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'There is no shortage ofhereses these days.
{you wantto adopt some blasphemous, perverted, un house mr reflection of Chistanty.ou wl nda vetable but of options. You can sitthrough al te variants and buld your oan
lie pelversion the Fah' lee Cream Social Chistanty make your un sundae! (Or Sunday, ast ere)
'And, ofall tne heretical choles, probably the most common and possibly the most damaging -Is what ve comet cal tre Nce Doctine
'The propagators of he Nce Doctrine can be seen and heard fom anytime any Christan takes any bold stance on any cultural issue, or uses harsh language of any kind or condemns any
'inl ack or ghis against ev wh any fore or conviton at al As soon as he or she lands and sys This is wrong, andl wil nt compromise, te herebes svogD In wih Hel SY
They insist nat Jesus was a nice man, and tnat He never would have done anything to upset people. They say that He came down from Heaven to preach tolerance and acceptance, and He
\wovldn t have Used wards iat might lead to hut feelings. They concen sermonize abouta meek ang mild Messiah who was bor into tis Ertl realm on a mission to spark
'The Delivers in Nce Jesus are usualy ignorant Senplure,buttey do know that He was "ends win prostitutes and once said something abouthow ike, we shouldnt gettoo ticked of
about tu, or whatever nei minds he's esventally a supematural Cneseh Marin,
Read the comments under my previous post about gay rights multants, and you see this heresy illustrated, That post prompted an especialy noteworthy email fom someone concerned that not being "Citi;
Because "cal people names. He sain part
"You arentspreading Chistaniy when you take trat The whole message of Jesus was that ue shouldbe nce to people because we want emt be nico us, Thats how we can allbe happy. Period. ts mat simple:
Be ice o me ibe nce to you, and wel abe happy. This is the sol message o Christa? Real?
Jesus Chis preached
a Tru no deeper or more complex than a slogan on a poster ina kindergarten classroom? Really?
'A provocative claim, say he least. decided to investigate He mato, and sure enough found his excerpt fom the Sermon onthe Mount.
"were best tends lke tends shouldbe. wh a great Ig hug, and a His tom meto you, won't you say you love me oo?" Actual, wa, sory, hat' om te orignal Barney theme song. God help us, We've turned te Son
'of Goa into a purple anosaur puppet
"Tere no way to be certain, but most theologians believe tat despite popular perception Christlooked nothing ike this. I don trecognize this Jesus.
'This moderate, Tis pacifst This nice guy
He's nottne Jesus read aout inthe ible, [read ofa stong, manly, str, and bold Savor. Compassionale, yes Forgiving, ofcourse. Loving, always loving. But not partcuarty nce
He condemned. He denounced. He caused touble. He csrupted he established order.
'Qn one occasion or atleast one recorded orcasion
He used violence. This Jesus saw te money changers in he temple and how aid He respond? He wasnt polite about even say He was downrightintolerant He
'fashioned awnip (hiss wnatine awyers would call premeditator) ana physical dove te merchants avay, He turned over tables and shouted He caused
a scene [John 2:15]
Assault a deadly weapon, Vandalism. Disturbing the peace, Worse sl, intolerance,
In tke words notice. Net nie atl. Anonymous 02/02/16 (Tue) 00:3401 10: 020546 No 247903 seis mes aci meus mesa
File oie 1454353641138 on 0722820032, 203% 2 tara
Can you imagine how some moderate, lous, nice Christians ofoday would recto tna spectacle inthe Temple? Can you envision he proponents ofthe Nice Doctine, win hel wagging
'ingers ana te passive aggressive sighs? Im sure ey d send Jesus a patonzing eral perhaps leave a disapproving comment under te news ale about te inciden reminding
'Jesus tat Jesus would nave So what Jesus usta,
Personal, Ive studied the New Testament and found nota single instance of Ciscaling fora lalogue' vt ei or seeking te middle ground on an issue. see an absolutst, unatald
ofcontotaton see a man who did not waver orgie credence othe her side. see someone who never once avoided a aispute by saying hat el just agre to disagree.
see a Cristo calls he Scribes and Pharisees snakes and vipers. He labels them murderers and bind guides and riicules hem publicly [Mathew 2333) He undermines their
'uthony, He insults tem. He castgates them, He's not very nice fo them. Jesus rebukes and condemns In Mathew 18, He ublzes morbid and violent imagery, saying Watt would be beter
to grow in he sea win a stone around your neck an to ham a Chi, Ha our modem polcians been afound wo thousand Years ago, Tm sue they'd go On te cable news shows and
'Shake tetrneads and insist at here's no place fr tat kind of language: No place forte language of God
Jesus deliberately aid and sai things tat He knew would unset people. He sired up dvsion and controversy. He provoked. He didnt have to break fom estabshed customs, butt da
'He lon tnaveto heal nat man shana onthe Sabbath, tnoving how would astro ofers and cause tem immense taton, bt He ia, and He dl so wih anger [Mark 35] He coula
'have gone wh he fowa ie bit He coula have eniled outand letbygones be bygones, bute didnt he could have been diploma, Dl He wasn
He could have told everyone to ela, but instead He made them uncomfortable. He could have putthem atease, but chose to putthem on edge.
