• Wow what a dick move luke seriously she just saved ur life and u fire her just because she didn't recover fast enough? Damn its not she can just super heal or something be more grateful ur still alive
      605 20
    • It amazes how some people are such massive pieces of shit. Like all people are garbage sometimes, but I think some people actually wake up an think to themselves “I’m going to be cancer today”
      169 3
    • I need the name and address of this guy please
    • Seems fake
      2 1
    • Id of sued
    • Holy shit I'm surrounded by morons
    • Then married her or is he just a ass
    • She should just take her kidney back.
    • Wow what a right
      AnEgg 8d
    • Let's go kill this fucker
    • Dick
    • yeh but he returned to work after a harder surgery so she was milkin it
    • lol you really gotta be satan at that point
      Swordy 8d
    • Rips the fucking kidney fine then I will be taking this back.
    • Looks like he needs a heart transplant too.
    • I would have taken my kidney back.
    • Didn't George Lopez get a kidney donated from his wife then later on got a divorce
    • My dad once pushed his boss out of the way of a semi and saved his life and he fired him soon after for some dumbass shit I don't even remember, I'd have to ask him. I was a little kid.
      7 11
    • Would like some context, if she just never came back into work and kept using the excuse that she gave him a kidney you cant put up with that forever. She has to eventually work again
      7 1
    • I would of f***ing killed that b**** right after that and said "you worthless piece of s***" omg this post pissed me off so bad
    • I'm taking that shit back
    • Take the kidney back
      5 1
    • Somebody post the "fuck that dude" meme
    • Take your kidney back!
    • Dont worry hes just a fuckin right
    • I think you have the legal right to take your kidney back from him..... By force if necessary.
      16 1
    • stab him in his kidney
    • Take the kidney back and take his job because he “didn’t recover at all”
    • She probably wanted to die
    • I thought it was illegal to do that?
      2 3
    • I know a guy who had a legendary car that everyone loved, his kidneys started failing and he posted it for sale or trade for a kidney. I hope both the buyer and seller got what they wanted.
    • Just a little piece of information for you guys it usually takes longer and is harder for the doner to recover than it is for the recipient of the organ
      5 6
    • Reason 9999 to not get attached to bosses and overlords or company you are replaceable the people above you are not
      jpjosh 9d
    • I’d like my kidney back
    • Nah he just wanted to die like the rest of us, he's mad that this bitch saved him. As he should be
    • That's some Mr.Burns type shit lol
      Raharu 9d
      5 1
    • Wiw
    • Debbie Stevens
    • Buddy was killed after a drunk lady hit him while he was at a crosswalk waiting. He died in the hospital like 6 months ago. Lady was only sentenced to 1 year. My dad and my buddy’s uncle (both cops) are fucking livid about how easy she got it. Buddy was only 22
      Denbu 9d
    • I crush man skull like sparrow egg between thighs
    • I'll take it back without an operation I'll do it myself
    • Get a refund and get ur property back
    • I would've totally killed him fuck that
    • Yo id cut my fucking kidney out of that son of a bitch
    • Is that a motherfucking Jojo reference?!?!
    • Wtffffffff
    • Ungrateful pile of worthless human trash
    • And then bitches get mad when I don't wanna lend them money
    • Source?
    • I want my fucken kidney back bitch
    • See? This is why you don't do nice things. If she just let him die, then she'd have both kidneys, and probably his job. Zero downside!
      5 3
    • there must be some context to this.
      Yoozer 9d
    • you cant technically do that uless she owned the store and also there are still laws to protect the woman job since she got surgery
    • Well if you guys wanna see this boss get fucked in the ass I’ll post it, just gotta sub and suggest it and I’ll post it or whatever suggestion you give me within time!
    • I would have took the kidney back repo man style
    • Depressing that people actually believe this
      1 2
    • Hi, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to fire someone over not coming in due to a medical procedure. Sue him.
      2 4
    • Mabey she didn’t want to do it anymore and he did it for the severance package like in the office
    • What an absolute ass. I hope he dies soon and rots in hell for all eternity.
    • Wow top comment never had this before
    • take it back
    • He’s an asshole bc she literally saved his life out of the kindness of her heart and he fired her for taking to long to recover? That’s fucked up, man
    • Isn’t that illegal?
    • Let's take his kidneys and give her back hers and a extra one so she can donate it ,it obvious he dosent deserve it
    • Let's kill that guy
    • George Lopez cheated on his wife after she donated a kidney to him. People like this are pieces of shit
      3 2
    • Sue em
    • Apparently according to some sources this is a real story. Wow, that boss can suck my tiny .6 inch dick. What a fag
      105 4
    • Hope this isn't true
    • does anyone know how long she was recovering for?
    • I'd kill him and take it back
    • This has to be fake who is seriously that big a piece of shit
      1 2
    • when you sell your soul to a weird cat in order to heal your middle school crush but then getting cuckholded by your second best friend and then turn into a witch
      1 3
    • can leveon just sign already
    • The real story is the woman donated her kidney to her boss and used it as an excuse to not come into work for an extended period of time. If the boss was fully recovered and working, there was no reason she would still need months of recovery time. Two weeks at most, but months? Hell no
      20 10
    • Just take the kidney back
    • That’s pretty fucked up if true
    • Fuck that piece of shit
      Genji7 10d
    • Gettin real fuckin close to another crusade
    • “Give it back”
    • Dick head
      4 1
    • This has been proven wrong so many times but it keeps coming up. Idk what really happened though
      jg35 10d
      4 1
    • Get the feeling there’s more to this. She was probably taking an absurd amount of time off.
      3 4
    • I’d find his ass and take back the kidney without anesthetics
      h_m_m_m 10d
    • Trump was her boss
    • If I was her son I’d kill that boss slowly
    • Lady worked at a car dealership, true story
      6 1
    • there has got to be more context
      1 1
    • You it's cause he didn't want her to work anymore so she still gets money
      4 1
    • Incoming fake sob stories
      Lupo_ 10d
    • Simple solution for this. Find your boss. Cut him open, you staying with me so far? Then take the fucking kidney back from that heartless bastard.
    • Fuck him
    • I wanna donate my brain so I can take over some dudes body and be reborn
      4 1
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