• Aye man, I wouldn't watch that if I were
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    • artistwithouttalent
      I don't get why the thought instantly goes to porn.
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    • Lord_Chunky
      oh no
      Lord_Chunky 14 dec
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    • Kyledude95
      I once saw a r/legaladvice post on reddit where a teen went up to their attic and found one of those and found footage of their parents molesting them as a toddler.
      Kyledude95 14 dec
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    • crappyusername1
      Y’all dirty. My mind instantly went to home videos of when I was younger getting fucked by my uncle.. uh I mean me being born
      smile 13 reply 1
    • stonernash
      When you think you found your Christmas present but instead your find your dads from last year...
      stonernash 14 dec
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    • durtyoldman
      She filmed your birth AND your conception on that.
      durtyoldman 14 dec
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    • TooCrispy
      TooCrispy 14 dec
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    • SubwayHentai
      SubwayHentai 16 dec
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    • Tsumiki
      Tsumiki 14 dec
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    • WingrightZero
      50/50 chance of either seeing yourself as a baby, or seeing the process that came before
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    • NotALemonadeStand
      28x HYPER ZOOM is not a good sign
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    • penatratemedaddy
      Ohhhhh I get it, because Logan Paul filmed a dead person
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    • ImGrape
      Typically if there is a recording devise u didnt know about, chances are the contense were meant to be that was as well. If he found that in the kitchen we would think differently, but it was hidden in a bedroom, hence the "found in parents bedroom". It wasnt meant to be found. That is y.
      ImGrape 14 dec
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    • BlackPantiesofLife
      My husband and I have the same one. And what you THINK is on it, IS in fact on it
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    • clipper12345
      Home made porn is the kind that was passed down to me and I plan on making my own and passing it down to my daughter/sister
      clipper12345 14 dec
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    • comradedeadpool
      We were at my friend's house and his mom had a camera aimed at her bed on a stand and she told him she was a pillow model
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    • IHyoudou
      IHyoudou 14 dec
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    • JuiceDaily
      Just dont think of her as your mom
      JuiceDaily 15 dec
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    • LongDongJongJong
      Old Christmas footage can indeed be embarrassing
      smile 7
    • lisjayraezi
      My parents took my camera when I was 13 and recorded over my hershey park trip with them having sex. I went to watch it and saw too much.
      lisjayraezi 14 dec
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    • StevenH47
      Here's the video...
      StevenH47 14 dec
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    • coolcool8101
      a friend of mine used to jerk off to his moms nudes with me whenever we had a sleepover, sometimes his dog would join us, good times
      coolcool8101 16 dec
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    • killer_keem_meme
      My family has one of those. Our home movies mostly contained my me throwing tantrums and dumping dirt over my baby sister.
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    • BankruptHampster
      i assume it’s family/marriage stuff
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    • Tubprime123
      You morons its not referring to porn its referring to a movie where a kid finds a camera in his moms room or his attic and finds footage of a secret space where his dad kept a time traveling device blueprint and he then finds that device blueprint makes it and starts messing around with it
      Tubprime123 14 dec
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    • Dick_in_a_8ox
      Your mom is either a hoe that films herself having sex with your dad or she’s a lovin’ mother and its old childhood videos of you and your siblings while y’all where babies.
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Titil
      Either a reference to a horror movie, or porn. Probably porn.
      Titil 14 dec
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    • ShiftOnRed
      I'm a cable tech. One day, a lady (50's-60's) asked me to check her bluray player to see if it still worked (why she thought I'd unplug it, idk). I turned it on and changed the input. She still had her homemade hardcore in it and forgot. She was actually pretty when she was younger.
      ShiftOnRed 14 dec
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    • SimplyGarza
      My first thoughts were either sex tape... Or some paranormal activity/found footage type shit
      SimplyGarza 14 dec
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    • SnoopWoop
      SnoopWoop 14 dec
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    • superscrub67
      Watch it there’s a video of them making you
      superscrub67 15 dec
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    • Red_Luigi
      Jack off to it
      Red_Luigi 15 dec
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    • FleetStreet
      Who digs through their parents stuff?
      FleetStreet 15 dec
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Dat0neplaya
      Tf blackmail material right there
      Dat0neplaya 14 dec
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    • Kanz
      28x zoom
      Kanz 14 dec
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    • yoyopow1
      Send the tape here I’ll get rid of it
      yoyopow1 14 dec
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    • DucatiCuda
      the fucked up thing that, he’s gonna get a bonner looking at his mom
      DucatiCuda 14 dec
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    • CrusadeTime
      We should take over MySpace as an absolute shitposting website
      CrusadeTime 14 dec
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    • Kozue
      Kozue 14 dec
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    • king_a_ling
      It's a 'the making of' movie
      king_a_ling 14 dec
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      I watched it and this is wht i found
      DBZLEGEND 14 dec
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    • SophisticatedSponge_BT
      *claps* Sex Tape Rewiew!
      smile 5
    • VladimirDelToro
      For those of you who don't know "Aye" is pronounced "Eye" not "Ayyyy"
      smile 4 reply 3
    • TreyCrll
      I scarred myself once with a situation like this. Never watch any unmarked tapes from your parents rooms....not even for a second.
      TreyCrll 15 dec
      smile 4
    • DogeDoggo
      Yeah you gotta be real careful about suspicious boxes and shit. Around the house. I once found some disturbing pictures in the spice cabinet.
      DogeDoggo 15 dec
      smile 4 reply 1
    • CB08
      Aww you're about to see how you were conceived
      CB08 15 dec
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    • BasketCase11
      Now that you touched Moxxie’s camcorder you should now go wash your hands. With acid.
