• Phill_Atio
      A vaccine is a substance used to help your body produce antibodies against several diseases without inducing the disease. Since the invention of vaccines, the number of child and adult deaths from preventable diseases has dropped dramatically, and some have been completely eliminated.
      Phill_Atio 6 dec
    • 999l
      A child that lives longer that age 3 would confuse anti-vaxxers
      999l 6 dec
    • SwampAdder
      My mom blamed the vaccines for my older sister’s autism. I got whooping cough. If I laugh too hard I start coughing because my lungs are scarred. Fuck the anti-vax movement.
      SwampAdder 6 dec
    • NoUploadsNoNothing
      I can't play with Timmy anymore cause he died from a disease that was cured 70 years ago. Turns out his mom was the autistic one
    • memecop69
      I don’t have much longer I’m a anti vaxx child please like so I can get my first and last top comment
      memecop69 7 dec
    • Spootanany
      Pretty sure an autism vaccine would confuse the shit out of most everyone since autism isn't an infectious disease
      Spootanany 6 dec
    • JamX
      I don't think anyone actually knows how a vaccine and what's in it supposedly makes a kid autistic. Autism is genetic. If you are anywhere on the spectrum it's from being born that way.
      JamX 6 dec
    • succaniggadickorsum
      *gets vaccinated, has a great life* I’M nOT gOINg To vaCcINAte mY KiDS
    • Tide_Pod
      All I’m gunna say is I’m 17 and my parents are antivax. Not dead yet but like I fuckin wanna be
      Tide_Pod 6 dec
    • BlitzedTuRtLe
      When ifunny is slowly dying so they have to keep bringing up the same shitty jokes to provoke a response 🤣
    • DeChads
      Anti vaxxers would struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel
      DeChads 7 dec
    • coderboy14
      Let’s say vaccines DID cause Autism ( which they don’t ) which is worse, your child suffering a possibly painful death, and not getting to live their life, or they have a mental disorder, but can still live a fulfilling life? Besides, not all autism suffers are as low on the spectrum as media shows.
      coderboy14 6 dec
    • TheModerateFloridian
      Mfw when your child is paralyzed from polio but at least hes not autistic
    • pretty_kitties
      Let's be honest, people who jump on the anti vaxxer bandwagon don't really know what they're talking about and just want to seem popular/superior by parroting back whatever they heard from someone else without doing actual research.
    • FernandoMeza
      I dont need vaccines to be autistic
    • ThiccKazoo
      Vaxxers hating on anti-vaxxers without hearing their side of the argument sounds like people bandwagoning with the meme of hating anti-vaxxers
      ThiccKazoo 7 dec
    • MyUsernameWasTakenAlready
      Y’all, anti-vaxxers aren’t stupid. They just couldn’t afford an abortion, so they found a loophole.
    • KevCamp1998
      My parents didn’t get me vaccinated. And guess fucking what, I have autism. God I hate my parents!
    • Polygamy
      They wouldn’t be able to pour water out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel
      Polygamy 6 dec
    • The_AFK_Wizard
      If you think about it these are just blonde jokes with the target changed to anti-vax peeps
    • ksmjd
      Doctor*gives a child of an anti Vaxxer a Vaccine* Anti-Vax mom:
      ksmjd 6 dec
    • sum1serious
      Herd immunity fails when less then 95% of the population is vaccinated, putting those who do vaccinate at risk. It does matter.
    • sa295
      Autism doesnt need to be prevented any more than green eyes. Half our technological achievements come from people on the spectrum. The stereotype of the bookish awkward genius scientist - thats autism
      sa295 6 dec
    • nova70zz4
      iFunny has been hacked by big pharma
      nova70zz4 6 dec
    • insrtcleverusernamehere
      To be fair a vaccine to prevent autism would confuse anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of medicine since it isn't caused by a virus- or any sort of pathogen for that matter
    • ChristianAtheist
      Their child turning 5yrs old would most likely confuse them
    • mikeylollol
      I have autism and it honestly offends me when people think you get autism like a disease because you are actually born with autism and no matter what you got it for life
    • Double_King_
      Autism is a genetic disease, so antivax parents and kids can't get it a second time through vaccines
    • Thrussy
      Lol funny you think anti vaxxers can read.
