• a daycare dad cut me off in the parking lot so I went early yesterday and taught his kid how to ride a bike you can never get that back 4/20/17, 3 30 PM
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    • dxalll_2011
      Thats so evil
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    • larloni
      That's actually really depressing
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    • SupernaturalNurd
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    • PCB27
      Was taking care of a family friend's kid and he took his first steps while his mom was at work. When she picked him up and brought him home she posted on facebook a few hours later "omg I just watched my baby boy take his first steps!" I'm just sitting there thinking "suuuure lol"
      PCB27 6d
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    • Fuktem
      Happened to me once too. I just ended up molesting his son. Same effect I imagine.
      Fuktem 6d
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    • ReasonsNotToSwear
      As a father, I can say that's a damn power move
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    • DerpFace123
      That’s a power move
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    • BeatsDoinHomework
      "FUCK YOU DAD, you didnt even teach me how to ride a bike, a stranger did." - 26 year old kid reminding his father that he is a bad father. The ultimate pain
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    • MichaeLemon
      Read the date
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    • VALENC3
      Teach em how to tie a tie too, and give em the talk, that’ll really fuck up the dad
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    • TheLegendaryBallsDeep69
      That’s like fucked up but it’s on the border where I can say I’m proud of you
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    • lildoomguy
      Something similar to me happened in kindergarten. The school provides bikes during recess but there was one kid who wasn't on his and he said his dad didn't want him to ride the bikes but he didn't know why. I asked him if he knew how to ride he said no... continues below
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    • kampfer
      Would of just banged his wife instead
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    • YoRay1
      I ascribe to this level of pettiness
      YoRay1 4d
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    • 4014
      I’ve only seen this power once before, THATS A BOB ROSS MR RODGERS MOVE
      4014 4d
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    • God_Dammit_Ginger
      My friend Jordan who used to live next door to me taught me how to ride a bike. My dad wasn’t too happy about that. WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD’NT’VE BEEN DRUNK
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    • CrunchyandMunchy
      That just rips out the core of childhood
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    • ironicwaffle9503
      That would honestly piss me the fuck off
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    • gnome_slayer
      Bitches really be out here destroying family connections for petty reasons
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    • iAmInExtremePain
      Pretty harsh tbh. That’s a part in their life parents get excited for. You can’t just think it’s ok because someone cut you off.
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    • MattyB2018
      R/petty revenge
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    • irishmonster300
      My kids step dad did that to my son and I f****** hate him for it
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    • SwiggitySwag
      Wait but you're both daycare dads
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    • PristineLeanCuisine
      It reminds me of the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted takes Lily and Marshall's kid to see Santa for the first time
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    • Quiznosstillsucks
      shouldve taught him to play the recorder instead
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    • T0n5
      My dad would have been happy with that. He felt it was beneath him since "no one taught me so you should teach yourself". It's a miracle i can even drive a car
      T0n5 6d
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    • zilla70
      Ill take "shit that didn't happen" for 1000 Alex
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    • TheDerpster123
      Thats... that doesnt sound bad at first but when you think about it teaching someones son how to ride a bike is evil on a whole other level.
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    • BonneyJewelry
      Bash his head against a wall so he can get amnesia and then you can teach him everything yourself.
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    • Viper12657
      That's too far. Holy shit.
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    • XGogetaX
      Good morning Ifunny! Today's forecast looks like a flamewar between white and red users, a hint of Lewd posts, terrible features*watch out for those*, and shit talk about Apex Legends
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    • Lew_d
      Lew_d 6d
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    • khaecker1028
      A level of petty I will forever aspire to be
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    • naveen588
      My dad didn't feel like teaching me, so he pushed me down a hill on my bike.
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    • HereToFuckShitUp
      As a father I would appreciate all the help I can get
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    • jacerk0715
      That is the darkest thing to do to a father.
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    • muhhi
      When my dad was on a business trip years ago, my uncle taught me and his kids how to ride a bike (we are all the same age) and when my dad found out he got really upset... I still feel bad about it
      muhhi 5d
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    • cinderella
      I was taught how to ride my bike when we lived in a lake house and I kept riding them off of the dock. Lost so many damn bikes to the water.
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    • bean_can
      My mom taught me how to ride my bike
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    • BendersFries
      when you wrong a mobster, they go for your families. never wouldve imagined like this though
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    • Captain_Schrodinger
      that is legitimately messed up
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    • FinishHims
      Wait so you went to a daycare, and they let you go in before it's over and spend enough time with another man's child to teach him how to ride a bike?
