• Aesthetic The computer said my next patient's name was Lucifer, and that he was a domestic. Not that an unusual name for a pet, I have to admit. "Come on in. Do you have Lucifer hiding in that box for me?" I say. A gentleman dressed all in black with a rather spiky aesthetic and a selection of piercings comes into my consult room and opens the box. He places a perfectly black rabbit on the table. Honestly, I had been expecting a cat. Turns out Lucifer is his new rabbit. He'd insisted on taking it from a friend who wasn't taking care of it a few months ago. Lucifer, for his part, had decided the table was too scary and that his dad’s leather clad armpit was the best place to be. To my surprise and delight, our new goth rabbit owner is doing everything right. Perfect diet, read up on rabbit health, vaccinating, enrichment, the works. He even started a vegetable garden to grow treats for the rabbit, or as he put it, "tributes for lucifer."

    • ThotticusPrime
      Like this comment for no reason
    • Adrekiyo
      Wholesome posts??? In MY features?? It's more likely than you think.
      Adrekiyo 15 dec
    • DangNabitMyDude
      Metalheads are so weird. But in reality, they're nicer that the people in the big toony animal suits.
    • Tylarvo7
      Boo to the author for stereotyping that this guy wasn’t taking good care of his rabbit based on his appearance
      Tylarvo7 15 dec
    • BenIvie
      Ha ha devil's lettuce
      BenIvie 15 dec
    • Hicarin
      Chaotic wholesome
      Hicarin 16 dec
    • Forever_Hectic
      Its always the people like that who take care of their pets right. The rich people are the ones who don’t care while the ones working part time at Walmart would spare no expense for their pets.
    • Ser0
      Lucifer is a beautiful name but we always think of it as the devil, I wouldn’t mind naming my pet or kids Lucifer tbh
      Ser0 16 dec
    • Master_Udon
      Sounds like satanist propaganda but okay
      Master_Udon 15 dec
    • V_For_Vendetta_
      I think deep down, we all enjoy wholesome posts over the repetitive negativity and depression we are drowning in every day
    • NotAMeeseks
      So a guy like this will vaccinate his rabbit but yet there are a lot of people out there who won’t vaccinate their own children lol
      NotAMeeseks 17 dec
    • snowVantas
      Why does everyone instantly assume goths are horrible people? The few I’ve met are the most chill and caring people I know.
      snowVantas 16 dec
    • Rx_Mckenna
      Why does everything on tumblr seem so false, sarcastic and condescending?
      Rx_Mckenna 15 dec
    • RedStarEclipse
      Chaotic good
    • WeenyRaindrop
      I hate this. Maybe don't make light of Satanic names and culture? It's disgusting that being Satanic is culturally acceptable nowadays but being Christian is not and you can be attacked for defending your faith
    • Lewddacris
      Tumblr without porn is just sociopaths lying to each other.
      Lewddacris 15 dec
    • Nap_God
      Thats fucking E D G Y
      Nap_God 15 dec
    • Stickz99
      why do people who don’t even know what “aesthetic” means say “aesthetic” all the time?
      Stickz99 15 dec
    • TheRealSquareMom
      Who said satanic people are bad
    • B__Man
      My kitten is named Lucipurr
      B__Man 16 dec
    • HorrorMemeLord
      Ya'll need Jesus...
    • SayNoToWincest
      i was gonna name my cat lucifer. ended up naming him socks. now my cars name is lucifer
    • Sad_Puss
      Lucifer is a good bun
      Sad_Puss 15 dec
    • FlexTapeCanada
      That's... So metal
    • CommentComedy
      This is too detailed for it to be fake and I’m just getting a, “let it slide” feeling even if it was fake.
    • MemeKUltra
      You think Lucifer is edgy, I got a used dog named Mustafa, I thought it was like a lion king mufasa thing, turns out its Arabic for "the chosen one" and muslims used to call Muhammed that, which I learned when an angry Arab man almost went full jihad on me
      MemeKUltra 16 dec
    • Vanity_Is_No_Crime
      That’s drippin
    • Motris
      is anything on tumblr real?
      Motris 16 dec
    • BlackJesusWantsYourWeed
      Dark name origin and slightly creepy humor but it makes me happy that we still have some decent people in the world who are willing to invest time and energy into taking care of their pets 💕
    • Notebook
      People who say too long didn’t read are the ones who took six minutes to get through a paragraph in English class
      Notebook 16 dec
    • Thanos_wasnt_wrong
      Most of these I doubt and the story is probably stretched here but I kinda believe it
    • fuckingskypuppy
      If there is someone out there like this I wouldn’t be surprised
    • TohkritXhaln
      Sometimes, just sometimes, appearances deceive. I used to work with a guy who was over 6ft, shaved bald, sleeve tats on both arms, gage earrings and a lip ring, wore torn black clothes with stuff like Slayer on it and he was the nicest, softest spoken man I’ve ever met.
      TohkritXhaln 15 dec
    • visiontale
      goths are adorable and no one knows it becuase they cover it with all the leather
      visiontale 15 dec
    • imaginedragons
      I follow drferox on Tumblr and she has a cat named Trash Bag
    • YugoslavianREPUBlic
      “Friend hadn’t cared for the rabbit for a few months” peta: *prepares euthanasia equipment* “interesting...”
    • NeopoliTorch
      According to cinemasins, bunnies cant eat carrots
      NeopoliTorch 15 dec
    • HughGRecshonn
      I..... I love this .....