      Thrussy 6 dec
    • Dubbers64
      You ever think the illuminati or some shit are trying trying to sway public opinion with posts like these?
      Dubbers64 8 dec
    • Reminders
      I used to get vaccinated when I was younger but all of a sudden my mom is all antivaxx so fucking rip me I guess
      Reminders 7 dec
    • iZach
      Autism isn't a virus tho ya dingus
      iZach 7 dec
    • HellsSpokesbird
      No, they would refuse to flip the paper and say it causes autism
    • Shaboingster
      Are anti-vaxxers vaxinated?
    • GotHEMI
      Anti-vaxxers so dumb they pull on a door that says push to open
      GotHEMI 6 dec
    • Gran_Torin0
      “Oh ok let’s see” *flips paper* “WHAT THE FUCK”
    • wickedhippie
      Seriously though, if we could find a way to get rid of autism, I would be very happy. Autistic people irritate the fuck out of me.
    • lewdman217
      A kid living past 3 would confuse them
      lewdman217 6 dec
    • bumbleBeeToona
      Let's be Honest. George Bush Sr took some secrets with him to his grave.
    • JATHAN1117
      Everyone on here saying they want to die all the time, so we try to get ahead of the next generation by killing them early with natural diseases and EVERYBODY STARTS COMPLAINING!
      JATHAN1117 6 dec
    • AntonioDeOliveiraSalazar
      Why is it that Black culture celebrates violent crime against other Blacks, but also believes that racism is the only reason prisons are mostly Black?
    • jon_doe
      I don't understand why anyone would be against shots, good guy eugenicist Bill Gates has a foundation specifically wanting vaccines for all, all billionaires are benevolent with their intentions
      jon_doe 6 dec
    • Squiter
      Don’t really believe in it but I wouldn’t gloss over the doctors who threw away their entire careers because they spoke out against it. I can respect that they are dedicated to teaching about the good/bads of them without being censored.
      Squiter 6 dec
    • WeddingSnack
      Wellll......I mean from that perspective it would be like accepting something from Bill Cosby labeled: 'Certainly Not A Roofie'.
    • CapnHarland
      I found out, on thanksgiving, that my family is anti-vacc... right before I found out, we were all talking about it and I did the ole *cough retards* thing. All the sudden, everyone started looking at me making a sour face. I’m still in shock and baffled at this.
    • armani_x
      I say we encourage the anti vaxxers. It's natural selection, if they're dumb enough to believe the conspiracy then chances are thier kids weren't going to be much better for society either.
      armani_x 6 dec
    • Murican_Viking
      Don’t question big pharma! Vaccinate your kids! Never mind what might be in the vaccine. Never mind the FACT that your child might die, just vaccinate. Sheep.
    • ReFractum
      Does nobody understand autism isn’t a “disease” you acquire, but something that you’re already born with and just doesn’t show until children start to develop social skills?
      ReFractum 6 dec
    • Memes_of_Production_
      People out here really think that just by reading a few Facebook articles, they become smarter than the entire scientific community
    • _Axel_Lea
      I was vaccinated when i was a child and got diagnosed with Asperger's at an early age, anti vaxxers are right
      _Axel_Lea 6 dec
    • Adam_La_Porte
      They are complete psychopaths, the fact that they would rather have a dead kid than an autistic kid is in and of itself astounding
    • uuck
      I’m pretty sure a blank piece of paper would confuse them
      uuck 6 dec
    • GoogityBooty
      No matter what it is. Do research on whatever goes in your body. NEVER take someone's word for it. Back it with facts from multiple sources.
    • blahblar
      My child had severe reactions to vaccines at 9 months. He cannot get anymore. So, not all anti-vaxxers are crazy. I want my child alive, not dying from severe allergic reactions to those vaccines. He's healthier now than all his cousins who are fully vaccinated. Just my two cents.
      blahblar 7 dec
    • Vimmier
      My dad's an anti-vaxer but my grandmother is pro vacation no matter what even if it's pointless for said vacation
      Vimmier 7 dec
    • VictimIsASateOfMind
      My friend doesn't vax he kids and is so extreme that she had three successful at home births. She also has a thriving business and makes 300,000$ a year so I can't talk shit.
