• corn__dog 6 dec
      4K 355
    • 1.3K 27
    • Oh yes
      lilrex88 6 dec
      886 4
    • Actually, that's incorrect. These are all inhuman objects that are meant to be hung from/impaled on sharp trees
      uhgh 7 dec
    • You dont hang pedophiles, you skin them, cut their fingers off, waterboard them a few times, then start a fire with as little smoke a possible and burn them alive.
      17 7
    • 15
    • Kainpwnsu 6 dec
      11 1
    • What you do with pedos is take a hammer and some nails. Nail their dick to a hardwood floor in a wooden shack set the shack on fire then they have a choice. Castration or death
      11 4
    • Castration should be a valid punishment for child molesters and rapists
      10 7
    • Pedophiles deserve death
      10 1
    • Stop pissing the mods off
    • My uncle got really drunk at a bar and met this girl who said she was 20 turns out she was 16 and she stole from him then called the police on him and that's how he got this title pedophile.
      DaFuk55 10 dec
      6 4
    • Pedophile - Takashi 69... Same difference
      6 7
    • When people admit they’re pedos in the comments what do you even report that under? Does the app also forward the report to police? Cause it’s starting to look like 4chan in here.
      7 3
    • Pedophiles are like Nazis. The only good one is a dead one
      SoundBagel 7 dec
      7 3
    • I love this whole death to pedophiles thing we got going here. It brings me joy
    • I agree, but only those that prey on children. Those that have the sickness and seek help I'll tolerate
    • A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
    • Apera 6 dec
    • content not available more
      Montana__med 11 dec
    • Anybody else ok with hanging pedophiles and don't think this is all that dark?
    • The Christmas star is the only one that dosent fit in my ass
    • didn't know ifunny wanted to hang their own staff and mods
      reggiefarm 7 dec
    • Pedophiles need to die, they are one of the worst things to exist
      ewuh 7 dec
      6 8
    • I don’t think sexual offenders should be killed for one reason. There is so many false rape accusations. Killing all sexual offenders would give a lot of people the chance to murder someone. Just say someone today you, and if they get convicted they die. But actual predators can burn in Hell.
      5 3
    • Pedophilia is a sickness and should be treated like any other mental illness, unless the pedophile acts on it, in which case they need a heavy punishment.
      Methodius 6 dec
      5 1
    • i’m happy to see the influx of pedophilloic awareness. it’s nice when people don’t pretend to be edgy and actually show concern in an important issue.
      5 1
    • No matter what your political stance is, we can all come together to say all pedophiles deserve death
      sandplanet 6 dec
      5 10
    • Wish i could track down pedophiles and beat them with a hammer
      4 3
    • That's actually really fucking clever
    • That makes sense. I was gonna say they are all Christmas traditions in my family
      steveb925 7 dec
    • Thats right you dont eat candy canes
      GiggleDics 7 dec
      4 2
    • Pedophiles should be hanged
      klirischi 7 dec
    • We don’t hang pedos either... which is unfortunate
      __Hatred__ 7 dec
    • Looking at u Steven universe fans
      NPC2478 7 dec
    • If their age is on the clock than they’re ready for my male chicken.
    • All pedophiles deserve to be tortured and killed. Change my mind.
      BrinFrost 6 dec
      4 5
    • Best thing about this is you can’t defend it.
      THE_TABLE 6 dec
    • I totally agree with this. I mean think about, if we go back to what we technicality did to pedophiles back in the 1800's (chop their nuts off and hang them upside down until they bleed out) I'll bet there would be a LOT less pedophiles today😁
      4 2
    • ChillAF 6 dec
    • All fucking pedophiles must fucking hang
    • And human traffickers
    • iFunny Mods: *sweating*
      Thraxxx 6 dec
    • Wholesome..?
    • It’s almost 2019 and I still can’t legally burn pedos alive can we change this
    • You can't suck on the star and the ornament
      3 1
    • That’s right, the Star doesn’t go up your ass
      4 1
    • Hanging seems too fast
      KnobGobIin 8 dec
    • Y'all say you want hangings to be a thing again but I know that half the population of this app is edgy 14 year olds who think smoking weed is cool
      3 2
    • we should just molest pedophiles as punishment to give them a taste of their own medicine
      3 2
    • Wholesome
    • Santa is a pedophile change my mind
      Get_Baited 7 dec
      3 5
    • You do if it’s Robin Williams
    • Wholesome…?
    • Pedophiles aren't the problem, it's all these fine ass kids
      3 1
    • All jokes aside I fully support this
      Szasz 6 dec
      3 2
    • Sub2Pewdz 6 dec
    • Hey guys this is my first featured meme thank you all 👌🍆💦💦
      3 1
    • That’s right the balls don’t go up kids asses
    • people who beat pedophiles to/near death should be praised and honored
      riddumb 6 dec
    • What about the people who get framed for murder, rape, child molestation, etc.?
      SNIFFF 6 dec
    • Pedos aren’t even human, lets have an open season on them
      JolyneC 6 dec
    • Well, I guess to a child, every pedophile is hung
      5 1
    • I love black people, I have a ton hanging in my family tree.
      3 1
    • Being a pedophile is a mental disorder. If they act on it then yeah hang them, but they can’t help it and it’s actually sad and not fair to condemn them for it
      breep 6 dec
      5 13
    • iFunny mods featuring an anti-pedo meme? They must be trying to compensate for some shit
      GreyPhaqse 6 dec
    • Pedophiles shouldn’t be hanged. They should be fed to a pack of hungry tigers or lions.
    • Ok. Okay. That, that was good
    • Everyone’s against the death penalty until it’s their loved one that’s the victim
      3 1
    • You don’t hang pedo’s you slaughter them slowly and painfully so then they never come back
      3 3
    • Pedophile memes are so boring as there is no one to defend them it's just agreed that pedophiles are terrible pieces of shit
      RvB_Felix 6 dec
      3 1
    • This is wrong, you shouldn’t hang pedophiles. That is wrong and completely an unfair thing to do to a human being. Lethal injection is much more humane.
      6 21
    • No, you don't put the star in your ass
      dickblood 6 dec
    • Dough_Man 6 dec
    • Court system can’t kill pedophiles or give life sentences for one reason... it’s a really good reason even if it is disgusting, it’s detouring then from killing their victims. If the punishment is the same why would they leave the number one piece of evidence alive?
    • But you do stick a tree up a pedophiles ass
      ColeHanes 9 dec
      2 1
    • I thought it was the star doesn't fit up your butt.
    • They all go in my ass though.
    • Hey that's two of my teachers... This isn't a joke two of my teachers were in a relationship with their students with a 3 year difference.
      Fiwaiwp 7 dec
    • I was thinking the same thing
    • I watched this show and this guy was a pedophile but resisted his urges he didn’t even want to go outside he took pills to suppress urges but they were killing him doctors had to take him off them he stabbed his genitals hoping the doctors will remove them. But they couldn’t do it. He killed himself
      2 3
    • OMG I just spat out my drink 😂😂😂
    • Aw fuck, I'm starting to run out of rope for the people on this app.
    • 99% of weebs are pedophiles
      Mr_MooCow 7 dec
      3 1
    • Don’t you mean “iFunny Mods”??
      lasanga 7 dec
      2 1
    • According to tumblr's new guidelines, everything but pedophiles gets hanged
      132465 7 dec
    • I was gonna say that stars don’t go up my ass
      Ghrbevg 7 dec
    • Jelous?
    • Anyone who has any moral intelligence would know that pedophilia is not equivalent to killing. It may be wrong but misdeeds are not all equal.
      Ner0Zer0 7 dec
      2 18
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