• *broke washed up actor
      3.2K 613
    • Thank god
      Joshua 19 dec
      1.9K 32
    • You guys do realize that sets a really bad precedent for media in general. Public domain and shit
      Clout_Dog 19 dec
      12 2
    • Nah he’s being a bitch about it
      Downloading 23 dec
      11 2
    • He’s actually being a little bitch though. I hate fortnite just as much as the next guy but cmon man... you’re reachin.
      10 11
    • However trash Fortnite is, lets not pretend trying to copyright a fucking dance isn't bullshit
      TheCARDINAL 20 dec
      11 4
    • Why tf do people hate on fortnite so much, kids have always done dumb shit, its part of the reason being a kid is fun, you did it to when you were a kid
      _bishwaa_ 20 dec
      9 8
    • The actor who played Turk in Scrubs also wants to press charges, and I guess the backpack kid too. You can absolutely trademark dances. Think about it: you can't include the Macarena in anything you're profiting over without paying royalties because it's a *trademarked dance*. Y'all salty af.
      9 6
    • You can't copy write or trademark a series of movements ie a dance. Good luck with that lawsuit buddy.
      PewDiePie 19 dec
      10 2
    • What's funny is that fortnite isnt even the only game with emote dance ..... they just know forntire has money now so they found something to attack 😂 destiny has practically all the same dances and no shade is thrown
      Mar_theGnar 23 dec
      9 6
    • It’s funny all the salty 12 year olds in the comments that haven’t seen fresh prince and are trying to defend epic games
    • He won’t win though, it’s not trademarked
      Serpico_sama 19 dec
    • This is not good if he wins that means we have less freedom of parody or to dance because if this keeps up people will start sueing over colors in games and movies because "it's in their piece of work"
      8 2
    • Copyrighting a dance is a ridiculously complicated and frowned upon process that he likely has not gone through. He is going to lose
      YermTerragon 19 dec
    • Suing over a dance is stupid, change my mind
      Thiefbuddy 19 dec
      9 8
    • Why doesn't he sue other games for the same thing? Destiny has his dance doesn't? That just means he was jumping on a bandwagon for money
      AnimePosts 19 dec
    • I know that if Fortnite wasn’t so pointlessly hated he wouldn’t have sued the game. Just a popularity play.
    • _Poland_ 20 dec
    • You can't copyright a physical movement
      8 15
    • Doesn’t make sense cuz it wasn’t even his show it’s NBC’s and THEY own carlton’s persona
    • As much as I hate fortnite, you can't trademark a dance move. Plus, he's irelavant.
      Explosivo 20 dec
      7 1
    • I don’t get it that dance is in so many games like tf2 and destiny and so much others and he decides he wants to sue fortnite... ok
      IzVideoGamer 20 dec
      6 5
    • You can’t copyright human movement
      _Orin_ 20 dec
      6 5
    • It’s just funny they will all lose you can not copy right a dance or a saying the Supreme Court has already ruled that it would go against the first amendment
      6 5
    • I hate fortnite but as a law student I’m telling you rn he has absolutely no chance of winning
    • Everyone calling it pathetic would probably do it themselves too if they thought someone was making money off of something they created.
      CoSeeker 19 dec
      6 3
    • Idiot sues fortnite over something he never trademarked and performed on a nationally televised show that he also owns no rights to
      Joemane25800 19 dec
      8 2
    • I just copyrighted walking. sorry y’all. give me your money.
      7 1
    • You can't trademark human movement dumbass -.-
      diZZy0 19 dec
      6 1
    • Stop saying it’s just a dance the point is they didn’t credit him in anyway or ask for permission.
