AUSTRALIUM SCATTERGUN Usually very good at the game
-Doesn't say word other than "Thanks" after every kill
+1200 hours as Scout
-If they are bad they most likely just got it from mvm
-mad milk or pistol
-A lime Scunt's best friend
-100% chance to get taunted after being killed
~"What do you mean low tier Aussie? Scout only has two Aussies to choose from retard."
~Crit a Cola or Cleaver
-Havent used stock Scattergun since he got this as an achievement
Either Kil-e-watt or burning flames.
-Has a Medic GF plugged In his ass
-Only complains If someones dominating him or Sentries.
-Loves seeing the tears of his enemies.
Rocket Jump God.
Gunboats or Buff Banner.
Gets ubered at the perfect time no matter what
AUSTRALIUM BLACK BOX ays used with the Concheror
-Almost impossible to actually
kill in a but that never happens anyway
-Always whips his teammates to pretend he got the Conch Banner up. it satisfies him.
-Hates Stock Aussie Rocket Launcher mains
E key broke
most Iikely a Furry.
-Loves to see you suffer.
-Spams In the chat from time to time.
~God-Tler reflects no matter where or when you shoot.
-Loose Cannon Is the only explosive weapon they can't counter.
Flare Gun or Panlc Attack
-Pink Paint.
-Hale's Own Professlonal Killstreak Homewrecker
Still thinks It viable_
-WIll keep hitting on the same Heavy even after setting him on fire and then extingulsh him.
~*ylff destroyer"
Doesn't care If It's a low tler Australlum will love It to death because It's gold.
~"How did that not kill you Sniper???"
-404% chanee thelr primary Is a Degreaser
-Never to be seen with any of the Shlelds
-Stock loadout for life.
-The only regret they have Is the one time they missed a shot at you.
~+2000 hours as Demoman only
-More spam.
-Medic gf up his ass
-Did i mention spam?
-Gets random crit if you get too near him.
-gold paint + Beard with smoking pipe loadout.
-132k kills
-Stock loadout. Will finish you off with stock bottle.
-Running away won't be allowed.
-Wealthy as fuck.
if you take thelr heads they will come back for another round and win.
-36+ Klllstreak Is normal to them ome reason It's never used with Demo's other Aussles.
-Always seen with a low tler unusual effect such as Kilka-watt.
-Knows Demoknight Is overpowered and not a gimmick.
-Only time they dle Is by random erlt or Natascha Heavy.
-Jumping nonstop.
-Sandvich + GRU.
Sentry annihilator 3000.
-Makes sentry nests seem like a holocaust.
-Has Medic GFs but won't shit on you for dying.
-Hates the Tomislav
+1800 hours as Heavy.
-Snipes you from across the map.
mehow Is always behind the enemy lines.
ally want a Medic GF as It will ruln his stealthiness.
-Makes you paranold.
Crits = 6 kills In a row
-Doesn't understand Stock Minigun Heavy users.
-Knows the 20% slower fire speed Is actually 16%.
-Loves his
golden Gun more than his
Sentries could ever dream of.
-Somehow crit kills you from far distances, but never if you're in front of him.
-Uses the Wrangler to make sure they kill his sentry before him so he's guaranteed revenge crits.
-Strange Texas Ten Gallon.
-The number 48 angers him more than losing 30+ revenge crits.
-Almost guaranteed a Golden Wrench reference when it's renamed.
Usually very good Engineers carry this Wrench
-Watches Uncle Dane religiously
-Usually combined with expensive unusuals that don't fit together in the slightest.
-Knows all the good Sentry locations.
-Wrangler 90% of the time.
-Will say the Golden
Wrench looks like shit in comparison to this.
Battle Medic.
-Still looks like a new player when shooting at enemies.
"It's gold that's all care of."
Usually combined with Colonel's Coat (painted yellow)
-Will get angry in the chat if you managed to survive against him with only 10 health.
-Use the Crossbow please.
-God himself in purest form.
Soldier's And Demoman's
Official Hales Own Buttplug.
-Whenever you think you got him, he ubers.
-Ubersaw 100% of the time with 100% crit chance.
-Wins every melee fight.
-Hates new players.
-Will quit if he sees no
Demos, Soldiers or Heavies with double Unusuals.
Rich as fuck
-No he won't heal you.
-Likes quickscopes.
Usually has over - hours as Sniper.
Doesn't say anything except curse words inside their head whenever they dies.
-Jarate or smg
Believes he is a God because he looks like one.
-Will do anything to hunt you down.
-Sometimes they won't get headshots because they click on your head too fast for the game to register it.
The fact the scope isn't made of gold triggers them.
AUSTRALIUM SMG ls a pretty chill guy
-Plays because he got a frickin' golden gun!
-Loves it to death.
-Don't care its shit, he will still use it nonstop the first week.
Call Of duty Gold Camo
Used to be a snipe god.
Hasn't gotten any "Long-Distance kills" since after the nerf.
Still thinks It's viable.
-WIII still try to snipe you even If you're out of the Crit zone for the Amby.
-4200 hours wasted.
Dead Ringer 90% of the tlme.
-Hates everyone.
Hates you even more since the nert.
ises the Kunal
BeHetweswatching a lot of Anime will strengthen his skills as a Spy
-Backstab speclalist.
-Somehow backstabs you right after you've checked the area.
some fancy clothing with his golden knife.
~"Good day y'all".
Accepts defeat In any duel. (except Pyro).
-Terror-watt or Kil-a-watt.
over dead ringer felgns.
-Noh Mercy.
-ASMRs gets them hard.
As the one that will spam 10 hour loll moaning In volce chat.
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