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Rust Stories
>friend buys me Rust so we can play during quarantine
>we play for a few hours, he teaches me the basics
>crafting, building, resource gathering etc.
30 KB JPG >playing on a community server with almost no other players
>build a house, explore, hunt, and scale monuments until he has to log off
>didn't see another person the entire time
>find an official server to play on so I can meet other players
>had no idea what was in store for me
>spawn beside massive compound
>try walking around it only to be gunned down by an auto turret
>respawn and start gathering wood for a base
>complete a nice little cabin in the woods
>crafting lock for my door when someone runs out of the bushes and downs me with a shotgun
>laughs at me while emptying my meager inventory and finishing me off
>didn't put a sleeping bag down in time so I have to start all over
>fuck this shit
>die around 8 more times to bloodthirsty players
>all of which taunt me in some manner
>some don't even bother to loot me and just leave me to bleed out
>respawn next to harbor
>start mindlessly looting crates while contemplating quitting
>find goggles and flippers
>search countless more crates and toolboxes until
I find a wetsuit and diving tank
>log off and change my Steam name to "Scuba
>log back in and don the entire scuba set
Anonymous No.502429071
>goggles restrict my vision and flippers slow my movement
>slowly waddle around the map collecting resources to build a beach house
13 KB JPG >stumble across large house in
the woods while collecting wood
>the two occupants peak out and witness me chopping trees in full scuba gear
>one of them laughs and comes out to meet me
>pulls out a trumpet and plays me a little fanfare
>says "We love you, Scuba Steve!" drops me jackhammer and goes back inside
>things are finally looking up for Scuba Steve
>use jackhammer to collect a ton of stone
>return to beach to begin construction of my seaside house
>set my foundation when suddenly a bullet whizzes by my head
>next moment I'm downed with an inventory full of resources
>15 seconds later a guy with a sniper runs over to my body and stands over me
>say "Please spare Scuba Steve! I just want to live near the ocean, it is my dream!"
>guy hesitates for a moment
>then without a word picks me up and leaves
>check my inventory
>he didn't even take anything
>I stand stunned for a good while before continuing construction of my dream home
>complete second story and roof right before nightfall
>watch the sunset through my window
>use downtime during the night to type in chat
>be friendly with other players, make them laugh
>just generally being nice to everyone
>next morning
>scavenge around harbor and find a large wooden sign
>put it up on my house and write "Scuba Steve's
Beach Cabana and draw some little waves below the text
>server population starts to take notice
>people drop by to say hi
>one guy even dropped me a gift
>a shotgun and a whole stack of ammo
>I asked what I could do to repay him
>he says "I just want you to thrive, Scuba Steve" and then bids farewell
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