• Huskee
      Back up so the door slams her in the side
      Huskee 14d
    • jayayna
      I think the camera caught her at a bad time
      jayayna 13d
    • nathan2016grad
      I know the couple that this picture is from, it’s just a bad frame of a video, she was actually really happy.
    • Gryffindor
      Y’all are crazy. It looks like she opened the door and is surprised and is just about to smile, like when you close your eyes and break into a grin. The person who took the picture just snapped it early.
    • ShelSilverstein
      Y’all don’t have any context to this photo, but are already judging. Maybe they aren’t together and he’s just making a shit ton of advances that she isn’t comfortable with
    • mialovesyou1993
      I had a boyfriend few years ago that every time he did something majorly fucked up he would bring me roses after so I completely understand this look
    • Useless_Post_It_Note
      Damn she probably smiled a second after but the initial look is "what?" Cuz it's a surprise ya fucks painting her dirty
    • eye_cant_stop
      There’s probably 2 sides to this story. A) She’s an ungrateful whore. B) He fucked her little sister and thought the flowers would make up for it.
    • _Lonk_
      or... it’s just an awkward photo, in between facial expressions
      _Lonk_ 14d
    • Be_gone_thot
      He caught her mid face extension it just looks like she looking down and about to smile
    • ohigetitnow
      I mean everyone’s judging this chick, but I’ll bet he did something fucked up and is trying to curry favor with all this shit and she’s like, ‘you fucked Lindsay, Jeff. This doesn’t make up for it’
    • CodyBill
      There's probably backstory to this.
    • Matthias859
      "Ugh! my guy-friend that I've been giving mixed signals to is getting too clingy. Time to fuck the guy that doesn't want anything to do with me unless it involves my pussy."
    • Gregorey
      Bruh, I got my gf of two years a $550 bracelet from jared’s and she scolded me before taking it. Ya’ll mf’s know I kept the god damn receipt
    • Ryuker
      Give them to her friends😈
      Ryuker 14d
    • neongrvestones
      Y’all always say women jump to conclusions but y’all are over here hating on this girl you’ve never met because of a picture that’s out of context
      No matter how many times I’ve seen this the amount of wanting to slap the dog shit out that women has not decreased. Ungrateful ass broads.
    • rdunn1
      He's buying her flowers to make up for cheating, she's looking at him that way cause you can't buy your way out of it
      rdunn1 14d
    • TheOtherCyrus
      That's like 80$ worth of shit
    • RandomFactEveryNowAndThen
      I feel that's just an unfortunate image before she realizes that there is something in the seat/what it is
    • Conditioning
      One picture with no context. You guys jump to conclusions to much.
    • TheRedBeardedBastard
      It was probably the first picture taken before she reacted lol
    • CatEyes
      Literally looks like she’s about to start smiling. A picture taken at the wrong time doesn’t mean shit
      CatEyes 14d
    • GrannyThiccness
      hahaha yeah cause one split second picture shows everything hahaha she’s a bitch, guys!
    • fire_kitten_SWL
      One interpretation- this is another "nice" guy pushing a girl into an unwanted romantic relationship.
    • iMeliodasSama
      I’m willing to bet this was picture was taken right before her reaction
    • zrated1k
      That there is a cheaters face
    • Terby1
      Shes either allergic to it, or the pic looks like that because she was in the process of starting to cry. Yall just ppst whatever you get. Smh.
      Terby1 13d
    • LunaRose1029
      Yo what the hell I would nearly cry if my boyfriend did that for me fuck this thot
    • smotherteresa
      She shouldnt be that picky with a nose like the wicked witch of the west
    • HiMoMnDaD
      She just got done telling everyone you treat her like shit and never buy her anything look
    • Dumb_Ass_
      Some women don't deserve to be treated with respect.
    • ThePoint1Percent
      There are a ton of explanations for why she wouldn’t appreciate this. Or it could be just a poorly timed photo. That’s my guess.
    • Flyawaymelody142
      This really might just be her face shifting from looking at it to a response/smile. Y’all can’t be assuming like that.
    • SqueebopBadoo
      She LOOKS like a total bitch
    • TravisMofuggaWilliams
      Her face says she was expecting some Louis Vuitton
    • Psycho_CatLady
      Or maybe she opened the door, saw the stuff and her brain didn't immediately recognize what it was. If I had to guess this was a screenshot from a video
    • Kyrabe
      🤔 What if that's an "apology" gift? Like, how bad would a partner need to f*ck up to get that reaction? Creative Ideas welcomed!
      Kyrabe 14d
    • Seraphx
      "Omg, these aren't diamonds"
      Seraphx 14d
    • Arsevere
      Tbh they probably just caught her mid expression
    • blueberry08
      Boy thats the beginning of a smile just taken at the wrong moment
    • Hayley512
      I wouldn't be able to get in the car because I would be crying hysterically...I love when my guy surprises me with a freaking chcoclate bar! She is a bitch
    • kat_yvmv
      Maybe she's allergic? 🤷🏽 I used to have a girlfriend who was allergic to not being a total cunt
    • HereForTheComment
      Maybe she just wanted to sit in the damn car, but now has to move everything. It's the internet, that stuff might not even be for her but she has to move it all to get in the car
    • DougtoBob
      There are two sides of every coin...this guy did some thing bad, oooooor she's disrespectful
    • elsniper
      Dumbass prolly like well where the fuck am I gonna sit
    • thiccie_smols
      Guys she just opened the door she was probably about to smile or make a different facial expression. We all look terrible in pictures caught off guard, y’all should be attacking so fast. And you never know if this is some guy who’s in the friendzone and won’t get the message that she’s not interestd
    • Wozer
      Or this is a pic that caught her off guard? Looks like she opened the door and hasn’t had time to react properly
      Wozer 14d
    • karentookmykidstoo
      Lucky bitch I don't even get compliments😂
    • Awes0me_0ne_69
      Okay it is shitty if someone gives you that look but like what if it is someone she is just friends with and the kid is deep in the friend zone and now she’s in an awkward spot bc she has to be like thanks buddy
    • verboom
      In the story on the news it states that she had an allergy to flowers and knew her boyfriend put them there to spite her.
