• Bob Ross used to receive up to 200 letters from fans per day. When regular letter-writers fell out of touch. he would phone them, just to see if they were ok. why isn't everyone like Bob Ross
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    • Tre11z
      If i was famous i would be
      Tre11z 4d
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    • Secure
      Imagine just picking up your phone one day to hear, "Hey, it's Bob Ross. Are you okay?"
      Secure 4d
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    • DaBossMan900
      Why isn’t there a giant statue of him holding a paint brush with two trees at his base that have grown all deformed but he would say no matter what, it is still beautiful
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    • T__Man
      If we ever have the ability to bring people back from the dead, this mother fucker better be the very first one
      T__Man 4d
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    • Definitely_Not_A_Furry
      P. S. guys I've been deleting the porn or etc related comments from this wholesome post. If you see anyone being rude, let me know, Bob Ross wouldn't want rudeness from people
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    • WeMissBobRoss
      I miss you Bob, I’ll do you proud though! I hope you all had a wonderful day! But a secret between you and me... tomorrow is gonna be even better!
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    • TicciToby_049
      Because, if everyone was like Bob Ross, then he wouldn't be special.
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    • ChiefSauce
      We need a Bob Ross Statue in our City!
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    • deeterbob
      The awful fact of the matter is he served 20 years in the military that put him thru the horrors of Vietnam. It was the trial of war that gave him the burning desire to bring kindness to the world, we show appreciation for his acts but forget the struggle that brought him to be the man we knew
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    • MorCam
      I remember when I was little and I couldn’t sleep I’d crawl into my parents bed and they would have the tv on for most of the night to fall asleep, I would lay there and just watch all the old infomercials and such, and then bob Ross came on, and I’d just rly enjoy watching him paint. Rip 😟
      MorCam 4d
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    • loops_unlimited
      We never deserved Bob Ross
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    • hi_im_void
      “The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe” - My favorite quote by Bob Ross. You were too good for this world, RIP.
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    • DawnJulio
      We didn't deserve Bob
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    • emptyspotlight
      Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers. Awesome people who deserve to still be alive. Not the Kardashians
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    • Davvv
      because he was a Christian that lived by faith and didn't try to push his ideology through his show. he just showed what it was like to be one by being kind and humble. if people were christians like that then we'd all be like Bob Ross.
      Davvv 4d
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    • WhAtMeMeZ
      How cool would it be to wake up one morning and get a phone call from Bob fucking Ross
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    • AntiAntiSinkie
      Hello! I’ve come to spread Pre-Valentines positivity! Some of you might be recovering from a breakup, some have been single a long time, and others are in relationships. I’m just saying do things that make you happy this week! And just know someone’s out there for all of you! <3
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    • EyeIsMe
      Actually, I have started watching him. Too bad I dont get some quiet relaxing time at my house, you know?
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    • BluefalconS113
      If everyone was like Bob Ross, Bob Ross wouldn't be needed.
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    • DocMiller77
      This world didn't deserve Bob Ross.
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    • Qu1GonGinger
      He knew his purpose in the universe. And cherished every moment
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    • Mirewen
      Who gets 200 letters a day nowadays??? The onlyone I can think of is the mailman, when he is lucky
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    • Cl0udNine
      Wtf my life will never be complete now. I'll never get a call from Bob Ross 😭
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    • Phoenix1037
      Because he was one of a kind and we didn’t deserve him.
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    • Alacrast
      He left us far too soon. At least you can watch his show on Twitch. After all this time he still makes me feel like I can paint and be kind.
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      We can’t be him nor can we be as good as him he worked hard to inspire us to light the flame in us and to let us proceed to our dreams as we watched him slap a brush 273627 times a second
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    • ItsAnImpasta
      Bob Ross created his own world therefore he had peace. Instead of making our own worlds we force ourselves into a cruel one that doesn’t need us. Maybe sometimes we need to stop and lie in the shade of happy little trees.
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    • 12AlexRider
      Not everyone can be like Bob Ross because if everyone was, you would become numb to the pureness around you. It would seem like being a wise destroyer of depression was normal, and there for not very special. A man like Bob Ross has to be rare to be fully appreciated.
