• Armed suspect robs convenience store, gets shot by every customer inside sandrarose.com/?p=i 50828
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    • What it's like to rob a store in Texas
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    • Spun 15 jan
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    • That wasn’t in America. It was in Brazil.
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    • Now imagine if every responsible, law abiding citizen carried a gun. Do you think that anyone would try to commit crimes like these or worse, knowing that ANYONE could shoot them down? That’s how you defeat crime.
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    • When the good guys have guns they can protect themselves
      RubMyTummy 16 jan
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    • You see, this is why gun related crimes typically take place in gun free zones
      MrMister 16 jan
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    • See what happens when everyone is given the right to own and carry a gun? They're able to protect themselves and those around them
      Ludo_Pisces 17 jan
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    • Guns should never be taken from the people
      logandw31 16 jan
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    • There is also many stories about how Americans with concealed carries stopped what would be Mass shooting. But since that doesn't fit the guns are evil narrative no one knows about it.
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    • They were actually all off duty police officers who were their together. Like so people can see
      Goodridge 18 jan
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    • We wouldn’t have school shootings if everybody brought a gun to school
      free_bananaz 15 jan
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    • i don’t mean to be that guy but this happened in brazil and they were a group of off duty cops. i support the 2nd amendment though so chill
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    • America = Spicy Britain
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    • If there were gun control, only the robber would have a gun and he would have gotten away with it
      PleasePerish 15 jan
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    • Reminder that in the US alone, 500,000 to 3 million crimes are stopped by gun used in self defense. and if that's not proof enough, remember that 97.8% of all mass murder since the 1950s has occurred in gun free zones. Wishing to ban guns is tyrannical.
      Classic50s 15 jan
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    • Fact: Bad guys don’t stand a chance when every good guy around them is armed.
      GodHasHumor 17 jan
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    • And they still tryna take our guns
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    • Most armed robbers robbers have no intent to kill, but I guess he got what he deserved
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    • Here's the video if them shooting 👇 https://ifunny.co/fun/rXHGPLvy5
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    • The world is slowly realizing how America is fucking awesome with its gun laws
      OkGray 15 jan
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    • oWnIng GuNs DoeSNt StOp CRiMe
      Manako 15 jan
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    • That's actually Brazil and those are all off duty cops. The YouTube channel Active Self Protection did a breakdown of this shooting. Y'all should check them out, they do breakdowns of all kinds of shootings.
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    • How it feels to chew 5 gum
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    • Except this was in Brazil.
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    • This is why the right to bear arms is great.
      RebelRadio 17 jan
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    • This is why we need guns
      memeaddict16 17 jan
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    • This is how Texas works actually, because everyone has a gun everyone knows if they bust one out they would likely get shot by whoever was there
      ufunny10 17 jan
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    • Checkmate liberals
      byronboss777 16 jan
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    • Didn’t that happen in Brazil tho??
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    • TheAnarchist 15 jan
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    • This was is Brazil and there were 4 off duty cops in the store when a guy jumped off a motorcycle and tried to hold the store at gun point. Only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun
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    • And that’s why we don’t ban guns
      Kazax 15 jan
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    • This is why we shouldn’t have our guns taken away
      Jlong302 15 jan
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    • If we did this in every state no one would want to rob or pull a gun for fear of everyone shooting their ass
      jayked93 15 jan
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    • So it was an inconvenience store.......nobody?....... ok
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    • We call those inconvenience stores
      yehmon 15 jan
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    • Put that 2nd amendment to good use
      SantaLee 15 jan
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    • All bubble blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able bodied patron in the bar...
      _Cpt_Tucker_ 18 jan
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    • "But more guns more crime"
      featherlace 17 jan
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    • And there really is niggas out here tryin to say that guns will make things worse.
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    • That’s what I call a gang bang
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    • Isn’t it great that we have the right to protect ourselves
      MrIanDee 16 jan
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    • This was actually Brazil. They were a group of plain-clothes police officers. Brazilians problems require Brazilian solutions.
