• King_Buu
      Why would you hunt Lapras they’re useful as fuck
      King_Buu 5 dec
    • Kyroe217
      That's cool because it makes sense from a gameplay standpoint too, in gen 1 you could only receive it as a gift but now in sun and moon it can be found in the wild
      Kyroe217 7 dec
    • Toonman
      Now they can be hunted again. Huehuehuehue
      Toonman 5 dec
    • Neogexus
      Okay so I wanted a shiny lapras, so I may have bred a few million of them then released the ones that weren't shiny. Sorry if I overpopulated them.
      Neogexus 6 dec
    • 2DGorillaz22
      I want to see the side of pokemon cause I know everyone's not a fucking vegan WHERES THE MEAT COME FROM
    • pashta_nerada
      It aint regulations its all the lapras we released while tryna breed that perfect one
    • TheShittyTruth
      Overabundance? Time to start hurting them to control the population
    • TheMuufinMan
      The fact that pokemon are hunted seems strange but considering there are no other animals then it would make sense
    • thatoneOTHEROTHEROTHERguy
      Dude, pokemon hunting game! You start with some cheap shit rifle and start hunting. Working your way through more valuable and stronger pokemon, selling their pelts for better weapons
    • _Montana
      Is that how Pokémon works? Can you literally hunt things down to extinction?
      _Montana 6 dec
    • RubenValverde
      Over abundance seems like they need a little poaching
    • setheverman
      The only reason they're no longer endangered because I singlehandedly repopulated them by releasing all my Lapras breedjects into the wild
    • Thefuckyoumean
      People more worried about a fictional animal than real animals
    • Asian_be_like
      How the hell do you hunt something that can use ice beam or fuckin blizzard or surf or dragon pulse wtf
    • jojoTheFrog
      Its never actually crossed my mind that people would hunt pokemon for food in the Pokemon universe
    • VladimirDelToro
      All it takes is one ditto and some time
    • Apollo76
      So...they do eat Pokémon right? Like when their served those fancy meals with big meat slaps like this 🍖 , that’s a Pokémon
      Apollo76 6 dec
    • KKoner
      If Lapras can be found in abundance, then why the hell can’t I seem to find one?
      KKoner 7 dec
    • WhatAreYouReadingThisFor
      Why would you hunt Lapras? They’re adorable and helpful!
    • okcalphi
      I have a lapras on my team that knows I an electric move, I think thunder shock maybe. When I pulled it out against my fritters
      okcalphi 7 dec
    • crispy_memes
      When you're stupid as shit so you kill a lapras instead of catching it
    • r7bn
      Pokedex Entry 2020: The overpopulation of Lapras has made in an invasive species.
      r7bn 7 dec
      Now we have to hunt them again
    • Surya
      Lapras needs a mega or an evolution
      Surya 7 dec
    • ezalesny
      Wait. People hunt/poach Pokemon?
      ezalesny 6 dec
    • Jezucree
      Damn too bad this can only happen in video games smh
      Jezucree 6 dec
    • SirWilsonBarnabus
      Remember waiting till tuesdays to catch one in crystal version
    • ViBeZ
      When people care more about the conservation of imaginary animals more than actual ones. What a world we live in
      ViBeZ 6 dec
    • LordStarquad
      Silly poke-liberal, regulations wouldn’t stop a poacher
    • Dark_Salmon_Floyd
      Regulations wouldn’t stop poachers because they hunt illegally that’s the definition of a poacher.
    • jrl1002
      Who is the fucking retard who fucking put it right to left I'm tired of fucking libtards fucking taking our fucking guns and stealing our wives fuck you
      jrl1002 6 dec
    • M4jor
      More like they wanted an excuse for there to be little to no Lapras because of how op lapras was but now that shinies n all these stat monkeys have arisen they have to have their be an excuse to have more than one in the game 🤔
      M4jor 6 dec
    • wutbruh
      Lapras is amazing. Can learn psychic, thunder, ice beam, and hydro pump. This one Pokémon can solo the elite 4 on fire red and leaf green no sweat
      wutbruh 6 dec
    • The_Mastur_b8tor
      So now I’m allowed to hunt them legally?
    • StuphinUrMuphin
      At least they keep up with their own lore somewhat
    • Leafy_Feathers
      If only the real world was like that
    • knowaspear
      That's just as bad. Overabundance means they are destroying their own ecosystems and will make it worse.
      knowaspear 9 dec
    • thatdudefromthatonetime
      If there's an over abundance that means we can hunt them again! Call the Japanese whalers! We've got a new mission!
    • SHO_
      Thank Arceus for the Orange Island conservation center.
