• Lmao its nagasaki part 2
      816 9
    • King Gidorah, Rodan, AND Mothra in MY GODZILLA MOVIE!?!? Sign me tf up.
    • Yeah. I loved how in the last movie there was barely any monster fighting that we could see because what’s most important is some stupid dumb fuck trying to find his stupid wife. I mean it’s not like I go to see Godzilla movies for monster fights for fuck sake. We got maybe 5 minutes of fights
    • Fuck that movie
    • I grew up on Godzilla movies in the 80's. Still love them all. The new ones are dope though
    • Oh, no shit. One is made by Hollywood, a trillion dollar industry that advertises it everywhere, and the other is a Japanese based company that doesn’t distribute to America except for a few thousand theaters
      1 6
    • Honestly the Toho ones aren't bad except for the Showa series we dont talk about the Showa era although some of the monsters did have great designs
    • The fuck
    • I'm genuinely excited to see my boi King Gidorah. I know he's probably going to die in the upcoming movie, but I love my dragon nonetheless
      AshCat 8d
      4 1
    • Maybe cuz it wasn't a retarded guy in a rubber suit lol
      2 4
    • Godzilla can easilly kill king Kong. Change my mind
      7 9
    • That guy follows me on instagram
    • More anticipated? More hyped? You uncultured pig. Not swine. Just uncultured pig.
      4 1
    • America makes everything better
    • >Literally a metaphor for atrocities committed by America (In the eyes of Japan) >America loves it
    • Shin Godzilla from Japan in 2016 was the best godzilla movie ever made: change my mind
      7 2
    • You reply to a lot of people.
      Raharu 9d
    • Yeah but all it is is anticipation and hype
    • Yo tywins in it though
    • Nah they made Rodan OP asf
    • Yeah, no shit. Because it’s coming out in the states and not just japan. Obviously more people are gonna be hype.
    • Making some Mighty high assumptions there pal
      4 1
    • This is more appropriate for Zilla since Japan quickly bought the rights back for.
    • It’s got too many villains to be good and its to early to reveal king Ghiddoriah
    • I'm hyped for the new movies
      TDogB 10d
    • And it was fucking shit
      1 1
    • Legend of the longneck on Instagram
    • Godzilla V King Kong
      1 2
    • Okay but the newer American Godzilla was way better than Shin Godzilla. I never expected Japan to mess up their own monster.
      5 18
    • New Godzilla looks hype af I can’t wait, shin wasn’t bad but I think with Americans having such better tech and funds we get acclimated to stuff like cgi more.
      2 4
    • Hi I’m Becky from Corpus Christi crematorium you kill em we grill em
      _honky 10d
    • The trailer for the new Godzilla movie literally looks like they took that one Gamecube game “godzilla: destroy all monsters” and made it into a movie. Big rsn I recognized everyone 😂
      2 1
    • 1 1
    • Shin Godzilla is the best Godzilla, fight me
      1 4
    • I personally didn’t like the low def Japanese version. It was poorly executed
      1 2
    • Rizard
    • Bruh wait till shin godzilla 2 is announced
      shlup 10d
      2 5
    • America is just awesome at making movies.
      3 2
    • When the US makes the Hunger Games which is basically Japan’s Battle Royale but with a happy ending for the kiddies.
    • Shin Godzilla was shit. It was an ugly ass chicken and Japanese politics
      3 1
    • Shin Godzilla?
    • What about Shin Godzilla?
      2 1
    • But japan came up with it and made more than 100 godzilla movies, made tv shows about godzilla and has been referenced in many comic books and commercials and has the best original godzilla roar. Also don’t forget, godzilla fought the freakin avengers
    • “Theya storr mai rizzzarrrd”
      garble 10d
    • TouhouStuff look what it says
    • Doubt it’s gonna be any better than “Bambi meets Godzilla”
    • When’s the second Godzilla coming out? This month or next month?
      Corziba 10d
    • Well actually fun fact so Legendary studios had to “recreate” the roving for their Godzilla which in the after credits scene shows that their are more Kaiju even in Kong skull island there is a picture of Godzilla and both Toho and Legendary’s Godzilla’s can exists in the same universe
      2 3
    • Shin Godzilla was still god tier, no matter how good this new one is (though the trailers are promising)
      Nobs2ya 10d
      4 2
    • Which one is that
    • Nah but the one coming out in may this year looks fucking awesome
    • How was that not a headshot 🤬🤬🤬
    • That a raging Goliath from borderlands 2?
    • If you're talking about the one that came out a few years ago, it was fucking trash. It was mostly just people running around panicking for an hour and a half, with 10 minutes of screen time for Godzilla
      2 24
    • Godzilla is actually Bosnian and I can prove it
    • Godzilla movies are the pinnacle of the same thing over and over, and it’s not even interesting once
      1 2
    • Godzilla was born in international waters. So technically it's American.
      2 1
    • in japan its actually called godzirra Im not even lieing
    • (Insensitive joke about nukes)
      3 1
    • cumbum 10d
    • Aye yo boy longneck
    • Ha i get it, cus They are yellow people race haha
    • Mal0 10d
    • Japan's latest Godzilla movie has the soundtrack composed by Shiro Sagisu, he's my favorite of all time
    • But they made their own after called "Shin Godzilla" (Gojira in Japan)... It actually makes it feel like it's in the real world rather than the movie relm... It's worth the watch (Japanese version with subtitles), watch the "atomic breathe" scene on YouTube you wont be disappointed
      6 4
    • It's cuz japan makes fucking boring movies half the time, then make all the rest bizzare as shit. Either way you regret it so of course people are hype about a potential good one finally
      3 11
    • content not available more
    • As if American Godzilla movies are remotely close to being as good as Japanese Godzilla movies
      11 10
    • Shin Godzilla is still better
      3 5
    • An accurate and good Godzilla meme made a feature? Long live the King!
      uzi787 10d
      5 1
    • 6 2
    • I knew they were gearing up to make Kong fight Godzilla! That had to be the reason behind his immense size in the latest Kong movie! FUCK YESS! Mark my words now. K O N G W I N S
      BEETZ 10d
      4 7
    • Legendary only has rights to make one more Godzilla movie after this new one, Godzilla vs King Kong. I’d like to see this world expand, it’s done fairly well so far.
    • Fr i was super hoping for a Godzilla after Shin Godzilla sad they canned it
    • When zuckerburg gets stolen from the illuminati
    • Godzilla 2014 was hot garbage, though
      3 6
    • 2014 Godzilla was great, can't wait for KotM. Just bcuz something isn't original doesn't make it bad. The story that went along with 2014 Godzilla was fun imo.
      3 3
    • Shin Godzilla’s the best
    • This is payback for creating Anime
    • Toho has plans for a cinematic universe once they get Godzilla's rights back, so there's something to be even MORE hyped for
      7 6
    • All the American Godzilla movies are fucking garbage change my mind
      2 7
    • Tojo* you fuckin idiot
      1 1
    • Toho’s Godzilla movies will always be cherished
      1 1
    • I don't remember watching an American Godzilla movie I really enjoyed
      2 3
    • The anime Godzilla trilogy was quite good
      1 2
    • You don’t even know my real name. I’m the fucking lizard king
    • Shin Godzilla was awesome
      1 1
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