• Whoops guess I missed that part of life 🤷🏻‍♂️
      6.5K 27
    • I graduated a virgin 👌
      5.3K 726
    • I’ve skipped classes in college, but high school wasn’t that easy
    • Wut
    • Sorry I skipped to sleep and finish my math homework before 6th period lol
    • I never skipped school to do anything cool 😢
    • I didn’t have sex until after high school
    • I'm a good noodle
    • I’ve been alone my whole life
    • The fuck is a sex?
    • Nope. I have ti sleep tho. If you can't dish dick after 3:00p.m. you need to rework your schedule
    • I skipped school to stay home and play games
      LZXA 6d
    • I’ve never skipped school to get laid and I’m well off with how much I have had
    • You don't need to skip school to get fucked by the education system.
    • Well not everyone I guess
    • I never skipped school for dick, I skipped to play RuneScape🤷🏽‍♀️
    • I skipped school to play golf
    • Oof sorry nobody wants to fuck my dumb ass
    • Or waited till after school and stared at each other on the bus like two fucking uncontrollable monsters, because we knew what was about to go down.
    • Wait what
    • I never even had an opportunity to skip
    • I skipped school once, to go buy a new Pokemon game
    • I skipped to eat...
    • That's a lie, I didn't have sex until I graduated a year later lol
    • Sleep is too precious
      axle14 6d
    • How much of a slut do you have to be to skip a class for sex?? Just wait a bit you thirsty hoe classes are over at 3
    • Oh man why didn’t I know about this when I was in school? 🤔
    • I was about to say "oh I've never done that I guess I'm a loser" until I remembered college counted as school and I thought "oh fuck I'm still a loser"
    • I’ve skipped school to have sex, but I’ve also walked 2 miles cause I missed the bus and I didn’t have a car.
    • I just slept through school. Calling in meant you had to take the semesters unless you had an A in the class. So, show up, do nothing, same thing.
    • I had sex with my baseball umpire he had a cute mustache
      Woman 6d
    • Wait, that was a thing?
    • Ummmm no?
    • ...skipping school for sex is a thing? Wish the kids that did it in the bathrooms at my old high school got the memo.
    • Fucking slut
    • That's a negative
    • Since this will get lost in the comments, I sit on my arm before I beat my meat so it feels like I’m getting a handjob from someone else
    • I've skipped school to watch Anime
    • I feel like the only one who has skipped school to have sex
    • I skipped school to dye my hair (it’s blue)
    • I never skipped school.. and I regret it
    • ...with yo momma
    • On which planet was this?
      LlNK 6d
    • I skipped school to avoid everyone
    • The way society views sex today is disgusting.
      5 2
    • I went to school to have sex...
    • I mean college classes
    • Never skipped
      Baimmu 7d
    • I skipped cause mom wasnt home
    • I never skipped school cuz it got me away from my alcoholic stepfather
      jatzi 7d
    • Can’t say I’ve skipped for sex because I am and forever will be a virgin
    • I skipped to get stoned with my freinds
    • content not available more
    • I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18, y'all are just bad kids
    • I'm the 2nd guy
    • Sucks for u cuz I’m a good virgin Christian 😎😎
    • I skipped to go get food every other day
    • Even better...I skipped to play Fallout New Vegas
      _Risa 7d
    • I missed 5th period every day for 4 years xD
    • Slut
    • Pure squad??
    • Hahaha...haha...ha every girl I meet friend zones me
    • I'm still a virgin, kinda 😂
    • Kids in my damn middle school were skipping school to fuck
      1 1
    • Everyone in their thing right, but I didn't even was thinking in that shit, I wanted to skip school for playing with my Atari, Nintendo and Gameboy
    • I skipped school to smoke weed lol
      3 8
    • Not til college
    • What did i miss!!!!!???? 😟
    • I skipped school to go to work because my mother wasn't working.
    • No
    • I skipped school to sleep as well
    • I fucked in the foods room and the janitor walked in. She asked what we were doing and my girlfriend walked past super fast and said leaving
    • Same thing
    • Or just have sex IN school! My music teacher trusted me and a consenting female companion in a sound proof booth to practice our “instruments” and boy did we practice lmao 😂
      1 1
    • School is shit but skipping for sex is stupid, yall cant wait a few hours or find a janitors closet?
    • Yeah sex is cool... but have you ever clocked out of work?
      6 1
    • No, whore
    • I did that once, my gf and I went to the park and fucked in the car then took a nap and came to school around lunch, snuck in through the side doors and assimilated into the crowded hall as they were headed in the cafeteria
    • Lol no this chicks a hoe
    • I fucked after school, my gf never skips the same day as me
    • My friend would leave class head to the BR and text me, Id head down a few minutes later and we’d fuck
    • i skipper sleep to go to school
      VinceF 7d
    • if anyone is thinking that they’re a fucking whore
    • I mean, yeah, she right.
    • I skipped sex for school
    • #both
    • I don’t have to skip school, my teachers fuck me every day.
    • More likely to skip work for sex once in your life. Besides why skip school, when you could just do it AT SCHOOL!
    • Who the fuck just skipped school for a reason besides being sick? Is this some retard shit I’m too smart to understand??
    • That's a joke comment right?
    • I’ve never skipped school for sex. But I have skipped school for numerous reasons like; avoiding a virus going around. Avoiding a bomb threat. Avoiding controversy over a gang war (long story). And most importantly... just avoiding people who treated me like shit.
      2 3
    • Hahahaha thats funny.... so true and obviously everyone gets it... -_-
    • how about you just fuck after school
    • Yea I skipped school for work, sleep, xbox, gym. But never sex.
    • And look who ended up as a single mother with 3 kids leeching of the govt as a parasite. While the rest of us are studying to be something or have already gotten a good job.
      4 9
    • Nah, I waited until after I graduated
    • Did y'all know the average age of losing virginity is 16.9?
    • I skipped school to eat ceral and play video games
    • Yeah sex is cool, but have you ever been able access the teachers lounge.
      88TJay 7d
    • Both are me
    • I skipped school accidentally when I missed my alarm
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