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    • ChurchOfDIO
      A mega power move
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    • wdelaney
      It's also from someone 6 years ago. People tweeting others comments as thier own is fucked up
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    • DeFantasticFungus
      Youre looking at these features with no socks on.
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    • eddyjt
      Fucking power move
      eddyjt 3d
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      Yo, my cousin taught me how to ride a bike and my dad was depressed for a week. I asked him why he was so sad one day and he goes “because I work to much” I go “huh.” in response. He responds with “I have been so busy working lately, I never got to teach you how to ride a bike...”
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    • tripyyyy
      He posted that on 4/20
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    • Cheeki_Breeki_IvDamke
      Lawfull evil.
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    • virgatebongo
      Chaotic neutral
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    • SomeDumb
      Chaotic evil
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    • xFuckItWhyNotx
      I don’t have a dad, taught myself, my mom didn’t even care
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    • BreakfastSoup
      I aspire to this level of petty
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    • Sheen_trump_winning
      Daycare is awesome. When going through divorce. My 3 year old has a little playmate at school. I met her mom. Hot little Dr. We wound hooking up. Gents always be ready.
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    • HunterTank
      That’s just cruel
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    • Spare
      I kinda wished I had that experience. I taught myself how to ride a bike and I thought I was so cool for not needing help. But not I’m sad that I didnt
      Spare 6d
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    • themuthafuckindoomguy
      Dude chill
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    • 1DVSbastatd
      Next time he’ll fuck around and teach him how to fish
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    • Epicismakingacomeback
      That’s really petty
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    • Jedi_Master_Itachi
      Holy shit that's more evil than the time I killed my clan
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    • Banananananananananana
      This is legit fucked up
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    • 12air34
      He tweeted this on 4/20
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    • _thomasthe_dankengine_
      The dad wars have begun
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    • MrBlondestache
      Holy shit. I am actually impressed and disturbed at the same time.
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    • GiselleB
      Chaotic evil
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    • Jimbato
      Teach him to constantly mess with the thermostat
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    • TheLav14
      I remember an episode in impractical jokers where Joe had to explain why he just got water thrown at his face, and this was the reason
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    • Dovahnime
      That's just cold, nor petty revenge that's worse than killing him
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    • 7400
      Thats too far
      7400 6d
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    • TestTubes
      two words... over, kill
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    • ItalianTrash
      What is frightening about this IS THE LACK OF COMMAS
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    • Y32zy
      Bet the dad didn’t care, did work for him
      Y32zy 6d
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    • ChildOfTheDark
      Thats fucked up
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    • yonc
      That's really petty
      yonc 6d
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    • iOracle
      Imagine being such an asshole
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    • Cleborf_the_retard
      Who else fucking hates all of snapchats shitty articles
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    • dummygreenfire
      That is some next level passive aggressiveness
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    • TheRanger
      That’s fucked up
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    • KekMeister2411
      Like this and reap the rewards
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    • Lord_Daddchanka
      Such a power move
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    • bunnyfunny34
      Dude. Fuck you.
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    • RedBlades
      My older brother taught me how to ride a two wheel bike when I was 3. He was seven at the time. All I really remember from it is running over a goldfish (cracker) and thinking it was funny.
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    • FrostedCakes378
      Fuck man that’s dark 😂
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    • youknowwehadtodoittoem
      That is too much for him cutting you off once
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    • Ornuth
      What a dick
      Ornuth 6d
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    • Torxio
      My cousin taught my brother how to ride a bike and then I thought myself how to ride a bike because my dad was always at work but since he was at work he never saw me ride my bike and since I was decently empathetic at that age I asked my dad to teach me how to ride a bike and he " thought me"
      Torxio 6d
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    • flashrat58
      That is way to evil. I am considered a demon in my family and school and I wouldn't even be cruel enough to deny a father the ability to teach his son to ride a bike. Not even satan would. This is above evil
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    • Ryan_Reaper
      Hit that little shit hard enough on the head.....he’ll forget.
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    • Mitchybitch
      I was born after my parents got divorced
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    • TlouProfile
      That's fucked, but shitty drivers are the bane of human existence. They need to learn.
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    • Dolphina7
      Still haven't learned how to ride a bike.
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    • Data
      Data 6d
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    • JonChristopher
      That's OK I'm his dad and I just loosened the bolts up on his front tire... He's never gonna forget you!
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    • Xx_GucciGangGod_xX
      I was too broke to have a bike
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    • Miekel
      my dad didn’t care so I learned on my own :(
      Miekel 6d
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