      verboom 14d
    • HentaiBishop
      Actually! In the video here she barely opened the door but she gets REALLY excited afterwards. Also I just made this up
    • douchecanoe321
      Okay but what if the dudes friend zoned an he keeps doin cute shit making it awkward to hang with him anymore
    • angrypatrick
      I feel like it’s a video of her reaction and that’s as soon as she opened the door so she didn’t process it yet
    • thubar
      I fucking hate women like this, even if you don't like it, show some fucking gratitude!
      thubar 14d
    • Tatltael121
      Today my husband brought me a $2 iced coffee because I stayed up too late reading my book and it was the sweetest thing ever
    • petesucks
      You guys are judging based on a photo 😂😂 Jesus Christ.
    • johnnyred2000
      Imagine your girl making that face after buying them some flowers ? Guess ima have to cheat on you then
    • Apiphany
      How the fuck you guys know her reaction from 1 pic this could be her mid smiling, god learn to care about context
    • alvie96
      Fuck a receipt I'm driving off and eating the chocolate and giving the flowers to my mom and grandma and tell them both they need to go to someone who actually matters
      alvie96 14d
    • slimshady28
      Kinda looks like she’s about to smile tho... but honestly that’s my face when I’m outside and it’s bright lol
    • 40oz
      Liberals have trained them for decades to not be grateful for anything.
      40oz 14d
    • Sketchman911
      I'm willing to bet her name is Karen...
    • Eye_Hay_Chew
      Bruh my ex was like that. Glad shes gone bruh. I wont lie bein single is tops
    • MonyC
      Flowers and chocolate? Cliche, yeah. Would I eat it and be grateful? You bet ur ass I will
      MonyC 13d
    • Mitchybitch
      Literally returned a nice ass necklace yesterday
    • ____M_____
      I made mine a comic book wallet once, to replace hers that was stolen. I’d never been to a comic store. Took 8 hours. She cried. And then she left me for another guy a few months later. There’s no receipt to return a destroyed heart.
    • Bucktasty
      Dishwashers can’t be ungrateful
    • Lilbitchassfuckboi
      "This doesn't make me forget that you fucked my sister."
    • TheMuufinMan
      She likes it she is just upset that she has to move it to get in the car
    • AnneAuthor
      Actually, I want to know what he did. He fucked up and that's the face of a girl who wants to be mad.
    • ThelocalMemeDealer
      She a thot
    • garbage_bag
      Bro maybe she literally just didn’t know how to react we have no idea how she responds to gift giving in general
    • Savi1
      Who would honestly be happy with flowers anyways? I mean sure it's romantic but it's 2019, no female wants to sniff on roses and slow dance the night away anymore
      Savi1 14d
    • inks7
      Fuck that bitch‼ Fuck that bitch‼
      inks7 14d
    • Acity18
      that actually looks like the face of someone realizing they talked too much before hand about not getting gifts for valentines and then surprise motha fucka
      Acity18 14d
    • MonkeyHous3
      How bad did you fuck up?
    • CasVIPvegas
      Every girl I've dated named Britney gave me this face
    • Ev4Marvel
      She probably just opened the door and her face just looks like that when he took the pic.
    • Simmer0_0
      They always take the picture at the worst time, that could have been before her big reaction
    • Ka05
      She looks awfully basic.... she likes wearing her uggs too Starbucks
      Ka05 12d
    • hashymo
      Shit you give me that look and im taking off just to hand the chocolates and flowers to and random ladie just out of spite.
      hashymo 13d
    • JeremyStocker1
      I did not know that hoes came with receipts.
    • ikillyou344
      Can you even return flowers i dont think so. Why not just return the bitch instead.
    • _ProfessorFinesser_
      That's why bitches ain't shit
    • LitteringAnd
      Flowers don’t help after “accidental” anal, Tom!
    • biscutz_gravy
      Some of us single ladies would kill for that and your lucky ass looks like that?? Idek anymore
    • 711_parkinglot
      If someone gave me a fuckin rock they found that they think is cool I’d probably cry tf is this bitch doing with her life
    • blueberrybeans
      I would die if my boyfriend did something like this for me why she gotta be so ungrateful
    • ArgueSerious
      She looks like she needs to drive her own ass home.
    • marblesoup
      My instinct is to say fuck this bitch but it could just be a dude that misread the situation. I don’t want to jump to conclusions like fucking Karen
    • whoreifying
      this is just a picture, she could have smiled and been really excited literally seconds later. People immediately attacking without knowing the whole story are incels
    • acedce
      The fact that incels are mad at what is probably a bad timed pic makes my hope go away
      acedce 14d
    • U4EA
      Yall dont know, the pic couldve been timed badly
      U4EA 14d
    • chirpfest
      I would tell her “yea, all this stuff is for your sister Megan. Would you like to get in the back seat and ride over to her house and see the smile on her face?”
    • Communist_Narwhal
      im sorry, what? You’re really ungrateful? Really? Do you know how few guys actually take time to pick out nice things for girls they care for?
    • Cheap_Keef
      Fuck that hoe
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