• N-I-E-T-Z-S-C-H-E and I’ll end any motherfucker like my name in a spelling bee!
      LillianLeni 19 dec
      3.4K 284
    • Why tf was this featured of all the shit I post, this...this was featured
      Misterorw 19 dec
      1.3K 41
    • Nietzsche wasn't a nihilist. He fucking hated nihilists and blamed them for killing God and all meaning in life
      WesternBoi 19 dec
      9 5
    • loser, Stalin, and Roosevelt, in 1943
      NuclearTNT 19 dec
      8 4
    • If you call Nietzsche "Fred" you should die
      Shaggo 19 dec
      8 3
    • who INTP here?
      DubsGuy 19 dec
      7 4
    • INTJs are the most common Personality type to be diagnosed as Psychopaths.
      7 5
    • Finnaly someone makes a good mindset joke. But half the people don't even know what there are
      T_R3X_555 19 dec
    • INTP squad, almost Communist
      ikedreyes 19 dec
    • Intj gang where you at
      6 1
    • Haha imagine thinking the myers-Briggs test is actual science
      yagoofedit 22 dec
    • Marx: Orders the most expensive item on the menu. Also Marx: lets split the check because I can’t afford what I ordered and someone else will have to tip.
    • The communism that Karl Marx advocates is nothing like people wanted. He wanted workers to be proud of their work so they would feel meaning in their jobs, as opposed to assembly line work where there is no connection.
      GrimWill 19 dec
      5 2
    • Myers Briggs is astrology for people who went to business school
      ForgeOn 19 dec
    • *karl*:”let’s split the Check” 😂 communism
      ComradeNadox 19 dec
      5 6
    • Add Micheal Scott (ENFP) and shit will go down
    • Who all here’s an INTJ too?
      IFPolice 19 dec
    • SaberChan 19 dec
      5 6
    • Any other INFJs out there?
      RedTheThief 19 dec
      5 8
    • How much did Marx’s plate of nothing cost?
    • Okay but why do people actually want to “split the check” for? Who tf says “okay you ordered 25 dollars worth of food, I ordered 15, let’s split it and each pay 20”??? Just doesn’t make sense why you would ask someone or a group of people to pay more or less than what they ordered....
      TheAnimeMan 21 dec
    • As an INTP, I doubt any of them would have even shown up to the party
      marbezy11 20 dec
    • INTP > INTJ
      SaltAndSour 19 dec
      6 9
    • Contrary to popular belief, Nietzsche was not a nihilist and he actually tries warning society of Nihilisms dangers
      4 3
    • Ayn Rand was a fucking moron
      DeepSpace9mm 19 dec
      5 13
    • INTJ stare
      Runaway 19 dec
    • What dinner? With Marx around there is no dinner, only work.
      Stickpage 19 dec
    • INTP elite, reporting in
      Synaster7 19 dec
      4 1
    • Infp gang
      C1eopatra 19 dec
      4 14
    • That is by no means Nietzsche's philosophy, he's a nihilist but a positive one. Absurdity isn't depressing if you don't see it as so.
    • It’s funny since Karl’s idea doesn’t sound too bad until you put it into practice much like communism
      PatTH1CC 19 dec
    • If you’re wondering what the INTJ means, it’s their Myers-Briggs Personality. Your Myers-Briggs personality type is made of 4 out of 8 letters: In this case, INTJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging.
      4 1
    • I’ve never understood why people like splitting checks. Everyone should pay for what they order.
    • Any other INTJs here??
      SkyTheMeme 23 dec
      3 1
    • I know a worse dinner party, loser and the Jews
      Adog2500 21 dec
      3 1
    • Ayn Rand is a Conservative that whines like a liberal
      BradleyEB 19 dec
    • *karl creates communism*KARL THAT KILLS PEOPLE
    • “My name is Andrew Ryan and I have a question for you: is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?”
      3 3
    • INTJs are awful, but INFJs are the master race.
      HowlingSkies 19 dec
      3 23
    • Yo where my INFJ bois at
      3 2
    • Rem_n_Ram 19 dec
    • loser, Helen keller, and Ricky from Trailer park boys
    • Holy crap someone knows ayn rand. If you don’t look at my bio it explains her philosophy
      3 13
    • I’m intp
      EmoKitCat 19 dec
      3 3
    • My MBTI type is INTJ
      BabyEater99 19 dec
      3 11
    • Hey I'm INTJ, looks like I'm in good company!