    • CamRon2234
      Ah yes let's compare mental disabilities to viruses. And make fun of parents. I love this fucking site.
      CamRon2234 7 dec
    • JubJubWantRubbys
      why do these anti vaccine moms think vaccines cause autism,like bitch,you’re born with autism tf
    • Jabami_Yumeko
      Autistic kid is still better than dead kid anyway.
    • gunner25mm
      Let’s be honest. Most people on iFunny are the same kind of stupid.
      gunner25mm 7 dec
    • Mephistopheles
      90% of users are high schoolers who know nothing of immunology. take a microbiology course at private university before you say shit, y’all clerks talking shit
    • Zebulander
      It’s not so much that they’re idiots, it’s that they’re very committed to a point of view and they don’t *want* to be wrong, so they always find a way to dispute anything that tells them they are
      Zebulander 6 dec
    • TheDragons_Nest
      Well dang...I gotta test that out....my mom is an anti-vaxxer
    • Drizzy40
      Didnt realize there were so many people passionate about vaccines. Every one must be a vaccine expert id say.
      Drizzy40 6 dec
    • BasedGodJamie
      Aren’t people born with autism though?
    • MemeMachineForFree
      Vaccines work by giving small doses of diseases to the person, so an anti autism vaccine would cause a tiny bit of autism
    • theirony23
      Turning our friggin kids gay
      theirony23 6 dec
    • iRyan
      Especially since a kid with autism is born with autism
      iRyan 6 dec
    • DiamondGunner520
      Natural selection will get rid of anti vaxxers soon enough
    • Boonkinn
      *Confused anti vaxxer noises*
      Boonkinn 6 dec
    • unhappycamper
      If you don’t vaccinate your kids they shouldn’t be allowed to go to public school or use public transportation. The reason we vaccinate is for herd immunity, that means the cancer patients and elderly people who CANT get vaccinated due to compromised immune systems, are protected by us.
    • ChristianThirdPosition
      Imagine unironically wanting to force people to take vaccines
    • TheGothamEmpire
      Bold of you to assume anti-vax people are smart enough to read
    • PowerTorque
      I looked up reasons to not vaccinate and cant find any good reasons other than it causes autism and long term diseases. However they dont provide any studies proving this.
      Let’s be honest, anti-vaxxers can’t read
    • CommonlySensed
      Looks like they are getting desperate to make anti-vaxxers look like idiots because it’s becoming a movement they don’t like.
    • HereEveryDamnDay
      Can we stop with the anti vax crap? No one on here is well informed enough to argue either way effectively so the comments are just the dumbest sides of people.
    • idiot
      content not available more
      idiot 6 dec
    • MiamiDolphins1
      Milennials are so stupid. How can they actually believe in autism being caused by vaccines?
    • TruOpinions
      These kids mad they got vaxinated and never developed normally
    • NAS419994
      I love watching stupid fucks bash "anti-vaxxers"... By all means, let the people that are known to be corrupt and purposely get entire populations sick pump you full of whatever they want. Just leave me the fuck alone about it. Lol
      NAS419994 6 dec
    • MichaelMiddleton
      But vaccines cause autism
    • GunnerGrim
      Let’s be really honest a child’s 6 year birthday party would really confuse anti-vaxxers
      GunnerGrim 6 dec
    • EnlistedAura23
      They’d be dead before they could turn it over a second time
    • old_fisherman
      Wanting vaccines to not have mercury in them doesn’t mean you’re anti-vax. That’s what the majority of people described as anti-vax want
    • ChonkConk
      I was vaccinated when I was young. At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Coincidence? Mayhaps.
      ChonkConk 6 dec
    • Xundus
      Yeah because anti vaxxers are the ones to blindly follow instructions...
      Xundus 6 dec
    • 2Dvs3D
      When the Anti-vax memes lastig longer than the anti-vax kids
      2Dvs3D 6 dec
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