• Any country: *has oil* USA:
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    • Knock knock, it's the united states
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    • Late af
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    • I don’t watch the news I just get it from ifunny then google it lmao this is modern
      Dongavilde 19 jan
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    • PsychicPots 18 jan
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    • sangills 17 jan
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    • TLR_Eden 17 jan
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    • If they didn't wanna be rescued they shouldn't have had oil
      ScottHester 17 jan
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    • Same energy
      But_why_thoo 17 jan
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    • It’s true though. They are being rescued from their primitive, cave man, woman abusing , child raping, decapitation centric, lives.... I rest my case.
      itsreality 18 jan
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    • jonbong 18 jan
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    • Kolonial 17 jan
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    • Dickdude45 17 jan
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    • Caarrl 17 jan
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    • Spun 17 jan
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    • DrTrailMix 17 jan
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    • Movie is Rogue One, the only thing Disney has done right with Star Wars.
      LeTacoDaddy 17 jan
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    • This obese chick just asked me if she would make it through boot camp...now I’m an asshole for telling her she is to fat. Sorry but you wouldn’t make it through tape.
      Khajyeet 17 jan
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    • Still waiting for the U.S to actually make Liberty Prime
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    • Knock knock, it's the entitled states
      skobbles 18 jan
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    • And it’s taken by the same people who protect you from real tyranny so stop being a cunt and thank god you were born in the US OF A
      Noramctavs 17 jan
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    • When liberals hear about American involvement in the Middle East they whine. When they hear that Trump is pulling a Troops out of the Middle East they whine.
      TyCardwell 17 jan
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    • The united states didnt invade Iraq for oil and if you believe that you're an idiot
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    • samurai937 17 jan
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    • This > modern feminism
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    • Can’t “rescue” anyone if the government is shutdown
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    • *Sounds of helicopters and fortunate son slowly get louder over the horizon*
      kevy3015 17 jan
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    • Hey dat me
      SassyRobot 19 jan
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    • The US military doesn't go for oil they go for whatever conflict that allows them to expend their budget so they can receive a higher one every year. If they dont spend it all it gets lowered. Merica 🇺🇸
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    • USA when the country that hates them and threatens to kill anyone from their land has oil
      cumbum 17 jan
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    • I love the oil memes
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    • “Norway has no defenses and they have all the oil”
      parvismagna 17 jan
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    • Did some one say oil?
      SuperCelt21 17 jan
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    • It’s pronounced “liberated”
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    • If you’re American and you don’t like your country, please leave it so other grateful people from other countries can take your place.
      Freetair 17 jan
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    • The United states is the largest exporter of oil in the world asshat
      Steve_Reno 17 jan
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    • It's not our fault that the french and the British destroyed the entire middle east after WW1
      Riggle 17 jan
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    • This is how feminists see someone about to give them CPR
      Aussiecomic 17 jan
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    • *any country* *goes against Israeli interest* us: time to die for Israel
      KneeScars 17 jan
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    • Just hear me out. “The United Continents of America”
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    • Poisoning 17 jan
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    • Funny how we aren't "rescuing" Venezuela we would have the perfect excuse
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    • juneic 19 jan
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    • For the record... The US is definitely not the first or the only to do that... *Coughs* britian...
      Zappppppp 19 jan
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    • Why do we keep making these memes when we are the largest provider of natural gas and coal to the world? Not to mention how we'll soon be exporting more oil than we're taking largely in thanks to fracking.
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    • K-2 is the best new star wars character
      donotdie 18 jan
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    • Rip my nigga K2SO
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    • Let’s be honest tho, most countries the US has intervened in (despite being for oil) the quality of life has improved greatly
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    • JayBerwari 18 jan
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    • *Laughs in freedom*
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    • Seriously? The USA is out producing more oil than any other country. Gas in Virginia is under $ 2.00 a gallon
      Raider1965 17 jan
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    • “Fortunate son” intensify’s
      iSonGoku 17 jan
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    • Usa sticks their dick where their dick is not welcome almost 24/7
      bleazy710 17 jan
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    • We are in the Middle East for Israel. The US is forced to protect the Jews.
      TexasisRich 17 jan
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    • ViscountSB 17 jan
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    • Ok.. BUT the problem is when all those country’s are having a “conflict” everyone seems to look at America like “well aren’t you going to step in and help” then when we do we are turned into the bad guys.. but if we don’t.. we are the bad guys.. you figure it out..
      artic50000 17 jan
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    • MemePapp 17 jan
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    • America is the #1 oil producing country in the world. We don’t need that sand monkey shit
      mattswall 17 jan
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    • Spend $50 billion on countries that hate us * complete silence * Suggest spending 5 Billion at home * crowd goes wild. Anger. Rage. *
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    • It's funny because it's true
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    • Jabs 17 jan
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    • It's not the USA as a whole, it's the political elite and military industrial complex who lie to initiate most of these wars so they can break stuff, strip the resources, then send in contractors to rebuild.🖕
      Hog_Demon 17 jan
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    • MrMemerGuy 17 jan
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    • Britain and France: let's allow the middle East to have their independence since they helped us defeat the ottoman empire...SIKES
      Nick10101 17 jan
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    • Name one country that the U S has taken over and taken their oil
      smile 5 8
    • But in reality America has the most oil in the world, cough cough Texas
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    • I wish we wouldnt rely so much on oil and reverted back to חigger power. Sure it's less efficient, but at least we weren't destroying the environment and חiggers were doing something other than shooting each other.
      Lewddacris 17 jan
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    • Like if you haven’t finished red dead redemption 2 yet.
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    • Remember when we basically put Japanese people in concentration camps
      dakidtoast 17 jan
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    • I have been on this app for 1,000 days and still no top comment. All I want for Christmas is too comment for once 😞
      smile 8 9
    • Anybody want some FREEDOM 🇺🇸 💪
      MyName8012 17 jan
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    • As a soldier I am fully aware and okay with us taking resources from other nations. That is how things have worked for eons. The strong get the resources.
      knowaspear 17 jan
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    • The US is the number one producer of oil in the world. We are on track to export it. We’ve imported progressively less oil since we invaded
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    • Maybe they shouldn't have had our oil
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    • USA gets most oil from USA. Blood for oil isn’t real
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    • Fuck off
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    • We need it more than they do.
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    • Democracy has arrived just watch out for its blast radius!
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    • He’s so creepy looking.
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    • Did someone say IMPERIALISM???
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    • US is now the biggest exporter of oil in the world. Civil war 2.0 here we come!
      scotty7281 18 jan
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    • Exept venezuela for some reason, ike actually, it has the biggest reserve of oil and they have a very good excuse, since its a communist country, they have no money and their citizens are suffering, basically north korea but a non existing military and defenses
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    • You're welcome for the fucking gas in your car.
      xGainedlifex 17 jan
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