      HappyMedusa 15 jan
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    • Seriously this is what less gun control looks like. Shootings will be less deadly as well. Seeing as to how theyll get shot before too long
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    • That was actually in Brazil and they are plainclothed police officers
      Mayhem 15 jan
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    • Inconvenience store
      Sharknana 15 jan
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    • Except this was in Brazil...
      Superagent66 15 jan
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    • Yeahhhhh this was in Brazil chief.
      Freeform 15 jan
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    • Guess which store wont get robbed again. Violence solves problems.
      knowaspear 18 jan
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    • This happened a couple years back somewhere in South America. All of the customers where off-duty cops
      larddick 18 jan
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    • It was in brazil and if i remember correctly these were police officers
      Niceties 17 jan
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    • Guns don’t save people. People save people.
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    • It’s almost like guns work
      DaddyDankula 16 jan
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    • This is actually from brazil 😬
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    • CNN could never report this...
      WJK8 16 jan
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    • Dont want to die? Well then you shouldn't rob a fucking store in Texas. Now the rest of the country needs to follow suit. Only real way to solve problems is to solve them yourself.
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    • “Banning guns will make it safer” -dumbasses
      NGaiged 16 jan
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    • You know what that’s the way it should be
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    • This is how it should be
      Yeet_God 15 jan
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    • Wasn’t even in US
      Pilot1994 15 jan
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    • When you realize most gun violence in America is caused by its terrible gang problem. (especially true in gun free zones)
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    • That’s how it should be
      verotechyf1 15 jan
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    • Yup, only when the public is armed can the public be safe.
      RickIsGod 15 jan
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    • Guns save more lives then they kill
      05_13 15 jan
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    • That's how it should be.
      Raidenhatesu 15 jan
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    • Yeah, let's take the guns away from honest citizens so more places can get robbed.
      DaddyArcus 15 jan
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    • Remember when Texas held a Mohammed drawing contest as a Terrorist Trap? Yeah that really exists and it fucking worked.
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    • And you bastards want gun control 😂😂
      idfk_dude_ 15 jan
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    • Take away guns from law abiding citizens and the only people who will have guns is people who don’t care about laws.
      chop81 15 jan
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    • 1 this is like 5 years old and 2 it was in Brazil
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    • Only thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun
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    • Walks into store! Gimme all the money. Everyone in the store replies “welcome to Texas mother fucker” in perfect union followed by 43 gunshots
      jaketmayer 15 jan
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    • Play stupid games win stupid prizes
      B4RS 15 jan
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    • Think about this, if everyone had guns no one would rob stores cause they'd die
      Lord_Frank 15 jan
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    • What do you fuck heads not get by shall not be INFRINGED
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    • American problems require TEXAN solutions
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    • When a level 1 crook tries to to mess with level 10 hitmen
      Tedberd 18 jan
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    • The only problem is that there should be more gun
      Saltysaladz 16 jan
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    • Wasn’t this in Brazil?
      Auride 16 jan
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    • if hes pointing a gun at people of course they’re gonna retaliate
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    • If it works, it ain't stupid.
      ThatOneLass 16 jan
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    • except those were off duty brazilian cops
      DeehTeeh 16 jan
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    • And this is why we have the second amendment
      BranBitch 16 jan
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    • Oh but we gotta take away all Americans guns because pEoPle ShOoT pEOpLe
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    • Where the libs, where the libs, where the libs at? Looking retarded because a criminal got stopped by a good Gat
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    • High gun control areas have headlines like “store was robbed at gunpoint” where low gun control areas have headlines like this
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    • I think this happened in Brazil. They where all off duty cops.
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    • No, "world" problems require "texan" solutions.
      Silvius 16 jan
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    • This just proves if everyone has guns ppl will be to afraid to do dumb shit.
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    • This was from Brazil and those shooters were off duty officers.
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    • Just give all the students in high school guns and then no shootings will happen
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    • smile 5 1
    • Oh that happens all the time here in the republic of Texas
      rocketfuelx 16 jan
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    • But it’s not an American problem. It’s a global problem. Certain Americans (not leftists) just happen to know the best way to deal with it. Self defense.
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    • This is why everyone needs a firearm and needs to learn to use one properly
      Euskadiball 15 jan
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    • When you rush obj in rainbow
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