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    • Springtrap581
      God accidentally poured an entire bottle of good in the pot when he was making Bob Ross
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    • lapis_life
      He was too good for us
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    • someoneyouknowit
      *writes to bob Ross every week for 2 months* *stops writing to bob Ross for one week* *gets to talk to bob Ross on the phone*
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    • mcdouble_suicide
      There can only be one bob Ross like there can only be one Stan Lee
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    • DGon2000
      mister rogers would write fans back hand written letters, every single one. THE WORLD DIDNT DESERVE THESE PEOPLE
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    • XV123
      XV123 3d
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    • TheyCallMeMushroom
      If he was alive now he’d be getting a ton of shit on twitter of some bunch of losers, for some reason, guaranteed
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    • Good_Comment
      Bob Ross went through his fair share of loss and grief, he spent time in the military as a drill sergeant and after he completed his duty he vowed never to yell or bring shame to anyone again. So he took up painting as a valuable skill and decided he isn’t selfish either, and gave us a friend.
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    • Thunderlefted
      I sent my letter the other day but he hasn't responded at all, but im keeping faith waiting
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    • AdmiraI_Ackbar
      If everyone was like Bob Ross then he wouldn't be special
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    • I_am_Karen
      I can’t even get a text back
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    • jbambam21
      The hero we needed, the hero we didn't deserve
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    • Skeleton_
      how the fuck did he get there phone numbers
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    • peace44448
      Man kind didn’t deserve him
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    • Yzzami
      Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed
      Yzzami 4d
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    • MememasterDre
      Because everybody's head is up their ass
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    • balisongman07
      Because most of us aren't getting letters
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    • Yeetastic
      If everyone was like bob ross it would make bob ross look like a normie so nah
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    • TheInfamousHogwartsJaguar
      James Doohan, aka The Original Scottie from Star Trek got a suicide letter from a young woman, so he called her and invited her to a convention, where he helped her get better. After not hearing from her for a few years, he got a letter from her saying she became an engineer because of him.
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    • Ohva
      If everyone were bob Ross we would have never knew him
      Ohva 4d
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    • Where_wolfe
      Remember this good meme when one comes up bashing men vs women or whatever and be nice to each other!
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    • togtog8
      Like seriously he should have day or be eligiblefor saint hood
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    • Spoodrmim
      Mr. Rogers responded to every letter he got and even called up every now and then (especially on birthdays) to see how one is doing. Also when being interviewed he would take pictures with the person then send them a scrap book of their good times.
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    • kirbo
      kirbo 4d
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    • TheBoulderOfficial
      We really didn't deserve this man.
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    • bhutwhe
      Because everything fucking sucks bob ross was too good for humanity
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    • SwimPoppy865
      Nature always takes the good ones first.
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    • yetsu
      cus there is only one ross angel in existence
      yetsu 4d
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    • VaderDaCat
      No one is like bob ross because1.people respect no one 2.bob Ross was universally known as the god of peace
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    • Dylicous
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    • R2_D2_1
      Not everyone can be the best. If everyone was like Bob Ross then Bob Ross wouldn’t be special
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    • Ammoconda
      Meanwhile, Slim still ain't callin', I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom.
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    • parkourDisney
      To think he used to be the Air Force’s version of a Drill Instructor.
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    • _that_person_you_hate_
      If Bob Ross has even 1 hater that motherfucker would be dead in a second
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    • YaMansPopeBoi
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    • MrPoliceMan
      Bob Ross was too pure for this world
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    • zay124
      Because nobody else can do it like him
      zay124 3d
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    • That_one_guss
      Mr. Rogers actively kept in touch with almost everyone he met for years on end...these men should be awarded saint hood
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    • Codeman1115
      Bob Ross was what this country should believe and run off of! He was a hero loved all!
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    • Minn0w
      Imagine the memes if he had died within the past couple years
      Minn0w 4d
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    • The_Ron_Swanson_
      I know im not famous, but i do hope to maximize the happiness of everyone in my life.
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    • JonBoy5555656
      No one can ever be like bob ross
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    • A_Miller36
      I wish I could have met bob ross
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      Because there can be only one god
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    • ATony72
      Imagine getting a call personally from him just to check up on you... damn
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    • Spruce_Block
      He is the only man or woman alive that can defeat shaggy
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    • CitizenNappa
      Hes probably jesus
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    • squirrelygirl
      We didn’t deserve him
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    • _XFinite_
      God what a man
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    • Memes5Lyfe
      Bob Ross is most likely Everyone’s Guardian Angel :)
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    • zambonicricket
      Cause the world doesnt deserve him
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