• [at the chameleon store] Me: do you have any chameleons? Clerk: I've no fucken idea
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    • BenSchofield5
      For those of you who missed the joke, it’s that the chameleons blended in and he can’t see them
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    • PlatScrub
      Why are you at the chameleon store asking if they have chameleons? Like you don't go to a restaurant, "have any food" fuck that.
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    • nivlac101
      This was way funnier than it had the right to be.
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    • TottallyNotSatan
      If there's a joke I can't see it.
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    • Trapsy_
      Trapsy_ 13d
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    • darkpuzzlment
      For those who don’t get it, chameleons were made up by our reptilian overlords to spy on the simple minded children of this generation
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    • DragonballFandom
      Chameleon store *exists*
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    • Delrith
      The sad part about it all is that chameleons don't change color like people think they do...they change color based on their mood n' stuff. If you wanna see an animal that REALLY has those "blend into any background" powers, look up the cuttlefish.
      Delrith 13d
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    • MathewGross
      The fact that we know chameleons exist, means they're shitty at their jobs
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    • SaberToothTiggerYT
      C h a m e l e o n. S t o r e
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    • Depressing_trafficcone
      Chameleons are the best, they have little paws and walk so slow, just adorable
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    • dankboi19
      The fuck is a chameleon store
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    • HoLeeFuqqq
      Chameleons dont actually change color to blend in they change color more like a mood ring, if they happen to match the background its just a coincidence
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    • 010101020
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    • ElderAnonysus
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    • Rextopher
      Did you know that chameleons don’t use there color changing skin for camouflage, instead they use it to show how they’re feeling
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    • cokrub
      i’m gonna go shower i want 5 likes when i get back
      cokrub 13d
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    • brofessor52
      For anyone that doesn’t know, chameleons are actually shit at blending in unless they are in vegetation
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    • Little_Donkey_Toes
      Went to the sporting goods store to buy some camo but didn't see any
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    • _Andy_
      _Andy_ 13d
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    • nbookwrm
      I still say there's NO call for KFC to run out of chicken. But they do.
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    • i_typed_this_with_my_nose
      I just laughed my ass off for a solid 2 minutes
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    • mcmcnugget
      At first I thought the clerk was just being sarcastic but then it hit me
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    • XargonBloodscale
      "If you can find one, it's yours."
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    • niggasbelike02
      Where tf y’all got chameleon stores at
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    • wassupmymemes
      Bruh this guys twitter posts got featured twice today wack
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    • ahuman999
      I’ve been gone for a month. Did ifunny just start to get unfunny?
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    • deathmetal4life
      "At the chameleon store" wtf is that hahaha
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    • waluigi_the_resurected
      It's a paradox there are and aren't any chameleons until proven otherwise
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    • Rasmuhs
      The only thing a chameleon can blend into naturally is a sad clown convention
      Rasmuhs 13d
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    • jakethesixth
      The fact that we know chameleons exist prove how much of a failure they are
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    • SpicyHentai
      content not available more
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    • CombatWolf100
      "Chameleon Store"
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    • Yak_Famous
      "Here? ... At guitar world? ...... Gee I dunno!"
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    • M1N1man532
      The use of "I've" has me shook
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    • HatsuneMiiku
      I think if someone doesn’t get this joke they don’t deserve to.
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    • bkiper22
      Since when is there a fucking chameleons store
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    • Billy_Cosb
      666 words
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    • Metalhead_x
      I thought the joke was that the clerk was being hella sarcastic
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    • AnimeRomance
      Chameleons cannot actually blend in most backgrounds
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    • nutshack350
      Earth is flat
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    • AustinDanville
      I like at this way harder than I should have
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    • theisac
      Honestly I get the joke but I think the fact that the clerk didn't know was what made me laugh. Like the joke was clever and all but just the randomness of it all before I got the joke
      theisac 12d
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    • Gen_Grievous
      This is like buying clothes at the soup store
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    • BruhSoundEffect02
      haha i get it because internet explorer is slow
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    • hersheymj
      Did anyone else laugh too hard at this?
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    • HouYeet
      That’s not how they work REEEEE
      HouYeet 13d
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    • icantthin3
      One time I was at a place called the Shake Shack with my family and my brother asked if they had shakes
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    • DuggarooClitTits
      I chuckled loudly
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    • gbgoodboys
      Laughed too hard just now
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    • ShadowWilfre
      This could go two ways
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    • Zj_yeet
      I don't know fam. I just work here
      Zj_yeet 13d
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    • YungMistake
      Actually some chameleons change color based on emotions not camouflage
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    • spooderman828946
      WaTcH thE ProFaNity PlEasEee
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    • Th3L3gi0n
      The chameleons are invisible
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    • TheDerp27
      Oh i get ot because the worker doesnt give a shit
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    • KowaIski
      I'm not on shuffle
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    • KowaIski
      ... Wait
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    • ShinxFOP
      What the fuck is a chameleon store
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    • ArrowLord
      I read this like "Charmeleon"
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      I mean the Apple store doesn’t have any fuckin apples it’s a valid question
      RUCIFUR 13d
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    • gdude2142
      The clerk's reply can be sarcasm or the clerk genuinely does not know. This joke is versatile.
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    • TwistedApple
      "At the chameleon store"
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    • Imabienotkindaoffensive
      Going to bdubs: "yo do you guys sell chicen wigs?
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    • Blasterisk
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    • AlexDBZ
      A comment in the next meme explains this meme
      AlexDBZ 13d
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    • Courier6NewVegas
      Why are some the words blank like it fit into the background somehow
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    • Nutalie
      I still see the shadows in my room but not the chameleons
      Nutalie 13d
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    • Kozue
      Kozue 13d
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    • OatsInABarrel
      The duck is that profile pic?
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    • IAmJacksProfile
      Karma chameleon
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    • Tdude
      Um so 2016 huh?
      Tdude 13d
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    • o_o_o_o_o
      chameleons obviously suck at camo if we know they exist
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    • TheGuildknight
      Chameleon color change is for communication not camouflage
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    • MLkKk
      When you go to the John Cena store
      MLkKk 13d
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    • CrazyFloridaMan
      The fact that we know that chameleons exist means that they are absolute failures
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    • alexandergrandbell
      did yall know that chameleons can see other chameleons which explains why my dad can find them so easily
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    • spawnpeeking_apyr
      Well in reality chameleons change colors based on their mood, not their environment
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    • SupremeG64
      Chameleons don’t actually change color to blend in. They change color depending on their temperature or mood.
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    • 002Darling
      *wheezing obnoxiously*
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    • Randyman9
      I can’t stop laughing at the thought of a bonafide “chameleon store.”
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    • TheBritBoy
      Chameleons and fucking bad a camouflaging, we know they exist
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    • Titalwave234
      Oh I get it because they had gas in the barrel
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    • TheRealGay
      Man,that's what a good damn chameleon would say there something he ain't telling you
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    • dnb18
      Turns out clerk is color blind
      dnb18 13d
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    • Yotsugi_Ononoki
      how is top comment literally just explaining this extremely simple joke
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    • AppleInc
      For those of you who missed the joke, it’s that the clerk is blind and he can’t see them
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