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I was
22 year old crybaby who had his GF of a year cheat on me.
I drink a
handle of whiskey and
call my dad in a
drunken mess to pick me up.
He is yelling at me as we
drive to grow up.
I tell him to pull over
and let me out.
He says no
I threaten to jump out of moving vehicle.
he accelerates very fast and says I dare you.
Ok dad and
I jump out.
Wake up in hospital and then get put in psych ward.
Young black girl in psych ward with me
claims she had died several times and we are
in a
false dimension.
she has cutting scars
all over
her wrist and neck.
She is very pretty but honestly scares
the shit out of everyone there with her loud outburst.
Had a tone in her voice
that would pierce your soul.
I am
interested and always try talking to her about the false dimension.
She says that our current dimension is hell for sins
committed on
the true dimension.
Says the true dimension has beings made of
gelatin materials and death is not possible.
Only sent to different dimensions for committing crimes.
Will never
explain how she knows this and 1 do not
believe her but do not
tell her this.
She starts to trust me
and gives me a
palm reading.
This is a
big deal because she freaks out about physical contact.
She says I have a
mind that can se
what she sees?
Ask if want to see
the true dimension?
I get nervous
by the look in her eyes but do not believe so say yes.
She grabs my hand very tightly and puts her head down mumbling.
I feel a warm
tingling sensation take over my whole body.
I feel like I am going to black out and am
getting very dizzy.
The walls start shaking and melting and
I say stop but she just continues to mumble.
I panic and start screaming and the gorillas come
running in and needle us
both in the ass.
I wake up
restrained in a
bed and they extend my stay by another 2 weeks.
I do not mention what she said she was
showing me out of fear of sounding crazy and not
being allowed to leave.
Just say she grabbed me
Never see
her again.
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