    • I can kinda get down with some of Ayn Rands notes
      Jimsonweeder 19 dec
      3 4
    • I'm also INTJ... great.
      nodzical 19 dec
    • Michael, Jan, Dwight, the babysitter, Angela, Andy, Jim, and Pam was a worse dinner party don’t @ me
      sweetteets 19 dec
    • Andrew Ryan from Bioshock was inspired by Ayn Rand
    • INTJ gang gang
      Gumin 19 dec
    • INFP gang what's up
      Parzival 19 dec
      3 3
    • INFJ club anyone?
      WackKracka 19 dec
      3 9
      GrandGrady 19 dec
      4 4
    • Marx: Slips away to bathroom, Rand: Pays for her food and leaves. Nietzsche: Takes the blame and pays the punishment
    • I'm an INFP
      lapis_life 19 dec
    • I’m just trying to figure out how people become a philosopher. I like to think up random shit when I’m bored. Am I a philosopher? No, I’m just a bored dude. People go to school for philosophy. Let that sink in, people go to college, take out tremendous debt, TO BE TAUGHT HOW TO THINK!!!
      thedude878 19 dec
      4 44
    • muppies 19 dec
      3 1
    • Why is there a bill at a dinner party
      3 1
    • Clout_god 19 dec
    • Atlas shrugged is pretty neat book... if you can manage to finish all that lol
      dankhuntt 19 dec
    • False they all sat alone just like at school lunch
      Palkkasoturi 19 dec
      3 2
    • I'm infj and I misread the type at first and was slightly frightened
      LavAbsol 19 dec
      3 2
    • But Nietzsche wasn’t a nihilist, he was an existentialist that said nihilism is the bane of modern society.
      3 3
    • We live in this world
      toes 19 dec
    • Bold to assume Marx would be able to have food.
      Arcyndium17 19 dec
      3 1
    • I am also INTJ. Interesting.
      Jungshookie 20 dec
    • I’m an INTJ and so is Yoda
    • Fuck u mean we can put darwin in a dinner party with mormans
      deathshell 20 dec
    • The leader of japan in ww2 and president of the USA in ww2
      2 1
    • I don’t like shortening Friedrich to Fred...
      ahhhAHHHah 19 dec
    • I just read anthem, it’s great and anti-commie as fuck
      Quentinjlt 19 dec
    • "Fred" like it's some gay-ass fanfiction
    • It’s it Fred though? Shouldn’t it be Fried?
      david1b18 19 dec
    • I dont appreciate how this implies that Marxism would allow you to have a choice in surrendering your property. Or that the extent of the difference between two polar opposites in a society is “one extra drink”.
      mrNobody1 19 dec
      3 1
    • Oh fuck I’m Intj
      2 6
    • They’re still gonna split it anyway with that mindset because the other two would be living off the one who paid’s labor
      Harmacist 19 dec
    • INTJ is literal autism
    • I'm INTJ
    • I'm an INTP what about the rest of you?
      2 2
    • Fuckin hated ayn Rands writing.. it's absolute shit
      4 1
    • Fred: as i see from your Aggression and misbehaviour you must have been abused as a child Dear Ayn. What did dad Do to you?
      NasusOP 19 dec
    • Ayn Rand would just fuck off and write another book
      lerxst11 19 dec
      3 2
    • Who is John Galt?
      2 1
    • Karl Marks is dead Incase you need something to be happy about
      alexmig 19 dec
      2 1
    • If someone is a commie, they don't understand economics. Same with socialists.
      Dalton7812 19 dec
      4 78
    • The middle chick sounds like Andrew Ryan’s fuckin’ wife.
      BastaBoy 19 dec
      2 3
    • I know these guys from ERB.
      VioletLight 19 dec
    • Ayn Rand isn’t a philosopher
      2 5
    • That's my mbti ranking and I know me. That would be a wild ass dinner party.
    • This is weird asf cause I was just looking this stuff up
      just_danny7 19 dec
    • What’s wrong with being INTJ?
      2 2
    • I’m INFJ
      HMartin21 19 dec
      2 1
    • I'm an INTP
      Uness 19 dec
    • Yes loser.....amy Schumer.... and stephen hawking
      justcase 19 dec
    • like if you don’t know who tf these people are
      chinnyboi 19 dec
      3 4
    • Shut the fuck up Andrew Ryan
      AshTT 19 dec
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