      BasketCase11 15 dec
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    • earthchan1
      You must not be white
      earthchan1 15 dec
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    • MeguminIsMyWife
      my uncle gave my his old pc case and i found a camera in it. my eyes still burn
      smile 4
    • Sneezy
      Yeah dont watch it. Give it to me
      Sneezy 14 dec
      smile 4
    • BatDog342
      You gonna see how you was born
      BatDog342 14 dec
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    • spongeVRo
      Bout to see moms getting her cheeks clapped and it ain’t your pops
      spongeVRo 14 dec
      smile 4
    • AndySama
      No joke I found the same kind of camera in my moms room and...I saw my parents 😭😭😭
      AndySama 14 dec
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Vimmier
      Vimmier 14 dec
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    • Imall469
      Don't you want to see a real live mother fucker?
      Imall469 14 dec
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    • GlobalDokkanDaily
      It may be child home videos. This nigga is nasty.
      smile 4
    • Pizzazkid
      50/50 its yoyr birth or her sex tape
      Pizzazkid 14 dec
      smile 4
    • titanmaximum2
      Grandma midget interracial DP, a classic
      smile 4
    • History_Memes
      *in Clevelands voice* oh no no no NO NOOoooo....
      smile 4
    • zenyboiii
      Watch it
      zenyboiii 14 dec
      smile 4
      Don’t woosh me but is it his conception video or his birth video? Or is it something else different?
      PENlSUCKLE 14 dec
      smile 4 reply 2
    • NPC_104516
      It could be videos she took from family events. Christmas mornings birthdays road trips. Etc.
      NPC_104516 14 dec
      smile 4 reply 1
    • WhyIsMyDickGreen
      Download the video and sell it to Pornhub.
      smile 4
    • Waterfall88
      Those either are full of childhood memories or porn of your parents
      Waterfall88 14 dec
      smile 4
    • Republican_Hansen
      Once my mom told me to go get her birth certificate from the safe in her closet.. i regret taking a look at the polaroid photos in the back.
      smile 3
    • KingGarfield
      It's got Markass Brownie videos
      KingGarfield 16 dec
      smile 3
    • BeardBear
      content not available more
      BeardBear 16 dec
      smile 3 reply 5
    • Coca_Hyena
      28x optical hyper zoom lol
      Coca_Hyena 15 dec
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    • ATexanGuy
      do you wanna get scarred for life? because thats how you get scarred for life.
      ATexanGuy 15 dec
      smile 3
    • Milox15
      Found my parents sex tape when I was 10 😔
      Milox15 15 dec
      smile 4 reply 5
    • Jordan_alpay
      I have that but bigger and made by Samsung and it pretty much has my entire childhood in it lol i like to watch it
      Jordan_alpay 15 dec
      smile 4
    • ChrisTheStoreManager
      You about to see your mom sucking a dick that’s not your dad’s
      smile 3
    • CummyBears
      CummyBears 14 dec
      smile 3 reply 3
    • BlackGateRock
      Either A:it can see the spirit world or B your about to see yourself being made
      smile 3
    • gsickles
      Tru. That’s got a lot of old videos of your lame ass opening presents
      gsickles 14 dec
      smile 3
    • Andromeda10_01
      I managed to like a fucking ad
      smile 3
    • oquelius7
      *watches his mons videotape getting pounded by the next door neighbor*
      oquelius7 14 dec
      smile 3
    • deaged
      Just letting y'all know sandy hook elementary got evacuated on a threat
      deaged 14 dec
      smile 3 reply 1
    • leaireRP
      I didn’t think porn at first. I though a cursed video like Ring
      leaireRP 14 dec
      smile 3 reply 2
    • SkankHunt_42
      Plot twist: He watches the video of himself crawling out of his Mommys vajayjay
      SkankHunt_42 14 dec
      smile 5
    • ImmortalTear
      28x zoom.
      ImmortalTear 14 dec
      smile 3
    • ImShor
      When I was younger I was watching videos of me playing peewee basketball on our old camcorder and you can imagine what mightve happened in the matter of one scene
      ImShor 14 dec
      smile 3
    • starkiller2414
      are we at the point where a kid finds that and thinks it’s vintage? i must be getting old
      smile 3 reply 1
    • japaj
      I get it, Blair witch project right?
      japaj 14 dec
      smile 3 reply 1
    • TARDIS915
      5th grade band concert and Christmas unwrappings throughout the years
      TARDIS915 14 dec
      smile 3
    • BeRzErKeR64
      A video on how you were made
      BeRzErKeR64 14 dec
      smile 3
    • Jack98z
      Son : mom look what i found! Mom: you want to see how you were made?
      Jack98z 14 dec
      smile 3
    • Play_it_safe
      I like how everybody was instantly thinking of corn and then my head I was thinking this is how a horror movie starts
      Play_it_safe 14 dec
      smile 3
    • Spyro_
      Spyro_ 14 dec
      smile 3
    • RevolvingOcelot
      (Uploads it online)
      smile 3
    • DsvidLaksyks
      I found one that had my entire birth video on it.
      DsvidLaksyks 14 dec
      smile 3
    • thisisaoriginalnameOK
      Neither would I unless you trying to get scared
      smile 3 reply 1
    • HolyForker
      "Smile for the camera"
      HolyForker 14 dec
      smile 3
    • ItsYaBoiBalto
      My dad has that exact camera. I remember him buying it and I was only like six
      smile 3
    • Omelette_Du_Fromage
      watch it-
      smile 3
    • CoryTooCold
      Porn or his birth
      CoryTooCold 14 dec
      smile 3
    • Trashboat420
      It is porn I've been married 18years trust me 90% of everything I record on one of those is porn
      Trashboat420 14 dec
      smile 3
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