luvhardfuk 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Freddy paid to take the train like everyone else.
      smile 3
    • This man knew exactly what the hell he was doing when he dressed himself.
      smile 3
    • The shit that be happing in nyc train stations.
      Pops3493 21 jan
      smile 3
    • is that freddy krueger?
      smile 3
    • Charles Xavier and freddy Kruger in one
      smile 3
    • He does have a slight resemblance to Captain Picard from Star Trek the Next Generation. He’s even wearing tight clothes like they do on the show.
      Rachel35 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Freddy fell on some hard times
      Thrano 21 jan
      smile 3
    • The guy that was Freddy Krueger in the movies live in my town
      boobyboi 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Oh I get it. It’s cuz there’s Toad as a mii
      rts9 21 jan
      smile 3
    • It's Freddy K
      smile 3
    • Oh I get it it’s not actually Toad
      Sewage_Rat 21 jan
      smile 3 2
    • Oh I get it, it was not really toad
      ThePope_ 21 jan
      smile 3
    • lamelion 21 jan
      smile 3
    • TheMarshFox 21 jan
      smile 4
    • Oh I get it. Internet explorer is slow
      woAgh_ 21 jan
      smile 3 10
    • It’s my one way ride bitch
      BigNick9 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Knock-off Patrick Stewart?
      AMiss 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Tom Brady going to Super Bowl for the 9th time, that’s fucking unbelievable
      Zepfan6 21 jan
      smile 3
    • I thought it was Patrick Stewart in a Freddy sweater....
      smile 3 1
    • “The best time to wear a striped sweater...”
      WXIV 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Did anyone else see Patrick Stuart before they saw Freddy?
      chezzzzzzzzz 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Why does that look like Patrick Stewart cosplaying as Freddy Kruger?
      smile 3
    • Bro that's Agent 47
      smile 3
    • Can I get 6 likes? I’ll post nudes of my fat dongle
      smile 3
    • Remember that one with Agent 47
      KevinMalones 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Oh I get it because internet explorer is slow
      2TheTea 21 jan
      smile 3
    • He tryna live the normal life now
      Khalit 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Ralvax 21 jan
      smile 3
    • Y'all dumb af, he's referring to Freddy crougar
      smile 2 2
    • It's Pikachu!
      tomsmith456 a month
      smile 2
    • Bald dude from birdbox
      highrollerr a month
      smile 2
    • He is trying to find his next victim. Or hes on break
      smile 2
    • Ooh he thought he was dreaming because he saw Charles Xavier
      theTrident a month
      smile 2
    • Nosfurato looking ass
      DoyDoy a month
      smile 2
    • WHERES HIS HAT?!?!
      smile 2
    • i had the same exact dream last night
      deftoll a month
      smile 2
    • he doesn't look like he's having a good day... maybe he lost the hat.
      smile 2
    • I guess he’ll die 🤷🏼‍♂️
      smile 2
    • Bruh someone wanna wake me up?
      Green_BIRD 22 jan
      smile 2
    • Straight out of Outlast
      cwsluke 22 jan
      smile 2 1
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