    • ArthurShappey
      Tuck fumblr
    • Recre8841
      Doomguy: *confused demon killing*
      Recre8841 15 dec
    • SubwayHentai
      content not available more
      SubwayHentai 15 dec
    • Quiznosstillsucks
      metal heads are the nicest people you will ever meet
    • belpet
      Dr ferox is my favorite Tumblr blog! She's an Australian vet and is real with her followers. If anyone is planning to stick around on Tumblr and likes that type of thing, I highly recommend following her.
      belpet 15 dec
    • That_Idiot_Cole
      I'm really starting to get genuinely annoyed at the incorrect use of aesthetic in modern day conversation
    • pizza_hutz
      I want to believe this... it’s just so hard
      pizza_hutz 17 dec
    • SnappyDog
      “Tributes for Lucifer”
      SnappyDog 16 dec
    • skatebread
      Why cant ifunny make a section for these kind of things with the videos and comics?
      skatebread 16 dec
    • eugenethewoman
      I have a pet fish and its name is fishgerald. And my pet cat his name is catsby.
    • Niko
      H P lovecrafts cats name
      Niko 16 dec
    • sasquatch129
      Sometimes when i'm taking a shit I pretend the toilet is hungry and i'm feeding it
      sasquatch129 15 dec
    • Space_Bird
      can someone make an animated series about this or something, this just sounds adorable
      Space_Bird 15 dec
    • get_the_shovel
      Why did I waste my time reading this
    • Saad
      That's pretty cool. Good on that guy for doing his homework to take care of the rabbit the right way.
      Saad 15 dec
    • Hypocalypse
      Sacrifice carrots to our dark lord Bunnifer.
      Hypocalypse 15 dec
    • UmAcTuALLy
      Goth people are very scrupulous, so this is no surprise to me.
      UmAcTuALLy 15 dec
    • RetroAmerica
      Wow so edgy lol I named my rabbit hitler lol
      RetroAmerica 15 dec
    • GabeAKAtheswagmaster
      Fun fact: A black rabbit is actual a symbol for the devil
    • Repost_Toast
      My guess is goths hate the world so they make it so their animals don’t feel that way
      Repost_Toast 15 dec
    • Gen_Deplorable
      The rabbit wasn’t scared of the table he was having his dad hold him back from attacking you
    • Leolucey
      As a rabbit Breeder.... this makes me happy
      Leolucey 15 dec
    • D4ngus
      I....I hate tumblr...
      D4ngus 15 dec
    • IamTheLouzer
      So, because he wears all black and spikes, you just assumed that he shouldn't know how to care for an animal?
      IamTheLouzer 15 dec
    • aquaaura
      Tl:dr goth guy has a pet rabbit named Lucifer
      aquaaura 15 dec
    • churchmant500
      Oh yes. The goth rabbit man. How lovely
    • Nicolio
      I didn’t know rabbits could get vaccinations :o
      Nicolio 19 dec
    • ChristianRuesch
      Like, okay cool he's nice to his rabbit, but how about we don't worship the devil?😂
    • LadyRomana22
      Right cause usually people dressed in black just fuckin punt rabbits into traffic
      LadyRomana22 16 dec
    • Generiq
      Well it's fake af so
      Generiq 16 dec
    • iZach
      This is fucking stupid. "Spikey aesthetic". Is anyone on Tumblr original?
      iZach 16 dec
    • Plato_Aristocles
      I used to have an albino hamster named Shadow
    • shadezman22
      Someone set this man up a go fund me page
      shadezman22 16 dec
    • kevinmaloneishot
      This isn’t true. And it if was then this man has the possibility of running into a lot of trouble for exposing information on his patients
    • Eevee133
      This reminds me of that goth opera singer that was on America’s got talent
      Eevee133 16 dec
    • usernametakenx4
      It's so fucking stupid to say that you are an ANIMAL'S mom or dad
    • ayyitsjash
      When life gives you lemons, give them a badass name
      ayyitsjash 16 dec
      People who type with breaks as if they are speaking should be killed. "I... I just.... really need you" nah bitch stop being retarded
      _PERIPHERY_ 16 dec
    • Hemiwarrior
      *Black Butler intro*
      Hemiwarrior 16 dec
    • Quicken
      Ripening him up for sacrifice
      Quicken 16 dec
    • ICEMAN5254
      It's like Gajeel and Levy
      ICEMAN5254 16 dec
    • Ilsey
      So wholesome
      Ilsey 16 dec
    • StSentry
      Nothing is more brutal than a bunny rabbit
      StSentry 16 dec
    • SpookyYoshi
      Stupid ass post
      SpookyYoshi 15 dec
    • bushido_beige
      But why did the original owner give him up...?
    • Darklegend222
      Everyone thinks goth/metal heads are demons. Some argue they're the nicest people
    • LuciferAnal
      I hate this
      LuciferAnal 15 dec
    • Daily_Dose_of_Ass
      Can't judge a book
    • Zuignap
      Yeah but this is fake
      Zuignap 15 dec
    • Devonbolster
      Thats actually a thing tho rabbit like hiding in armpits because its dark and makes them feel safe
      Devonbolster 15 dec
    • LordProtectorCorvo
      Those people can be the best sometimes
    • ColonelFlanders
      Surprisingly wholesome
    • dcpally
      dcpally 15 dec
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