He convinced te mob notto stone the adulerer Lion 8). and youl notes that He then tured to her and tla her to stop sinning. Indeed, never once did He encounter sin and corupton and say: "Hey. do your thang
homies. Just have fun. YOLOP The flowers ofNce Jesus love to quoi the 'tron te frst stone verse and for good reason tsa beautful and compelling story bul you rarely hea' menton of he exchange hat
'ecursjsta few sentences later n nal very same chapter Jon 8:44, Jesus rebukes unbeleving Jews and calls tem sons of te Dev
'Wow Thatwasnt nic, Jesus
'int anyone ever et you nat you can cate more les wih honey, Jesus? Ofcourse, you's aten evan more fies wit) a mound af garbage, so maybe calzhing fies' isn tte point While ver often reminded mat Jesus
al, le by the suora. le by te sword we seem to ignore Ns oMer sword references Like when Ne old his disciples o sell er cloaks and buy a sword [Luke 22] or when He Said Tat He 'ion comet bring peace, but
3 ord (Mathew 10)
Now fs tue that He Is God and we are not Jesus can say whatever He wants o say. Butwe are called to belie Crist uhich begs the queston: whatis Chis ike?
'Well Hes, among other tings, uncompromising, Hes intolerant of ev. Hes isuptve, He is sometimes harsh. He is sometimes impolite, He is sometimes angry. He is always loving,
Christ was not and ie nota cosmie guidance counseler, and He is net mankind's best tend, nor cid He call us to be. He made dogs fr nat ole
our destiny is more substantial, and our pat titi far more ehalengingI
and dangerous. And nce?
"mera does nice actor into his? Nee: atiabe, peachy, eval Anonymous 02102/16 (Tue) 00350110: 020646 No 247008 20:00 sane sue saio
Fle ads 1454331370 1218 Jo ca erro 2431 Eta
Nice has nothing to do wih Chistanty. ve got nothing against nice rice is nice buteven señal Killers can De nice to people. They generally are exceptionally fable, except when
they're murdering. Tatmeans they're nice o. ke, 87 o 98 percent of everyone they meet
guess they' following Chistaimostall ofthe bm ight? And tolerance?
Tolerance ls easy. Any coward can lear o tolerate something, Tolerance sinacton; ifolerance Is acton. We are called refuse to tolerate evi. We are called to get angry atitand
actvely work o destroy it
"noi have guess = anger is far more god than tolerance ever could be.
'Obviously Fm not suggesting tat angers automatically or even usualy, Just. Ort exit ghisous anger; rghtzous angers te sot of anger that natural is our soul when we
Eontent he depts 0/depradiy and an. Ris wrong to seee wih rape because someone cut us of in Wafc or goselpe about us behind our Dac, bukit also wrong to feel no anger when
babies ae murdered and te Inston ofthe ams is undermined and ataches,
'Angers good when itis directed at things hat fend notus, but God. Juas Chis inoerance, ike te intolerance we're commanded to have, stems fom a deseo save souls and
defend Tah
Even when we have igteous anger, we do nothave cal blanche to acton tin anyway we please. But according to the Bible, there ae bmes o use strong language, there are imes to cause a scene, tere are bmes fo
Tur people feelings, and iets ate tres when we might need i use physical ore.
Jesus ol U totum the other cheek when we are personaly attacked; He never fold us fo tum our bacs entrely anales spread and evil grow.
'So, enough withthe niceties
'Chistans in his county sound too similar to he the Golden Girls song, and nat enough ike the Bate Hymn ofthe Republi. There's foo much hank you for being
fend' and not enough 'lightening tom Hs tele sui
'sword: We're all hugging and singing Kumbaya, wen we should be marching and shouting Hallelujah. We're nice Chistans with our nice Jesus, and we are vampled on wihout protest.
Enough, already.
Link its me tna Onvistaniy regain Rhino sit; e spit of Christ. thinks time we ask that queston: What would Jesus do" And Ink its me we answerit rutfl: Jesus would iptables and ye Maybe we
ought falow sui.
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