      SHO_ 7 dec
    • spaceman_han
      So why can’t we care about real animals going extinct instead of this shit
    • TheEleventhLegion
      Lapras is one of the most useful pokemon in any gen tbh
    • Marshy_Lee
      If only actual people could follow through
      Marshy_Lee 6 dec
    • AppleMer
      What if you switched those so it made sense huh
      AppleMer 6 dec
    • ClnewmanUA
      Over abundance of animals is just as bad. Leads to disease and starvation
      ClnewmanUA 6 dec
    • Sergeant_Zorro
      Time to start hunting them again. To prevent OVERPOPULATION
    • SpencerWhite1
      How tf does a Pokemon go extinct? Throw a few ditto in with one and you've got billions
    • juanmayweather
      Lapras kill cloysters and wear their shells as trophies
    • _TheReaper_
      Lewd Lapras anyone?
    • DanTheAnimalMan
      >goes from “near endangered” to “overabundance” in 20 years
    • FreddyB
      Chronological order is a hell of a thing.
      FreddyB 6 dec
    • Stamylas
      Overabundance? Sounds like we're eating some Lapras next season
      Stamylas 6 dec
    • GREENR00M
      I'd fuck lapras
      GREENR00M 6 dec
    • vega
      Confirms that people hunt and likely eat pokemon in the pokemon world.
      vega 6 dec
    • orangesliced
      People kill pokemon. There are no other animals in that universe
    • HansGreteltini
      “These bitches are almost dead and you probably should just let them be....btw they also carry shit across water”
    • Vaysum
      How fast do those shits crank out eggs damn 20 years from near extinct to overly abundant
      Vaysum 6 dec
    • OrphanTornado
      Lapras is a fucking beast, every time I got it in Leaf Green I'd name it "Nessie"
    • Hashtag_HinduForce
      Even with an overabundance of them now, there is a little term called genetic bottleneck, where a species almost extinct rebounds to decent numbers. However, the genetic variation from before is lost since the remaining few of the species that survived extinction all had to breed with one another.
    • UglyBarstud
      And now they decimate their food supply, leading to their extinction.
    • MamxiRaven
      Over abundance /) /) (0 v0) that means we can hunt them again
      MamxiRaven 6 dec
    • LaughingLightYagami
      See but that's not a success story, that's an infestation story. Now there's an overabundance of them. Time to start hunting Lapras again.
    • WondersoftheWorld
      To people that are suprised Pokémon are hunted, you would know if you watched the first session of the anime
    • NinjaMetal
      Even if they went extinct we could just revive them with their bones
      NinjaMetal 6 dec
    • lightspeedblueblur
      What do you think they call peta in Pokémon
    • FuckUrFather
      Oh lawd they commin
    • Omelette_Du_Fromage
      Overabundace? Time to start poaching!
    • TheBigMooMoo
      Overpopulation leads to controlled hunting. Keep that in mind
    • SkyrimBelongsToTheNords
      That gen 1 blizzard tho.
    • Vance_Frost
      Thanks to all my imperfect IV lapras that I let loose in the wild
    • Linny1992
      I like that Pokémon can be enslaved, befriended, hunted, and everything else.
      Linny1992 7 dec
    • Likes_Cheese
      So they're not rare anymore?
    • J0s3phOG
      J0s3phOG 6 dec
    • TheQuickCoast
      so now they’re overpopulated and will destroy their ecosystem, killing their population as well as other populations of different pokemon
    • TimedVoid
      Hey guys if you have time I'm trying to start a youtube gaming channel and wanted to ask if you guys could watch my latest video and give a little feedback. It would help alot thanks. Youtube: TimedVoid
      TimedVoid 6 dec
    • youuselessgoddess
      Hold up. People hunt Pokémon?
    • NotACumDump
      Well yeah it takes like 15 minutes to breed and hatch
    • Thecommentpolice
      Now we must hunt them again to control overpopulation
    • DougDimmaDms
      Now we use them for battles
    • P99AT
      So, there *are* hunters in the Pokémon world?
      P99AT 6 dec
    • TheWrynfection
      So what they’re saying is, they need to open a season on lapras to control the population
    • rescue4you
      And they say trump has done nothing
      rescue4you 6 dec
    • MGJP2S
      Oh, so we can hunt them now?
      MGJP2S 6 dec
    • buck147
      Better start hunting them again before they destroy the ecosystem
      buck147 6 dec
    • CaptainBoomerang
      It's like whale hunting but Lapras are actually useful
    • Germanright
      In a completely fictional universe
    • Nicxs_a_nobody
      This makes sense in game too. It’s why you can’t catch one in the wild and instead a very nice man gives you one.
    • TheKrustyEdge
      Its funny cause the japs hunt whales
    • loseloselose
      They probably taste amazing thats why
    • HOWDYHO387
      Now there’s over population and they’re destroying their own environment leading to another endangered period and the same for every other Pokémon they share a biome with
      HOWDYHO387 6 dec
    • Justanotherluser1
      By the time the guy gives you a Lapras, my Pokémon were so much stronger that I didn’t even bother using it. Idk Pokémon silver??
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