      SENTR 21 dec
      5 3
    • Can’t copyright or trademark movement the suit is never going through
      5 2
    • As much as I hate fortnight this is kind of a bitch move
    • The people that hate fortnite are wayyyyy more annoying than the people that play it
    • He’s not gonna win the case, change my mind
    • I would be proud that MY dance would be in a game played by millions of people.... But I think he just needs the money
      Blackylee88 20 dec
    • He doesn’t even own it, he stole it from somewhere else
      Kimbrrly 19 dec
      5 1
    • You can’t copywrite a dance lmao
      MBG1400 19 dec
      6 12
    • Fuck fortnite
      Abso_lutly 19 dec
      6 2
    • Seriously guys? I swear your opinions change depending on the contest. There was a feature before this that was complaining about the lawsuit and everyone in the comments was like "damn, people are so money-hungry they sue because of a dance. What an idiot." But now that the cintext of the meme is
      6 7
    • Anyone who thinks being able to copyright a body movement is a good idea is a retard
      7 9
    • Literally none of these suits will get anywhere
      5 1
    • the people who call him a broke actor or a cry baby are the millennials who play Fortnite all day instead of going to school. Also he’s been famous since 1993 and he has a net worth of 15 million dollars so yeah and he can sue for piracy of idea which is a real thing.
      6 3
    • Look I’m glad he’s trying to sue fortnite but the moment he wins then every single dance can be copyrighted, doesn’t matter if it’s on fortnite or not, then every past YouTube video can get copyrighted for a dance that’s not theirs
      Bloc_Boi 19 dec
    • To be clear it’s not *a dance move, we are talking about an entire routine ripped off from him move for move and very precise without payment, credit or even acknowledgement
      theantisaint 19 dec
      5 2
    • He's just going to waste what little money he has left, he has no case
      GreenDeath13 19 dec
      5 1
    • The idea that you can own a dance move is retarded
      AFuckingMoth 19 dec
    • If he can copyright a dance I’m going to sue epic for the wave emote lmao
    • I only think they're doing this is because no credit is given for the dances. But even then it's sorta retarded
      Manatea 19 dec
    • uh since when is human movement able to be copyrighted like bitch i’ll go trademark waving and high fives rn
      Myze 23 dec
    • Too bad you can’t patent a dance move. Has gone through court many times already
      hoey2546 22 dec
    • Good luck suing a multi million dollar company
      5 5
    • Case will be thrown out you really cant copyright a dance.
    • That retarded backpack kid is doing the same thing for the “floss”
      Feels__ 21 dec
    • Careful he’s broke
      lukedakook 20 dec
    • That's super petty, especially since he made it by combining two other dances he saw.
      Angel_Draws 20 dec
      5 1
    • *trying to put some extra money in his pockets
    • Nope, you cannot sue over a dance. There was no copyright, therefor there is no infringement. Any judge with any shred of common sense could see that. Also, why wouldn't the Napoleon Dynamite producers sue for the one they made? Because they arent retarded, and know it would be fruitless.
      MattDiamondd 20 dec
      6 8
    • Oh who you guys just stop being pussies and let some kids enjoy a game
      7 6
    • You shouldn't be able to copyright a dance, the moment that's a thing any dance in a video could be taken down if their dance is in it, just like music. So as much as I want to stick it to fortnite, this still isn't good for people. Wonder why people don't sing happy birthday in movies? That's why.
      TRVP_ZodiaK 20 dec
      4 3
    • He’s not a hero. Copyrighting a dance move is not a step in a good direction
      LocoDMAN911 20 dec
    • They’ve stolen so many fucking dances it’s crazy. They’ve stolen from snoop dog, scrubs, this, and more. Dicks
      Loafofjelly 19 dec
    • Yeah, he has no chance. You cannot copyright a single dance move for one. Secondly he doesn't own the copyright to the fresh prince, and funniest of all he didn't even invent the move. Bruce Springsteen did in his video for "Dancing in the Dark."
      6 2
    • You can’t copyright a dance move, rich people wasting their damn time
    • Hes not a hero hes just some broke actor trying to make a cash grab
    • Didn’t he steal the dance?
      vasto_negro 19 dec
      4 2
    • Not how it works bud. Never been copyrighted
      MemeToo 19 dec
    • There’s about a 0% chance he’ll win. It’s a Fuggin dance
      WhiteHause 19 dec
      4 5
    • You can’t “own” a dance move. Suing won’t get far
      stoic101 19 dec
      5 13
    • What a fucking loser, suing a children’s game cuz he thinks he can copyright a dance
      dumfuq_024 19 dec
    • You cant actually copyright movement so legally they've done nothing wrong and will probably win
      ScifiHentai 19 dec
      4 2
    • Don’t get me wrong i hate fortnite but you can’t sue someone over human movement otherwise I would sue anybody who walks because I walked first
      7 4
    • It’s a dance. It isn’t that serious.
      jayman5877 19 dec
      5 3
    • There isn't a copyright in place for dance moves before. You can't sue for anything more than MAYBE the title of the dance in a description
      flimples 19 dec
      4 4
    • Even though he also copied the dance.
      robotang 19 dec
    • I know fortnite is having alot of drama but forreal can we take a minute to appreciate the amazing person reading this comment right now?
      5 2
    • You can't copyright or trademark a dance tho, anyone can use it for anything. If you're going to Sue Fortnite, Sue Destiny and TF2 as well they have your dance in there and you have to pay for it, TF2 even has it listed by name
      4 1
    • Careful he's a fucking idiot
      iceDragon01 19 dec
    • Why does everyone hate Fortnite so much? Can’t we just respect how Epic Games built an empire off of a very well done game?
      erocdrah72 19 dec
      4 2
    • Okay, but you can't copyright dances that is fucking bullshit, it's like "oh wow you can move your body in a specific way," but anyone else could do that. It's different from copyrighting text because that actual requires knowledge and is not 'common knowledge' if someone has to read it to figure
      Qwei 19 dec
      4 7
    • imagine being so hungry for money you sue a company over body movements
      yourmotha 19 dec
    • As much as i hate fortnite, they're just putting a bunch of fun dances in the damn game and assholes like this are gunna get all butthurt
      4 1
    • No he is not. Fuck that game but all people claiming money for those stupid ass dances are just greedy fuckers. It's as stupid as companies claiming content on YouTube.
    • Can you even trademark body movement? It's a dance; that's like trademarking the waltz.
      MhmRaven 19 dec
      4 6
    • Not even a fortnite fan, but I think suing over something this stupid is part of what's wrong with our society.
      Excessive 19 dec
      4 6
    • Suhh_Dude 19 dec
    • He didn’t create the dance though. It was impromptu...plus, it was never copyrighted.
      4 1
    • TF2: *sweats nervously*
      JustFuckIt 25 dec
    • As much as I want Fortnite to be obliterated like the cancer that it is, you're not gonna win a court case like this. You can't just put a patent on a dance move, and it would be insane for this case to even be considered in a court of law.
      3 1
    • He got the idea from somewhere else but y’all know damn well that’s his dance. Its only known bc of him. It’s literally known as the “Carlton dance”. Fortnite even calls it “fresh”. They screwed themselves over. He’s gonna win and rightfully so.
      Banzookie07 24 dec
      3 3
    • Nothing will happen. The court will think its the most stupid case. Judge: “and you did not copy right the dance have you?” Man suing: “no your honor but...” Judge: “case closed epic games youre free to go!”
      BlueKrypto77 22 dec
      3 6
    • This shit gets so annoying. These ppl are just suing because they are all dried up on money and need some more. Depressing actually.
      Shit_posts_ 21 dec
    • Lol but he stole that dance from someone else 😂😂😂 it’s not even his dance
      Mastchf 21 dec
    • Lmao this whole thing is just two gay nerds fighting, body movement is not intellectual property, 100% all the cases brought forth will be dropped
      gto_173 21 dec
    • It’s just a dance, like jeez didn’t know we couldn’t move our bodies a certain way now
      3 2
    • Too bad he stole it from Courtney Cox
    • okay but like he gotta chill.
      porkbean 20 dec
    • Why you gotta make me defend Fortnite? The idea of being able to copyright bodily movements is fucking asinine
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